Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) Scarlet question

Cinder and Thorne or Cinder and kai?
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Tbh, i would have to say kai as the first love interest in the book but agh.....he was suck a dick at the end of cinder like what he said to her on the stairs. Seriously Kai? I did find myself shipping cinder and Thorne halfway through the book but then I was like nah kinder. Obviously cress and thorne are soul mates, i was just wondering if any of you had a different opinion.

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Cinder and Kai definitely.

Um, Cinder and Kai, OBVIOUSLY!!!!

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ima say both. i really dig cinder and kai, but i also really like her with thorne too, probably because their relationship is the type i would want. the only reason im kind of iffy on kai with cinder is because she got so flustered around him and i really hate when female characters are reduced to mush when near men.

Kai and Cinder!
Although, I had the fright of having to deal with yet another love-triangle BUT once you read along the series;
It is plainly set that Kai is to be with Cinder whilst, Thorne is to be with Cress.


It has always been Cinder and Kai for me (never considered cinder with thorn till I found this and I still say Kai because Cress and Thorn are just too perfect with each other to not be together)

Realmente cuando comencé a leer Scarlet los shippeaba a Cinder y Thorne pero después llegó Cress y amé (y sigo amando) la pareja de Cress y Thorne.

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Cinder and Kai because I see Cinder and Thorne as friends.

alexandra ^^^^ agreed
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At first I was like woah Thorne is kinda creepy because of that painting he “painted” in the stolen ship

Cinder with Kai, because Cress is Thorne's soul mate, haha. I love Cinder and Thorne's non-romantic relationship though.

I am so for Cinder and Kai. I just can't see Cinder and Thorne together. Besides, I want Thorne and Cress to be together. After all, they did hike through the desert together, didn't they?

Cinder and Kai forever. They definitely see each other as equals, which is needed in every good relationship. Thorne... I don't think he and Cinder are the best group, they fight and argue too much in my opinion.

i did ship them until my friend made a joke about their ship name cindrone pronounced as Syndrome.

I really like Cinder and Kai. I think that they both like each other, and Cress and Thorne like each other. Thorne had only thought one thing that could lead to us believing that Cinder + Throne would work, and that was controlled by lunar abilities.

I read books 1, 3 and 4 in 2 days. So Cinder and Kai.
Thorne and Cinder developed a nice partnership, and Cress makes Thorne want to be more.

Cinder and Thorne are my Brotp (I ship it so hard!) and I don't like Cresswall at all! (i'm not even sure I spelt that right...) Cinder and Kai are soulmates, no doubt about. definitely my relationship goal, but Cinder and Thorne's friendship is so beautiful, and I love it so much. Kinder is endgame, but since there friendship is so great in my opinion, I would be totally fine with bad there's not enough fanfics for them..

Cinder and Kai, Thorne should be with Cress.

I just think that Kai was kinda acting like a drama queen especially when we see that he does not want cinder to be caught etc. in Scarlet.
I loved Kai back then and I will ship Kinder forever and always!

DUH!!!! CAITO!!!! Cinder and Kaito

Cinder and Kai all the way

Kai! He's a boy taking on a man's job, and doing it well. I can't begrudge his initial reaction to Cinder's cyborg and lunar identity, because those stereotypes were so ingrained into him, it would seem unrealistic if he hadn't balked at least a little. What matters is that he worked to overcome those stereotypes and went on to help the cyborgs.

Honestly I would be fine if Cinder didn't end up with anyone at the moment. I like her and Kai together, but I wouldn't lose my mind if they didn't end up together at the time being. Also if her and Thorne had become anything but friends I would've screamed, cause their easy friendship and banter is so refreshing after going through many YAs with the standard love triangle even when it never made sense.

I like Cinder and Kai. I don't fall for the bad-boy type like Thorne too easily. I love that Kai is just this young guy trying to figure out how to run a country, and he's very loyal to that country, which will make him a very responsible husband for Cinder ❤️

I love Thorne x Cinder so much and was bummed out when it didn't happen.
But Kai x Cinder is cute in Winter even though they don't interact much, even when they do it's really cute, but the same can be said with Thorne x Cinder.
Sooo Both?


I'm not even going to lie for a tiny and i mean tiny moment i did ship Cinder and Thorne. But Kai and Cinder are perfect for each other and I would not and could not do that to Cress.

Kai and Cinder! He said what he did because he was hurt, that's all. I actually named my cat Kai because of Cinder lol. I hope they work things out so badly.

Cinder and Kai all the way!!!!

definitely Cinder and Kai, thorne seems like the kind of guy who needs someone to believe that he is/can be good, cinder just finds him irritating and somewhat competent. Kai and cinder were just perfect

Cinder and Kai definitely! Thorne is so perfect with Cress and there is no reason the Cinder and Throne would get together

Thorne is the perfect for Cress, the character of the third book, and I believe that that's who he is originaly ment to be with. Now Kai may not end up with Cinder, as she is the Lunar princess and he is the emperor, even though if you read Cress you will know why they are good together.

When i read this book i wanted a love triangle with kai, cinder and thorne but after reading cress, well cinder and Kai are perfect for each other.

Cinder x Kai all the way! Though, Thorne's and Cinder's brotp is GOALS.

Cinder and Kai obviously. Cinder and Thorne's relationship is better in friendly way.

After kai believed Cinder lied to her, then Cinder meet Thorne. I really liked Thorne, I did start shipping them. Then I do have to say I loved Cress with Thorne better.

Dude! Cinder and Kai! Also even if they didn't end up together Thorne's got Cres!

Cinder and Kai obviously!!

I feel like Cinder and Thorne would be better as friends because they may have formed a connection in Scarlet, but the more I read it the more I think I realized Cinder needed someone to not judge her for being different and Thorne wasn't really in a position to do so. This way the two of them formed a mutual respect for one another. Cinder just really needed someone to be there after what happened with Kai, but I think the two of them are going to end up together in the end, NO SPOILERS.

I've always thought that Kai-Cinder-Thorne love triangle would be really interesting to read about, but Cress is perfect with Thorne and I would not like for Kai to be with somebody else besides Cinder.

I would chose Cinder and and Kai I love their relationship, I Love Cinder and Throne friend ship. I think Cinder and Throne should just stay really great friends.

Honestly, i ship them both... but in different ways. I ship Kai and cinder in a love way because they are obviously meant for each other, they are soulmates. They continue to fall in love with each other even if they have to be ennemies and even if they are far away. But Cinder and Thorne have the relationship the most funny and cute but only friendly. We all want a friendship like this. Their relation evolve to be a sort of brother-sister relation.
Please forgive me for my english. I'm french !

Yeah after how Kai treated Cinder at the end of the first book I really hated him for a minute. Then I read Scarlet and kinda shipped Cinder and Throne and then after reading Cress. I've realized Cress belongs to Throne. Kai and Cinder need to talk it out because they belong together too :(

DON'T EVEN! Cinder/Kai is BAE. I don't even know what is going through your minds right now. YOU PEOPLE

i'm definitely still in the Cinder/Kai camp. i think that his initial reaction is fully warranted - i mean think about it - people don't like being mislead or being put into a situation that completely goes against everything that they had been told was the truth - so Cinder's entire existence and being is something that contradicts his sensibility.

i think that there's something really good there - and i hope that we get to see something even better happen for them.

Sheecid Lopez i mean true, but in cinder's defense, she had no clue she was even lunar until the ball, how could she mislead him if she herself had no clue ...more
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