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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Someone special :) gave me a beautiful journal. I know a lot of you keep book journals or notebooks. So my question is, how do you journal? What kinds of things do you write down when you read? Do you quote passages? Record thoughts? Do you keep track of the dates you start books?

message 2: by Claire (new)

Claire (clairemoser) I have a couple journals - one daily journal that I just write a couple of things that happened that day - that I fill out while my child falls asleep. Its' one of those week-at-a-glance planner calendars. Another journal just for my kid where I record special milestones and achievements. I try to write about once a month. A "misery journal" where I write all the junky stuff that makes me mad or is really emotional. And another more inspirational/spiritual journal where I can write down special experiences and the like. This is probably the one I use the least...

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan | 118 comments Whenever I come across a great quote in a book I write it down on anything-paper, napkins, notepads. Once I compiled everything into my own personal "quote book" (it was a lovely handmade paper book). Other times what I read ends up in my travel journals. When I read my Bible I have a notebook I keep by my side. The most recent thing I wrote down is from Jane of Lantern Hill and that ended up on a post it to share with colleagues.

message 4: by Angie (new)

Angie | 512 comments My journal is simply what I want to talk about. What happened that day... what's coming up in life, something great I am reading or saw on TV. Who I talked to on the phone... At the end I always list 3 good things that happened that day. I love to journal... but I don't usually go back and read entries. I also like to write one day in blue ink, then next day in black and back and forth like that. I think it helps to locate when a new day started.

message 5: by Meghan (new)

Meghan I would say journaling for reading is the same as journaling for anything else. However you want it to be.

I found that when I did the 50 book challenge last year I really enjoyed knowing when I finished a book, but I had a hard time remembering things I wanted to comment about. So the journaling helps keep some of the important themes prioritized.

I don't necessarily write about each book I put in my journal. But I always put the date I started, date I finished, which genres I would classify it under, if they were for any clubs, and how I rated it. I try to summarize the book for future indexing purposes but sometimes I don't bother if I don't think I'll need that later on.

message 6: by Ryara (new)

Ryara Toft I have soooooooooooooo many journals i could fill a football stadium! But a "misery journal" is SUCH a great idea, Claire!

message 7: by Charity (new)

Charity (charityross) Well, I keep two journals.

1. A Personal Journal - I have kept one going for 19 years. I'd like to say that I write in it every day, but it is more or less 'when the mood strikes me'...several days in a row, once a week, sometimes a month or two in between entries. I usually will write about my day or recent wishes and goals...and often, my rants. Very seldom do I look back through old journals (even though I still have every book, labeled by year on my shelf), but when I do, it is very entertaining.

2. A Book Journal - I have kept one actively going for 6 years. I record each book title that I read with the author, publisher & publishing date, library or bookstore that I got it from, date that I finished reading the book, and my review notes and ratings for each book. I also keep a list of books that I am planning to read each month, books that I'm planning to purchase/borrow (and I fill in the date & location when I get them), books that I've loaned out, books that I received as gifts, and books that have been recommended to me/books I want to recommend to other people. I have place to keep favorite passages from books and a list of bookstores & libraries in my area.

I'm a little obsessive about keeping track of my reading now....if you can't tell. Ha ha. I'm also a chronic list maker, so after I finish reading a book, I look for all the lists I can mark it off of.

message 8: by Ryara (new)

Ryara Toft that's cool!

message 9: by Robbie (new)

Robbie Bashore | 592 comments I also keep two journals:

One is a multi-pupose journal. It was initially for me to use for processing my emotions, probably like "rants" mentioned above. There are sometimes gaps of years between entries. Following suit with my husband's jounaling style, this journal is also used for making lists of goals (encouraging when I looked back and saw that I had accomplished most of them), minutes from meetings, pithy thoughts/insights, and the occasional quote. After reading HP6, I had an entry listing my predictions for Book 7. It was fun seeing what I got right and where I was way off.

My second journal is a spiritual journal. I started that one last summer, because we were having instability in our church, and I wasn't not feeling very spiritually fed by the worship services at that time (long story). Writing responses to devotional books, along with my feelings of being more distant from God and longing to fix that, helped to get me through that time.

I'm not a terribly disciplined person, so both journals get very sporatic use.

message 10: by Liz (new)

Liz | 35 comments I have one slightly large journal that put EVERYTHING in. I write about my day, my fears, my hopes, my dreams, sometimes I will even doodle lol. Lately though I have been thinking about starting a quote journal striclty for the books I read. That way I can go back and find them much easier. Either way I just love to write. The feeling of the pen on that fresh new page is awesome!! Oh yeah and its all about color!! I will so write in as many colors as possible on any given day. My journal is where I express my creativity as well :0)

message 11: by Claire (new)

Claire (clairemoser) My "misery journal" was actually a little pun because I happen to live in Missouri and I'm not enjoying it. It started out as my "Missouri journal" but my witty sister so kindly suggested the much more descriptive title of "misery journal." It suited the journal just fine!

message 12: by Liz (new)

Liz | 35 comments That has to be the greatest play on words!!!! I love it!

message 13: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
Okay... how did I miss this thread?! So cool, misery journal! Hee!

I used to keep one more regularly... notes on sermons and emotional rants (one way or the other) mostly. I do carry one with me much of the time, but I think because my life is a little rough around the edges, I don't do it much right now. Mostly because I write when I'm inspired - whether stories, sermons, or rants. That's why I carry it with me, but also why I don't do it much right now.

When I was in my second year in college, I remember I wrote in one nearly every day. I was a total perfectionist at that time, so I would write it out on notepaper then recopy it in the journal! Now I find that embarrassingly bizarre, and not a little bit funny!

One thing about me is I don't do lined journals. You never know in what direction or shape my entries might take! Being an artist and a writer, that is one way that I have enjoyed blending the two. I do draw and even occasionally paint in them as well, so NO LINES FOR ME. When I get a lined journal gifted, I tend to rebel.

*Funny sidenote: I had a typo in the word "perfectionist" originally! Oh how the mighty have fallen!! LOL

Who gave you a journal, Sarah? :D

message 14: by Sarah (last edited Dec 17, 2008 04:11PM) (new)

Sarah (sezza) | 12 comments I've kept a journal on and off since I was little. I've managed to fill up a couple of journals and I always feel excited when I get to start a new one. The one I currently write in was given to me as a Christmas present by my sister to be used when I went traveling. Two years after she gave it to me, I was finally able to use it, but now it has become far more than just a traveling journal. I write about daily happenings and I use the pages as a sketch pad too if I'm in an artsy fartsy mood. I also have a blog that I write in regularly to update friends and others interested in reading about what's going on. This is my blog:

Do any of you have blogs? I love reading them!

message 15: by Ann (new)

Ann | 345 comments I don't really keep a journal—except for certain vacations.
But I do keep journals to write in when I read/watched books/movies. It's very interesting to see when I last read/watched something and what my initial thoughts were:)

message 16: by Audreedee (new)

Audreedee | 47 comments I keep a journal with books/films that I'm looking for and quotes and things that I like..I also take pictures of stuff that I like and throw them in there...It sounds nerdier than it is:)

message 17: by Katri (new)

Katri (Valancy) | 107 comments I adore journalling. I've done it since childhood and still do (I'm 26 now). When I was younger I didn't write so often, but at some point in my teens I started writing almost daily and lots of entries. There have been time periods since then that I didn't write so much, but mostly I've kept it pretty regularly. Nowadays I write almost every day - it just feels like a good way to wrap up the day, writing about what I've done, thought and felt. Sometimes I just write what interesting things I've done, sometimes I pour out my heart about whatever is bothering or exciting me, sometimes I use writing to help myself make a decision about something, writing the pros and cons and weighing them. Usually I just write whatever is on my mind and somehow feels significant.

When I travel somewhere, I also like to keep a travel journal, I usually buy a separate notebook for that. Though some holidays are so full of activities that there isn't really enough time to keep up with them in journalling, so I end up writing half of it on the plane on the way back!

message 18: by Dini, the master of meaning (new)

Dini | 691 comments Mod
Those of you who keep a regular journal remind me of the characters in Dracula... write everything down even though you've just been attacked by a vampire! LOL.

I have a blog which I try to update regularly, but nowadays it seems that I fill it mostly with Goodreads book reviews. That basically says how much of a GR junkie I am, huh? Here's the link if anyone's interested:

message 19: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 100 comments I use to write in a journal every night to record the days events. I started one when I was in jr. high and was in the middle of my third journal when I stopped writing in High School.

Another journal I started in High School was a Dream Journal. I have noticed that for as long as I can remember I have had VERY interesting dreams. So I thought that it would be interesting to record them. I haven't written in it since High School either.

You know thinking about it I really don't know why I stopped writing... I Love to write in a journal. I have decided that I am going to start again. I even have an empty journal waiting for me... :-)

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I guess you all remember the "Reading is sexy"-top Lorelai was wearing in one episode (season 4, I guess). A friend's birthday is coming up and as she always loved that shirt I looked around a bit on the web to see if I could find either the shirt or something related...
And that's what I found:
A Reading is Cool reading journal. It says on the website it's a kids' reading journal, but I actually found it pretty cool myself. Maybe that's just me, but as I planned anyway to keep a reading journal, I thought I might order it. Maybe some of you like it, too : )

message 21: by Ann (new)

Ann | 345 comments I've made some make-shift reading journals myself! So I'd totally be up for a real one! Thanks for the link, Marion!:D

message 22: by Audreedee (new)

Audreedee | 47 comments Oh cool..My boyfriend's sister bought me a 'Reading is Sexy' t-shirt a few years ago without knowing the Gilmore conotations!!

message 23: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 09, 2008 02:38PM) (new)

Audreedee, I just love those t-shirts... I made that special point to myself, if I make it into an American university, I'll reward myself by buying a t-shirt, a bag and a button (I collect buttons, I've got so many pinned to my pencil case)

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