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Meeting Gail Carson Levine

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Karen M. Krueger So Gail Carson Levine came to my university about a month ago, and it was the coolest experience. She's is this tiny lady (seriously, she looks like you could just pinch her and she'd snap) with a cute New Yorker accent and lots of spunk. I had no idea that she's in her 60s...I'd never guess because she doesn't look it.

She read a chapter from her new book "Ever," and it sounds like it's going to be really awesome (which is to be expected from her, right?) Looks like it's coming out in May. It's a little different for her, because the girl is living in an ancient civilization. (I want to say it's Mayan or something) And she's dying. The chapter she read was enough to tease, and it was awesome hearing her read her own work.
She told us about how she formed the languages in "Ella Enchanted"--it was fascinating. It really was a creative process.

Oh, and the thing that was extra interesting to me was what she said about the movie. I personally hated the movie and was livid that they couldn't just stick to the book (and I think a lot of people feel this way). She said that she likes the movie, though it took a while for her to like it. They sent the script to her and her first reaction was "Why an evil uncle and a talking snake?" Apparently the movie makers didn't think Hattie was an evil enough villain (if you ask me, they just weren't willing to put the effort into making her a good enough villain). Oh, and it sounds to me that Ms. Levine had less power over what went on with the movie than I think is right. She couldn't just tell them no, all she could do was make suggestions and hope they follow them. (That's the impression I got) However, there were things they did follow her on; for example, there were a lot of jokes against women that she didn't appreciate--they cut them. And she REALLY didn't like parts where Ella was too disobedient, and they cut most of them, though she still thinks the kiss was too disobedient. (I can't quite remember what kiss she means)

Anyway, I hope this was some fun info for you Ella lovers. If you ever get a chance to listen to her talk about her book, do it! It was super fun!

Clare D' Lune OH! You lucky! I always wanted to meet an author, plus she is one of my favorites!!!! I really hated the movie of Ella Enchanted... they changed like EVERYTHING! And it really bugged me... But one thing I thought was slightly better in the movie was her having to kill the prince. In the book she just was worried about it. That would be a pain, but a reason to stop love just because someone might order her to kill the prince? I thought the movie was more realistic on that one point, but otherwise hated it.

Well I really hope that I have the chance to meet Gail Carson Levine! Thanx so much for telling us about it!


P.S. I think the particular kiss that you don't remmember is when they were at the giant's wedding and they kissed...

P.P.S. If you haven't read "Fairest" by Levine, yet, then you better! It's really good!!!

Karen M. Krueger Yeah, I just read Fairest a few weeks ago and loved, loved, loved it.

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After i read the book, I decided that I hated the movie!
I loved Faiest!!!!!! It was one of the best books I've read!

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I also love The Two Princesses of Bamarre!!!!!!!! It was so good!

Clare D' Lune I know! I didn't even know she wrote it until after I read it and I was like "O My gosh! No wonder I liked it so much!"

Kristina I had the opportunity to meet Gail as well at the Texas Book Festival. She is my favorite author and it was a wonderful experience meeting her and giving her copies of my books as well.

Anna Lucky! I would love to meet Gail Carson Levine. She is one of my most favorite authors. I've read all of her books and am following her on Goodreads. She gives wonderful writing advice and tips on her blog. A lifesaver, that is.

Number one favorite of hers? Ella Enchanted. The Two Princesses of Bamarre runs a close second with Fairest coming in third. Everything else is tied in fourth place. ;)

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