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message 1: by Dana (new)

Dana (tigris) | 4 comments Jamie indicated in the Introductions topic that there are other LDS groups out there. I don't want to sound disloyal ;) but I'm curious as to what they are.

message 2: by Emily (last edited Apr 08, 2008 09:19AM) (new)

Emily | 31 comments Mod
Someone from that group did come on here, but then left. I forgot what the group was called. . .

message 3: by Jamie (last edited Apr 12, 2008 03:19PM) (new)

Jamie | 35 comments There is another LDS group called mormonreads. They are bigger than our group and they have some neat discussions:)

message 4: by Dana (new)

Dana (tigris) | 4 comments Thanks!

message 5: by Jennie (new)

Jennie | 20 comments There's one called LDSFictionReaders and there's one called LDS Fiction

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