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message 1: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new)

Lincoln | 1289 comments Mod

This month we have a Supernatural Time-Traveling Romance with Sci-Fi and Metaphysics by Jacklyn A. Lo

The year is 2045. Ann, a high-powered executive, working in an Artificial Intelligence International, is at the pinnacle of success. That is, until strange and elusive images begin to haunt her nights, slowly spilling into her days.

The robotic companion she created leads her to a startling conclusion…these disturbing images may be whispers and screams from her past lives.

With her scientific background, Ann is skeptical, but a visit to an ancient psychic plunges her into a cruel and primitive world before recorded time. She begins to experience this brutal landscape through her own eyes, even feeling the pain of childbirth and the savage murder of her primordial companion.

Shaken by the image, Ann comes face-to-face with Michael, a handsome, mysterious stranger who seems to know far more than he should about Ann’s harrowing mental state.

Fearing she is losing her grip on reality, Ann slips further into her nightmare world, interacting with Roman Emperor Caligula, Louis XIV and a Soviet spy syndicate during World War II.

Only the mysterious Michael holds the stunning truth that will save Ann from her visions, and propel her to an even more amazing future.

Buy it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LZ7PCVY

There will be two winners, Grand prize winner will have his choice of a signed paperback or an e-book. Second prize gets whats left after the choice is made.

For a chance to win answer the following question:

Do you believe in reincarnation? You can answer yes or no, but the explanation will be counted.

message 2: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new)

Lincoln | 1289 comments Mod
Nope, I don't believe in reincarnation....but the discussion of the soul comes to mind a lot in time travel when a character see's himself. Ah the joys of Time Travel!

message 3: by Nathan, First Tiger (new)

Nathan Coops (icoops) | 539 comments Mod
I don't personally believe in reincarnation but I think it makes for a very fun fictional premise. Lots of possibilities if you tie your consciousness to other selves. I agree, Lincoln. The question of the soul is an interesting one and how one becomes responsible for your actions if there are more than one of you. I suppose the eastern concept of reincarnation works in that sense if you see your continual reincarnations as a path to enlightenment. If you see time as being concurrent, there are some issues. Time travel bends the issue into even more problem areas because the other version of you may take a completely separate track and make different decisions. I like the concept of AI too and if an artificial intelligence develops a sense of morality, could they also develop a soul. Makes for so many great story telling possibilities.

message 4: by W. (new)

W. Lawrence | 90 comments No, I don't. But I wouldn't mind reading a fiction book about it!

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Wandason (tadpaul353) | 141 comments "Yes" sounds more interesting but I'm plumping for the "No" camp.

I was going to provide a sitting on the fence answer by referencing teleporters (destruction and reproduction) but Amy got there first in another post so I'll just add that I believe the spirit lives on - but not in another physical body.

Like others here I have no problems and lots of enjoyment reading novels which incorporate it...there's a reason why it's called "fiction"! ;)

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Thanks so much for answers!
just 12 days left for evaluation and rewards!

Please dont hesitate to invite people who might be interested


Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments you can also check the Radio Show:

Myrthe (myrtheasdf) I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do love the concept of it. However, I think that much of what is the soul is created by where we live, who we meet and what choices we make. I would even go as far as saying that we would be totally different people if we had been raised in a different place with different morals. That's why I don't think that a soul could live in another body, for it would be completely different.

message 9: by Paula (new)

Paula Thomassen | 1 comments Yes, I do.

message 10: by Pinina (new)

Pinina Morgan (Pekanpie) | 2 comments I completely believe in Reincarnation and have had an experience where I met someone that I had known in a past life. I was 15 and we were in camp and she was sleeping while the rest of us were up talking. She began speaking in another language and upon hearing her I burst out crying. I immediately got the eeriest sensation that I had known and lost her in the Holocaust. This was an isolated experience and completely freaked me and the other girls out.

message 11: by Jacklyn (last edited May 01, 2015 03:10PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Thank you ALL for your contribution into such a fascinating concept as reincarnation!

A Grand prize is going to >>>>>>>Pinina<<<<<<
Her explanation of her believe is based on personal story and it's very touching.
Pinina, please make your choice of the prize - a signed paperback or an e-book of the REDEMPTION novel.

The Second prize is going to >>>>>>>Myrthe<<<<<<<It looks like she has been thinking deeper into the topic and her answer based on those thoughts.
Myrthe, please have a patience to wait Pinina's decision.

message 12: by Jacklyn (last edited May 01, 2015 03:14PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Some comments:

Your believe in SUPERNATURAL is a direct product of your consciousness.
At the certain level of your consciousness you will understand that there is NO NEED in any LOGICAL proofs in the matter which is so NATURAL for you.

The REDEMPTION novel disclose a shortcut for upgrade of your consciousness. The book is available in paper and e-formats.

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Pinina, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You WON a Grand prize in this competition!!!

Please make your choice of the prize - a signed paperback or an e-book of the REDEMPTION novel.

Many thanks!

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Dear Pinina,

This is a last call for the making your choice of the prize - a signed paperback or an e-book of the REDEMPTION novel.
In the case of no answer from you during the next 2 days ( untill 15th of May, 8pm) you will loose your right to get the book.

Looking forward for your answer ASAP.

Most Sincerely,

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Dear ALL!
Because of NO reply from Pinina's side the Grand Prize is going to Myrthe!

Dear Myrthe,
Please make your choice of the getting the AWARD- a signed paperback or a signed e-book of the REDEMPTION novel.

Thank you!

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments The Second prize is going to >>>> Nathan>>>>>>>>!!!

I like his philosophy and thoughtful explanation why its fun to read about the one's reincarnation.

Nathan, please have a patience to wait Myrthe's decision.

Jacklyn Lo (jacklyn_a_lo) | 12 comments Dear Nathan
Thank you for participating to this discussion.

Please choose a format of e-copy of the REDEMPTION novel: mobi, pub, Kindle, pdf?

Many thanks

message 19: by Pinina (new)

Pinina Morgan (Pekanpie) | 2 comments OH MY GOD I can't believe I won and didn't know it!!! I never got any indication that I had won! That sucks that I didn't know in time! But I guess its still awesome that I won.

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