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should be a movie

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message 1: by Luis (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luis V Well this book I read years ago just because it looked interesting. It kind of reminds me now of the whole charmed fascination and wicca etc. I personally think it'd make a good movie. That and its two sequels would be good movies especially with some great visual effects which can now be provided unlike when they were first written.

Yasmine i agree, I think i saw somewhere that there's a TV series based on the the books. :)

Francisca Yes there's the tv show airing every thursday on the CW but I've watched it.. And it has nothing to do with the books.. First of all, Diana's kinda bitchy, Faye is kinda good at times, Sally becomes Cassie's bff, the circle are 6 people instead of 12, and one of them is a girl called Melissa and she sleeps with Nick :| Diana's dad kills Cassie's mom and there's this creepy dude called Zachary whose trying to kill one of the members of the circle.. AND this town is called Chance Harbor instead of New Salem.. And btw, Nick is blonde o.o and he's not even half as pretty as described in the books, to be honest with you, the show is a monumental let down S: maybe I'd like it if I hadn't read the books.. But seriously..

Yasmine I hate that feelin of feeling dissapointed with a movie or a Tv show after readinf its book! Same thins happened with twilight and loads of other films... But thanks for the info on the show, i might check it out just for fun.

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