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The Bad Seed by William March

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Chris Natalie, I'm so glad you had this on your list! I have never read the book, but I'm old enough that I remember the movie based on the book. What an amazing movie, I think it really had a huge influence on my tastes for books and movies. I am going to make a point of reading this book! Thanks again for the enlightenment :-)

Sarah O. I can't wait to start reading this one. Should put me into the Halloween spirit.

Sarah O. Interesting theory at last night's meeting: that Monica Breedlove knew what Rhoda was & was why she treated Rhoda with such kindness and deference. It never crossed by mind that Monica knew anything of the sort. I thought she was all talk & too self-absorbed to notice anything about anybody else. She dismissed people she didn't like and treated the people she did like extremely well. Did anyone else think Monica knew about Rhoda's homicidal tendencies?

Valerie Natalie did you get around to reading the book? It's very different from the movie, especially with what happens to Rhoda and her mother. Too bad movie standards didn't allow the real ending.

Crissy That is interesting Sarah, I never got from Monica she knew what Rhoda was or capable of doing. I believe Monica admire Rhoda, and wish she was like her in some way...but I don't see where Monica knew about Rhoda's murderous ways. If Monica's brother character had more of a voice..perhaps he would have caught on?

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