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Daniel Eavenson (dannyeaves) | 127 comments I'm on record as having trouble with the names of people and things in this book.

I agree about complaints on the plot, in that there isnt really one. the events of the book don't lead to any particular point except in the development of the main character.

And yet, I still really really enjoyed this book when it was over. I think it might have been the interview in this weeks podcast that finally cemented the reasons why.

This book is excellently constructed. it was made with a plan and with forethought, and it shows in every word. It was just a nice to place to visit and explore with Maia and every moment of confusion on my part was mirrored by the main character. It always gave me a since of inclusion with whatever was going on. Something that a less well constructed book would make all my other complaints crushing.

Even the names, though confusing, are beautiful, and by the end I thought that I was starting to hear the suffix and prefixes that were being used in the construction, and long lists of the emperor's retinue started to be helpful and less agonizing.

So even though I had problems with the book, i did enjoy my time with it because the world and the people were made and presented with care. They just didn't do a lot in that world.

Adam Gutschenritter (heregrim) | 114 comments I agree with you about the construction of the book as well as the overarching nothing/courtishness of many of the characters. What I found most interesting is that as Maia came to know more about his role the less courtish the minor characters became and the less murky the political stuff became as well. The book's structure and obvious planning hooked me and I am incredibly glad I sat down to read it.

Bghostman | 1 comments I agree on this book. There is nothing I should like.

I found keeping the characters and names straight near impossible except for the main characters and I couldn't pronounce them if I tried.

The majority of the book was nothing more than court intrigue and politics (yuck).

There was precious little change in location with most everything occurring in one building (though a very big building to be certain).

Yet I couldn't help but enjoy this book thoroughly. That completely hinged upon there being main characters that you identified with and liked.

Lindsay | 593 comments I read this book last year and loved it.

A year later and the thing that most sticks with me other than the basic nobility of Maia, is the appellation "Bridgebuilder". It seems to me that to be known for building bridges, both physically and metaphorically, would be a wonderful thing to be remembered for.

If you start with the appellation, and you want to know what such a personage would be like, this is the book you'd get.

Barak Raguan (shiningheart) | 40 comments I also enjoyed the book, but I agree that it seems to have some flaws. I'm disappointed that Ms. Monet has indicated she doesn't intend on writing any sequels. Towards the end I really got that feeling you often get at the end of first books in a series, in that I felt the stage had been set for a lot more interesting things to happen.

David | 67 comments The first half of this book I found myself wanting to like it much more than I did. I very nearly quit reading. The second half I finally got into it and ended up liking the book. It has all the issues noted, but Maia's character drives the book to a good conclusion. I hope more books/short stories get written in this world, but it's nice not to be dangling in the middle of another series (I have way too many going on right now).

Robert Osborne (ensorceled) | 80 comments I kept asking myself, "Why am I enjoying this book so much" while listening to it. In the end I was happy with the ending and enjoyed the journey but this will be a book that I don't recommend to everybody.

Anfenwick (anne-fenwick) | 46 comments I liked it a lot. It is the character of Maia that stands out most, but I got plenty of suspense out of wondering how on earth he was going to react to whatever was hitting him next.

And I do feel that two assassination attempts, both heavily foreshadowed, an assassination investigation, an arranged marriage which slowly becomes a courtship and a courtship which fizzles out after setting off other consequences isn't quite 'nothing happening'.

Kevin | 701 comments I like the book quite a bit. It was very competently written and it was a very smooth and fulfilling read, with one exception:

I love language, but I have problems with names. So while I liked the idea of the complex names and the various forms of address and whatnot, it did quite considerably slow down my reading at first (especially since I was reading for short bits of time here and there at first, and I had to look up all the names again every time I started reading again.) Add to that the archaic grammar in some of the dialogue that I needed to decipher at first (English isn't my language) and the book was off on a bit of a rough start for me. At a certain point, when I had more time and read larger chunks, I just started glossing over most of the names and places without actually reading them which brought me back up to speed, but of course that didn't really help me remember the names any better. So now three days after I finished the book, even though I know who all the characters are (the heir, the secretary, the sister-in-law, ...) I don't remember any of their names.

Gregory (gfitzgeraldmd) | 40 comments This is one of the books I was about to Lem, but my OCD kept me going (I hate not finishing a book I start). I ended up getting the audio version just to keep the story going as I found it hard to pick up and read. The story is well written, and the characters are likable. However, all characters but Maia are very shallow. We don't really know any of the motivations of anyone except Maia. I get that this is more of a first person narrative even though it is written in the third person. I would have like a little more depth especially for such a long book.

Jason | 1 comments I really liked this book. I am glad I had it on Audible; I don't think I could have read those names. The narration was awesome and I find even months after, I still have those names floating around in my head.
I really liked this book because I really enjoy character driven stories. I knew and cared about Maia by the time the story was over much like with Fitz Farseer.

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