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message 1: by David (new)

David Mcdivitt | 65 comments This was an excellent podcast. Hope you listen to it. A fellow had traumatic brain injury which turned him into a mathematical genius. Prior he had no interest in math at all. After becoming an acquired savant with synesthesia, and seeing mathematics in a grid fashion overlaying his world, he went back to school. Gosh, he had some excellent descriptions. Listening to his description of relativity makes the podcast worth hearing.

Continuing the theme of brain injury the next portion was very informative talking about vegetative state versus locked-in and what can be done for people.

message 2: by Virginia (new)

Virginia MD (gingercampbell) | 321 comments Mod
I have not heard this podcast, but my initial response is one of skepticism. I am leaving this post for now, but would love to hear what other readers/listeners think.

message 3: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell | 22 comments It is a solid podcast. This episode is similar in style to Oliver Sacks' books. While they presented anecdotal stories of this person's head trauma leading to synesthesia and becoming a math savant, there was science behind it. They performed an fMRI on him as well as had autism and savant expert Darold Treffert examine him. I was particularly struck by Dr. Treffert's interpretation of savant syndrome being the result of all people carrying "factory-installed software or genetic memory," but much of it is culled or suppressed during development. Some people, for various reasons, have certain cognitive functions released or enabled, resulting in their savant characteristics. This appeals to me and, I think, probably lots of BSP listeners who understand that far more of our mental function and behavior derives from innately-driven predispositions albeit modified by experience and conditioning. Our consciousness masks these drives and potentials, making us believe we're freed from our genetic inheritance, but the science says otherwise.

message 4: by GlobeRunner (new)

GlobeRunner | 3 comments Yes, it's definitely a solid podcast. The former (and in my view, better) name was "Skeptically Speaking". Thanks "David" for posting about it here: I needed another great podcast now that I've listened to all episodes of the Brain Science Podcast!

message 5: by Virginia (new)

Virginia MD (gingercampbell) | 321 comments Mod
OK. I have heard "Skeptically Speaking" in the past but I haven't listened in several years.

message 6: by David (new)

David Mcdivitt | 65 comments I preferred the name "Skeptically Speaking" as well.

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