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Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 698 comments Mod
Throughout the year there are days/weeks/months that celebrate just about everything: vinyl records, movies, comics, food, books, elephants, etc. I think it would be nice to also have a period that focuses on horror and (hopefully!) introduces books to people that don't normally read the genre.

Is there already a day/week that does and I just don't know about it? After a quick Google search, I found these to be the book-related "holidays" throughout the year. Although several sound scary, none focus on horror.

January - National Book Month
January 16 - Book Publishers Day
January - National Book Week (third full week of January)
January - Celebrity Read a Book Week (last full week of January)
February 23 - Printed Book Day
March 28 - Children's Picture Book Day
April 2 - International Children's Book Day
April 16 - Book-of-the-Month Club Birthday
April 22 - Instant Book Day
April 25 - Book Day and Lover's Day (Spain)
April 25 - World Book and Copyright Day (Shakespeare's Birthday)
May - Book Buddy Day (1st Wednesday in May)
May - National Family Reading Week (first week in May)
May - National Feminist Bookstore Week (week of Mother's Day)
June is Audiobook Month
June 11 - Dirty Book Day
June - National Black Bookstore Week (week of June 19th)
June 19 - Mass Market Paperback Book Day
July - National Independent Bookstore Week (week of third and fourth Saturdays)
September 17 - Bestselling Books Day
September - Banned Books Week (last Saturday in September to next Saturday)
October 1 - National Book It! Day (first weekday in October)
October 12 - Cookbook Launch Day
November 5 - Book Editors Day
November - Book Lover's Day (first Saturday in November)
November 12 - One Million Books Day
November - National Children's Book Week (third week of November)
November 30 - Steal This Book Day
December is Read a New Book Month

What would you ghouls think about having an annual horror fiction "holiday?" How long of a period should it last (day/month/week)? What time of year? Do you have any other thoughts, suggestions, concerns? Let us know.

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 278 comments Horror fiction week: October 24-31st.
Horror fiction month: October

In honor of Halloween, of course!

message 3: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (New-Vogue-Ravyn) | 46 comments I like the idea of it being on Halloween or maybe just before so it's easy to 'cash in', but if there's a bigger holiday on the same date it might get lost with all the press etc. That is if you were looking to make it a retail and marketing thing, if it's just a private celebration for horror lovers than any day is fine. :)

Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 698 comments Mod
I like the idea of it being at least a week. Horror deserves more than a day!

My opinion: it should focus on celebrating horror and recommending titles you love, not self promotion. At least I won't use it for self promotion. This can be a week/month used across the board. I wouldn't "own" it or anything so people can do whatever they want.

message 5: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (New-Vogue-Ravyn) | 46 comments I didn't mean just using for self-promotion, but for promotion of horror fiction of all kinds like World Book Day etc. In school we used to get book tokens for World Book Day.

Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 698 comments Mod
I def. wouldn't have a problem with it being retail and marketing related.

I was also thinking websites/blogs could offer something extra that week, like author interviews/AMAs, and things like that.

message 7: by Char (new)

Char  | 299 comments Valancourt, (is that you, Ryan?), you rock! I love the idea. :)

Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 698 comments Mod
It's always me. I don't allow Jay on here!

message 9: by Jon Recluse (new)

Jon Recluse | 66 comments I agree there should be a Horror Fiction month.
October is perfect.

I always have my 31 Horror Reads for Halloween list.

message 10: by Kirstin (new)

Kirstin | 15 comments This is such a great idea! And timely too. I've definitely noticed a new interest in horror fiction. The horror section in the bookstore nearby has more than doubled in size in under a year.

message 11: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (Kimberly_3238) | 340 comments Jon Recluse wrote: "I agree there should be a Horror Fiction month.
October is perfect.

I always have my 31 Horror Reads for Halloween list."

I'm with Jon on this--Horror Fiction Month in October. :)

message 12: by Walter (new)

Walter Spence (WalterSpence) | 1 comments So December 25 is a no-go? :/

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