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Grapes of Wrath Nod? (warning, spoilers)

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Diana So it's been a long time since I read the Grapes of Wrath so my memory is a little hazy, but did anyone else think that the end of this book was at least a nod to if not a parallel to the end of that book? I'm referring to the last two chapters and mostly to the last 3 pages or so. Here's why I think so:

1) Lots and lots of rain, flooding, etc after the majority of the book painted a very dry and desolate scene.

2)One of the main characters loses her baby after she loses pretty much everything else. And everyone is pretty much too exhausted to grieve.

3)After all that, the most down and out characters extend themselves to save a stranger (or arguably an enemy).

Any other parallels? Does anyone agree?

I also would recommend people watch the documentary "The Invisible Chapel" about a similar situation of migrant workers camping out in a canyon behind McMansions and the tensions that ensued. I wonder if the idea for the book was based on that true story.

Leslie I never thought of this! Wow!

Chelly I'm a little confused on the third one...who do they save?

Geoffrey Hmmmm. But on the other thread only a few minutes ago, I mentioned GOW in my comments, so unconsciously I must have noted some similarities

Justin Benz It's worth noting that the book begins with a quote from The Grapes of Wrath.

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