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read it.

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Courtney i read this book after it was made into a movie but before seeing the movie. i actually aquired this book at a local goodwill for 1 dollar. i had heard great things about the movie and i tend to prefer books to movies made from books so i thought i could spend a dollar for it. i was pinching myself for not reading it earlier. i think the book is very beautiful and is now one of my favorites alongside gone with the wind. i recommend it to everyone who asks for a book recommendation. oh..i also watched the movie after finishing the book and i loved that as well.

Geoffrey I tend to disagree with most people who have commented on the movie. I do believe the book to be a minor contemporary masterpiece, but I would not disparage the movie. It did bring the story to life on the silver screen for me.

Reena i reac it!! i read it!! i read it!!!
m a proud reader of dis book...absltly delightful...
cn nvr forget d story...nvr wanna...:)

message 54: by Adria (new) - added it

Adria I love this book. But I also love reading books about different culture, especially Asian literature because their culture is so different from American culture. I thought the geisha world was amazing and fasinating. I don't like people say that geisha were prostitutes. Sure Japan had prostitution like everyone else, but that is not what they were. The book is beautifully written, and the story is amazing.

Ashley I loved this book. Couldn't put it down until it was finished.

Jamie Archer It took me awhile to pick up this book because I wasn't sure how interested in Japanese culture I would be, but like many here, it's one of my favorite all time reads, and when my "to-read" list gets a little shortened, will read it again. Absolutely beautiful story!

Angela I can't help but laugh outloud at "my parents would be upset if they found out I read it" ... uhmm okay. **RANDOM**!

Stacy Hortaridis I also loved this book and enjoyed the movie.

Lobna I love the book and i also love the movie and every time I watch it I cry and the book it shocked me but I really loved and it's not boring and I too cannot believe that a guy wrote that in this amazing details and the way he describing her feelings OMG this is definitely NOT boring

Sarah It was a bit boring, also I couldn't really care for or have any sympathy for Sayuri. She was a manipulative woman obsessed with some man who was kind to her once, while she ignored the man who really cared for her.

Jeannette Katzir One of my all time favorites.

Pauline The film is a poor comparison to the book. Beautifully written, attention to detail of the culture is totally fascinating. A wonderful read
I would be proud if my daughter were to read it

Karen Another over-rated book. Not bad, but, because I have lived in Japan, I found it lacked the essence of what being a geisha was all about.

Elena WHAT?! How can you NOT love this book?
I read it two years ago and found it beautiful, so much it became one of my favorite books.
It's fascinating, and it gives you a clear view into the old life in traditional Japan, where Geishe grow up learning how to dance and "entertain" men.
I guess I liked it so much because I already was interested in the Asian culture, plus I was interested in Japan particularly.
Nonetheless, this book was awesome and I can't imagine someone not liking it. o.o haha if you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest you do it. Then tell me if you liked it or not. ;D

Konihamaru i totally agree with Elena! the book was fascinating but the movie - not so much.

Geoffrey So Karen, you lived in Japan and lived among the geisha, now? And so you are an expert on that lifestyle?
I lived in the USA for 54 years but it doesn`t make me an expert on the "hood".

message 67: by Cara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cara Reniger Saved By Grace wrote: " Oh well I guess we have differing opinions. I didn't care for it because it just isn't my type of book, and if my parents found I read it they would be upset."

your parents would get upset?? how old are you 10?? theres nothing wrong with this book, very good memoir.

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