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Candace Davidson | 833 comments Mod
Interview with Sue Ann Jaffarian
#1 Where do you see yourself as a writer in 10 years?
SJ Retired from my day job, living somewhere quiet and peaceful, and still cranking out at least 2 books a year! I have tons of ideas to fill the years ahead, including a new series waiting in the wings.

#2 If you could live anywhere regardless of the weather where and why?
SJ It’s more like regardless of money! If I could afford to, I would live along the central coast of California. I love it there. It’s so beautiful. I’m also looking at possibly retiring to Massachusetts in a few years (there is where the weather comes into play). I’m from there and I’d love to live closer to my family.

#3 What genres do you like to read when you are not writing?
SJ All kinds! I love biographies and general fiction and literature.

#4 Do you do book signings if no do you have plans to, when and where?
SJ I enjoy book signings very much, but time and travel costs limit me to Southern California. Right now I have nothing set up as I won’t have a new book out until October, except for my new Winnie Wilde erotic romance e-book series I recently launched. I will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in April and signing at 3 different booths that weekend.

#5 Do you “base” any of your fictional characters in your books from people in your personal life?
SJ Not really. I may take a trait from one and a quirk from another and blend them together. Except that Zee in the Odelia Grey series is loosely based on one of my dearest friends.

#6 What are you working on now?
SJ I am currently working on 4 different projects! I have a Granny Apples novella and a Granny Apples novel due in the next few months to Penguin, a Odelia Grey novel due to my other publisher Midnight Ink by October, and I’m also working on the 2nd Winnie Wilde novella.

#7 Do you have any talents besides being a writer?
SJ I like to cook. I’m not a great cook, but recently I began eating mostly vegan so I’m having fun learning new recipes.

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Sue Jaffarian (sueannjaffarian) | 1 comments Thanks for the interview!

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Jeanne Quigley (jeanneq) | 40 comments Terrific interview. Thank you, Candace and Sue Ann!

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Candace Davidson | 833 comments Mod
Thank you, Sue!

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Candace Davidson | 833 comments Mod
Thank you, Sue!

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Tonya De Lige I love Sue Ann Jaffarian!! Odelia Grey series is one of my top five favorites!! Thanks for the interview.

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Candace Davidson | 833 comments Mod
You are welcome!

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