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left-handed knitting?

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message 1: by Erica (new)

Erica | 2 comments i'm trying to teach a left-handed friend to knit, and it's confusing both of us...any pointers? is it easier to try to teach her to mirror my righthandedness or for her to try it righthanded? any web resources anyone knows of?

message 2: by Jen (last edited Mar 27, 2008 11:10PM) (new)

Jen (istoleahalo) This website might help. It has video instructions for knitting. The link is for left-handed knitting/ continental knitting.

message 3: by Lil (new)

Lil | 5 comments In today's world of patterns - the patterns are all written for knitting from the left needle to the right needle. If you try to teach someone how to "knit left handed" - right needle to left needle you would have to rewrite most patterns that deal with increases, decreases and patterning. As noted by Donna Continental Style is a little easier for lefties. While there are directions for left handed knitters, you might want to try it right handed first. I have taught left-handed people to knit - and it has always been as a right-handed person.

message 4: by Lil (new)

Lil | 5 comments I agree with you as far as color work is concerned, but when you get to increasing and decreasing, if you follow the instructions going from left to right the stitches will either form a broken line or be angled the wrong way. You would need to rewrite the directions for armholes and shoulders and most beginners (IMHO) feel too intimidated to do that unless they have someone like you to help them along the way.

message 5: by Erica (new)

Erica | 2 comments thanks everyone! this is all super helpful...our lessons are coming along nicely so far. i knit english style, and since i'm a lot less comfortable with continental style, it's hard to demonstrate it in a useful way, but she's been playing with it a bit and figuring out a way it works...and right now we're still in the scarf stage anyway, so we'll deal with rewriting armhole patterns when we get there :)

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 10 comments Kathryn Alexander does a workshop where she teaches you to knit backwards and purl backwards in order to keep from having to turn your work. Might be helpful?

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