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Who I think killed Elise
JaBrea JaBrea Feb 14, 2015 09:57AM
I honestly think Tate killed Elise because he went back to the room for some reason, yet he won't tell Anna and Anna is just being brain washed by Tate!

In the ending, it is revealed that Tate had sex with Elise in the room while Anna was on the beach.

Tate had no reason to kill Elise, because from what we know he never knew that Anna saw him and Elise together.

I thought Mel killed her. I would have bet money that it was Mel... there was just enough info to make me suspect her, but not enough that I thought she was an obvious suspect. She was jealous of Elise and Anna's friendship, they made fun of her clingy-ness, Anna called her out on it all...

Then she made up that whole fight at the end, just to really stick it to Anna and make sure she was found guilty, also taking suspicion off herself.

But no... Anna's just bat-shit crazy.

Sigh. My detective skills need a psychology degree...

eceLestrange OMG. I just found out that i wasn't the only one who thinks like that
Mar 12, 2018 11:08AM

I'm confused as to the extent of Tate's involvement too. I mean, Elise made eye contact with Anna when she and Tate were having sex.
Are we supposed to think Anna rushed off without Tate seeing, Elise finished up with Tate, Tate went back to the beach and *then* Anna leapt out with the kitchen knife? Was Tate present during the murder? If so, how was he, a tall, fit sportsman, not able to overpower his much smaller girlfriend?
Did they make a pact or something?
I'm just not sure how Tate fits in... but then if you consider Anna an unreliable narrator, I guess it doesn't matter.

no, it was Anna. you find it out at the end :\ Tate went back to have sex with Elise

The killer was revealed when Anna pulled out the missing, blood-stained necklace at the grave site and said "I win". I kind of suspected Anna because she kept dening that she had any idea about the affair, but the night before the murder, she was angry about finding the necklace in Tate's pocket and got dizzy with suspicion. This was a pretty good book.

have you finished the book? i thought tate did it too.

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