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Irene (RenieMarie) | 66 comments Nicole Kidman’s Father dies amid pedophile, child murder ring allegationsComments 14- Judy Byington on September 14, 2014 inChild Exploitation Child Holocausts Children Human Trafficking Investigations ITCCS Press Releases Ritual Abuse Survivor Stories
Award winning Actress Nicole Kidman and her father Antony Kidman (Getty Images)” width=”634″ height=”535″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-3216″ /> Nicole Kidman’s father

Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman’s death,” The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child,” she continued. “He failed. News of Kidman’s death impacted me, someone who has undergone intense treatment. I know that there are other victims of Kidman’s crimes out there who are perhaps not as far along the healing path as I am. I anticipate that news of Kidman’s death may have a serious impact on these victims. A perpetrator’s death can even trigger suicidal ideation.

“My complaints last month to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission detailed two incidents in which Kidman subjected me to horrific physical and sexual assault” Barnett said. “But there are even more serious crimes against children that I witnessed Kidman commit as a member of the elite Sydney pedophile ring. Those complaints have gone to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.”

Barnett spoke out the day of Kidman’s death – White Balloon Day 2014 – an event aimed at raising awareness for Australian children affected by sexual assault. She stated, “My contribution to White Balloon Day 2014 is to urge my fellow victims of crime to fight the filth that this monster deposited in their minds and if they can muster the strength, join me in my effort to give a voice to victims who are no longer with us.”

The ICLCJ Court has been looking into Barnett’s allegations against Kidman in relation to their investigation of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Over sixty eyewitnesses such as Barnett have testified of Ninth Circle child sacrifice and pedophile activities that spanned the globe, including criminal activities against children in the Americas, Netherlands and UK commonwealth countries such as Australia.

The Ninth Circle was also said to have well organized and secretive human hunting parties that included pedophilia. Privately owned forest groves were believed used in the US, Canada, France and Holland. It appeared children and teens were obtained by the criminal drug syndicate Octopus, which was believed connected to the Vatican. The kidnapped children and teens were said to be stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed.

Since the tender age of three Barnett had been trapped inside Australia’s vast pedophile network where children were sex trafficked, hunted down for sport and murdered. “In the late afternoon of Oct. 28 1975 I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest,” Barnett said. “The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep. When I awoke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me. A large group of men arrived in pick up trucks. They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told that the group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility. I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs. They painted something on my back and chest, and then released us. I pushed the children up over the first steep hill. It was about the second or third hill that the hunting party reached us. Shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life.”

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis testified at the ICLCJ Court that as a child and like Barnett, she was badly abused and forced to witness child murders that involved global elites, claimed childhood torture at Barnett’s same Australian Holsworthy Army Base and like Barnett, was a victim of Human Hunting Parties. Nijenhuis’ perpetrators included former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink and Bilderberger founder Prince Bernhard. Nijenhuis explained to International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State Secretary Reverend Kevin Annett, her witness to child sacrifices as late as 2010.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult could easily hide crimes of their global elite members. They were well trained by Hitler’s mind control experts from Nazi Germany. Barnett’s Nazi grandfather’s pedophile network was said to include clinical psychologists Kidman and John W. Gittinger who developed a popular test among psychiatric professionals known as the Personality Assessment System. In the Independent Australia News Barnett stated that as a young child, “Gittinger abused and raped me.”

In another article of the Independent Australia News it was reported that Barnett’s dramatic testimony put members in tears when she went before the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Barnett had named as her perpetrators her grandfather, Kidman, two former Australian prime ministers, a Parliament House governor general and a state police commissioner. As with child pedophile rings in the Netherlands, Europe, Canada and the US, the Australian pedophile network was said to include police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors.

“The Commission was in the process of investigating my complaint when Kidman was found to have left the country,” Barnett said. “Now one month following my notification against Kidman, he is dead. Kidman’s death comes as no surprise. In the past week alone, two people predicted his imminent demise.”

This article is dedicated to victims of the Vatican and mafia-run global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult, and to the memory of over 50,800 missing children, some of whom rest in 34 mainly Catholic-owned unmarked mass grave sites – that have been refused excavation – across Canada, Ireland and Spain. The child perpetrators continue to live lives free of responsibility for their ongoing crimes. Our prayers are with these innocents, and should be for ourselves if we allow this Child Holocaust by our global leaders to continue.

About the Author

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” (www.22faces.com) is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on hundreds of blogs and websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com).

If you have news tips about child abuse issues that may connect to international child exploitation rings, please email Judy info@22faces.com.

You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here: http://www.change.org/petitions/us-co...

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geoffrey franklin2014-09-15 05:36:51 REPLYThese psychopaths destroy everything they touch. Nicole Kidman should consider herself lucky. Or unlucky I suppose.
BOB2014-09-16 16:23:19 REPLYAnd why would you think
that Nicole Kidman herself
has not been abused as a child
and to this day?After all she was a beard for Tom Cruise…It’s unimagineable
that she is not a multiple
as well as a sex slave
Dawna West2014-09-21 03:26:36 REPLYThis is DEMONIC and shocking and needs to be exposed on national TV and STOPPED.
It sounds like a deranged Television movie….Sexual Hunter Games.
I have to go and pray and cry and throw up……….!!!!!
livingston2014-09-21 15:21:50 REPLYSeriously Dawna, the media and government is owned by the demonic elites. Don’t expect normal justice. Fortunately everyone is judged and rewarded or punished in the end.
Dayle2014-09-21 19:26:23 REPLYI agree. As long as these animals( I can’t even call them people) are

message 2: by Laima (new)

Laima | 6 comments This sounds like an episode of the show Criminal Minds.

message 3: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Thanks for posting that Irene- another extremely interesting one to add to the vast pile of worldwide paedophilia groups of the rich and famous.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Norris | 485 comments ...and just when I thought I had heard it all! This is a very difficult subject to read about and I think that, unfortunately, all too many people turn a blind eye because of that. Horrors like this need to be exposed and public made aware of...this goes far beyond dirty laundry...if the death penalty is good for anything, I would not mind seeing these disgusting creatures who do not deserve to be considered human beings be put to death...better yet, how about the old saying "an eye for an eye"...

message 5: by Harry (last edited Feb 12, 2015 10:45AM) (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments For anyone who's missed the discussion, there's a fair bit scattered throughout the Brainwashed Slaves thread about organised high-profile paedophilia, such as Prince Andrew's recent involvement with the bastard Epstein.
This might be a better thread to post such things from hereon, but there are often connections between the paedophile groups we know to be fact and the more Satanic (often factual) theories and mind controlled slaves business mentioned in the other thread.

Lisa, I get your anger, but revenge never solves anything. Let's be better than 'Them'. Our main duty is to simply expose it all.

message 6: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 7 comments These 'sex' urges could be stopped if these crazies were prescribed anti-depressants. I am convinced that similar daily doses would work on the infamous Peace Talks as well.

I wonder if there are stories written of people walking away from these 'rings' and getting cured? Any 9th Circle rescue stories out there?

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Norris | 485 comments still lingering in the anger stage...I believe in rehabilitation up to a point, but this type of crime is beyond reparation, because I don't think they are seeking help or care what they are doing is wrong...rather I think it has to do with the wiring of their brain.

message 8: by James, Group Founder (new)

James Morcan | 7748 comments Lisa wrote: "still lingering in the anger stage...I believe in rehabilitation up to a point, but this type of crime is beyond reparation, because I don't think they are seeking help or care what they are doing ..."

I think I'm with you, Lisa...Until science can find a way to rewire their brains, put these bastards down! Sure we'd lose some lives, but how many innocent children are being harmed while we wait for science to evolve to the point where it can rehabilitate these child abusers?

message 9: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments David Icke wrote years ago about the elite paedophile groups with particular reference to the hunting down games they played. Terrifying stuff. I've been trying to find what he wrote, but to no avail, but it's still yet another example of how 'the conspiracy theorists got it right'. It's just, no one ever says that. Instead, things just become new 'facts' instead.

message 10: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments I thought this was probably the best thread to post in now about all the disgusting paedophile shite that's going on.

Once again, what were crazy conspiracies only several years ago are now indisputable facts- British MP Cyril Smith being one of those names that always used to come up in conspiracy circles; alongside Prime Minister Ted Heath, whose name has so far still been avoided by mainstream press references.

From yesterday's Daily Mail:

"A retired chief constable has revealed that a ‘sinister cover-up’ of the crimes of paedophile MP Cyril Smith was ordered by a top official working for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Albert Laugharne, former Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said that in the 1970s he was asked to lie about the 29-stone Liberal politician’s alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

The 83-year-old is the highest ranking ex-officer yet to give details of an Establishment conspiracy to protect Smith. It follows a week of revelations on how the MP’s powerful friends hid the truth about his reign of abuse."

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic...

message 11: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Wow- the ugly worms of truth are increasingly coming out of the woodwork. Enoch Powell is the latest to be implicated in the U.K's establishment paedophile rings. Not only that, but this time it's actually Satanic related (see other posts in the Brainwashed Slaves thread).

From today's Daily Mail:

"Enoch Powell is named by bishop in sex abuse probe: Scotland Yard to investigate satanic abuse claim - and demands to see filed held on serving MPs
•Bishop of Durham Paul Butler names late Tory politician to Scotland Yard
•Former Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker, heard allegation in 1980s
•Claim being examined by Operation Fenbridge - one of several such probes."

"The probe into an alleged paedophile network at the heart of the British Establishment took an explosive turn last night with the revelation that Enoch Powell’s name has been passed to police.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the late Tory MP, one of the most prominent and divisive politicians of the 20th Century, has been named to Scotland Yard by the Bishop of Durham. The claims relate to ‘ritual satanic abuse."



message 12: by James, Group Founder (last edited Mar 29, 2015 10:27AM) (new)

James Morcan | 7748 comments Harry wrote: "Wow- the ugly worms of truth are increasingly coming out of the woodwork. Enoch Powell is the latest to be implicated in the U.K's establishment paedophile rings. Not only that, but this time it's ..."

Enoch Powell - now there's a name I haven't heard in yonks.
I recall he was against immigration in the UK (against any kind of immigrant, unless they were whites...) and seemed to have the racial viewpoints of a Victorian-era Englishman...

message 13: by Harry (last edited Mar 29, 2015 02:13PM) (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Uh-hm. I think he'd gone out of most people's psyches.

Funny, don't you think, that his name hardly ever comes up and yet Russell Brand likened would-be-U.K-Prime Minister Nigel Farrage to Enoch Powell on the BBC's Question Time not long ago.

And just as we enter general election bollocks over here (with a lot of misinformed views over immigration issues), lo and behold old racist Enoch pops up.

message 14: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments And they say the royal family has no power... latest in the case against paedophilia claims against Prince Andrew: a judge orders the sex allegations to be stricken from the record. Just like that! (Perhaps the details were too Satanic for the Elite's liking).


message 15: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments I just find all this to be absolutely incomprehensible. How any human being could commit these crimes against children or the young or anybody else. The people named are from high positions and the wealthy. Is it possible they are under mind control too? I can imagine one person or a small politically motivated group to be the perpetrators but not the growing number of named "formally respected" people mentioned here.

This may explain why such highly educated or successful or respected members of the World are involved in such heinous crimes.

message 16: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments And I'm afraid it's just the tip of the iceberg, but I've gone through my learning process on topics like this, so I can sound a little blaze about it, even though it sickens me greatly.

Here's how it is: Organised 'Satanic' paedophile groups of the rich, famous, political, and now royal, undoubtedly exist and they seem to be the very ones who are the ruling 1% Elite. What were once stupid conspiracies are turning into facts before our eyes. This is why we must rely on reputable alternative news for our source of education as to what's really going on in the world and who's pulling the strings. Don't believe the propaganda of mainstream press.

The Vatican, the U.K, Belgium, the States... hell, there are so many documented cases out there of this whole disgusting paedophile business. The world needs to wake up and stop saying, "Oh, but such a thing couldn't possibly be true" without even looking into it.

This is serious business folks.

message 17: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments Harry wrote: "And I'm afraid it's just the tip of the iceberg, but I've gone through my learning process on topics like this, so I can sound a little blaze about it, even though it sickens me greatly.

Here's ho..."

Yes Harry, I get that it is happening but my question was: is is possible that some disenfranchised group could be using mind control on this Elite 1 percent? I could see that happening. There are many angry, envious people in the world that love to cut down tall poppies (Australianism).

The alternative is what I was saying in a previous post somewhere. That success and wealth and position do not make for happiness unless one has the right mind-set. Could they be bored after attaining all that they can and therefore enter into some cult-like behavior to amuse themselves? This last bit is what I have difficulty believing unless each of these previously highly respected people have lost all feeling for their human counterparts.

message 18: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Laureen wrote: "Harry wrote: "And I'm afraid it's just the tip of the iceberg, but I've gone through my learning process on topics like this, so I can sound a little blaze about it, even though it sickens me great..."

Yes, of course that's possible Laureen, and very likely. I was just trying to bundle up the topic in a sort of soundbite to show how important this is, but of course there can be many reasons for such behaviour, and we all know Power Corrupts if nothing else. I don't know who the controlling group are, and I think it's extremely likely that we're not gonna know them by name, so again I agree Laureen, but what's important is simply knowing WHO this Elite lot really are, because they're leaving one hell of a trail of ugly breadcrumbs behind.

message 19: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments Absolutely agree Harry. We do need to know who this Elite group is because most people trust them -no questions asked. We would even probably trust them with our children if we had't been informed of what is going on.

message 20: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Numbers of the incredibly staggering extent of paedophilia amongst the establishment in the U.K has been announced today.

There are presently 1400 men being investigated of past child abuse, out of which: 76 are politicians, 43 from the music industry and 135 from TV, film or radio.


Still, it's not a CONSPIRACY you understand...

message 21: by Mikhayla (new)

Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments I'm grateful for the topic here, but Harry knows that while he and I agree on the majority of information, I disagree that the global elite are the bad guys and total source of this evil. I will not say that there are no elite involve, but the elite in total are not responsible.

My research suggests that the source is a dark side secret society who became the Nazis of WWII and continue to spread their disease globally as they were recruited by idiots in our Intelligence Agencies world wide.

The global elite are not the only victims. Most are everyday middle income folks, like my family. Judy Byington, who shared the autobiography of Jenny Hill, shared an autobiography of a middle class family, like mine, which is most typical. Jenny was not a member of the global elite. The vast majority of survivors are from cult involved families of the middle class, like my family. This evil does not play favorites within any category. It is a disease that does not discriminate. Survivors are most often born to cult involved families who are daytime Christian fanatics. There are also those who are born into cult involved families who are daytime Satanists.

The Temple of Set comes to mind. Michael Aquino is a key figure is such a discussion. Why was he allowed the position in the military? Why does PSYOPS exist at all? BTW, my sister-in-law worked for PSYOPS...

message 22: by Mikhayla (new)

Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments I do need to offer Harry some ammunition here, and point out that Michael Aquino is the son of Betty Ford, who wrote dark side satanic poetry, which can be found on Michael Aquino's website

message 23: by Harry (last edited Jun 03, 2015 10:49AM) (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments The extent of not only the establishment organised paedophilia ring in the U.K, but also the extent of the cover up governments have employed to stop it being exposed are constantly being leaked out more and more to the mainstream press (strangely it's usually only the Daily Mail that report it all). Here's the Channel 4 News latest:


Why aren't we outraged more at such things and why do we leave it to the establishment to run the inquiries about the establishment?

message 24: by Robert (last edited Jun 03, 2015 12:06PM) (new)

Robert Wright (RHWright) | 30 comments While I am not denying any of the theories or allegations, I am wondering if anyone has considered the Scientology angle in these accusations or their revelation?

True or not, these allegations coming to public light seems totally like something the Church of Scientology would do to strike at a Suppressive Person, getting at Nicole Kidman through her father.

It seems like there could be circles within in circles playing off against one another and other powerful groups. There is persuasive evidence that the Church uses its members secrets against them if they leave or try to leave.

message 25: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Robert wrote: "While I am not denying any of the theories or allegations, I am wondering if anyone has considered the Scientology angle in these accusations or their revelation?

True or not, this coming to publi..."

Well, Scientology doesn't fit into the U.K paedophile stuff I've posted about (we have better sense than to become Scientologists)- but, yep, there's a lot to be discussed about Scientology itself. Personally I'm not aware of any definite links with them and this subject though.

message 26: by Mikhayla (new)

Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments I recall a link to Scientology and the organization Aleister Crowley headed, the O.T.O. I believe Hubbard was a member. He was linked to Crowley's group in some way. I will have to look it up again.

message 27: by Mikhayla (new)

Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments I would like to respond to the comments regarding the observation that "The Daily Mail" is the most common source of information regarding the elite being a secret society of pedophiles. I read, Wikipedia (source acknowledged, but well referenced in this case) that "The Daily Mail" was a Nazi supporter and a supporter of fascism in general, and remains quite conservative.

message 28: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Melanie Shaw, an abuse victim of the U.K's elite paedophile rings and a major whistleblower and awaiting witness of the whole thing, has disturbingly and inexplicably been 'taken' by the police.


message 29: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Norris | 485 comments I should have looked this up before commenting a while back. ..it all sounded too crazy. http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/10/huntin...

message 30: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Lisa wrote: "I should have looked this up before commenting a while back. ..it all sounded too crazy. http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/10/huntin..."

As much as I would like this all to not be true, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. Re; your link: As true as it may be that that one article came from a one-man-blog (or possibly not), it doesn't account for all the other reports over the years (rumours began in the 80s I seem to recall), including the first post above about the recent Nicole Kidman's father thing.

(Plus, it's all gone quite on Prince Andrew's association with paedophilia lately. Still waiting for that court date...)

We know there are celebrity and politician paedophile rings. Fact. Check.
We know some of them are involved in Satanic rituals. Fact. Check.

Do they go as far as the other crazy rumours... it's not too big a leap of imagination to take I'm afraid.

message 31: by James, Group Founder (last edited Jul 09, 2015 03:21AM) (new)

James Morcan | 7748 comments I personally think the heading of this discussion thread "Satanic Elite Child Hunting Parties" is likely the cause of confusion or skepticism. It's a bit sensationalized, as I think Lisa is alluding to.

Perhaps it would've been better to say pedophile sex rings of the elite, which as Harry points out has already been proven to a large degree (especially in the UK but also other places around the planet).

The Satanism angle, is a much trickier subject in my opinion. Yes, as Harry also points out, Satanic rituals and child abuse have been reported to occur in certain elite circles.
However, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is also a very complex theory as it ties in with the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s and 1990s which most experts agree was largely the result of religious fundamentalism and paranoia (mostly in America's Bible belt to my knowledge). It could turn out those experts are wrong, but so far SRA is nowhere near as conclusive as the non-Satanic pedophile rings.

And then finally, there's the mind control aspect e.g. the girl who claims to have been abused by Prince Andrew and Prince Andrew's convicted pedophile friend said she was their brainwashed slave - that implies mind control.

So really there are three subjects going on in this discussion thread:

1. Pedophile sex rings of elite politicians and businessmen (proven and widely reported and many have already been convicted)

2. Satanic Ritual Abuse: Something that I'm not clear about and it seems confusing to others as well especially as Satanism can be defined in strict religious terms or other times in vague black magic (Occult) or else simply depraved acts.

3. Mind control: Various victims of child abusers (such as the child victim Teal Swann) have claimed their abusers knew advanced mind control techniques. I happen to think the mind control aspect is more likely than the Satanic angle in most cases - especially as mind control techniques from the CIA and elsewhere have been declassified for decades and widely reported.

This is the way I see this topic anyway.
And yeah, it's a really ghastly subject to think about.
Few things in society are more important than ending these crimes and protecting children. At least British authorities are beginning to prosecute leading politicians - I just wish other countries would follow suit.

message 32: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments James Morcan wrote: "I personally think the heading of this discussion thread "Satanic Elite Child Hunting Parties" is likely the cause of confusion or skepticism. It's a bit sensationalized, as I think Lisa is alludin..."

Very well put James, and I think it was needed to point out those three areas; which often but not always overlap- hence there being posts about this stuff in other related threads.

Number 1) of your list should be enough to cause outrage, let alone the others, anyway.

message 33: by Mikhayla (new)

Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Lisa wrote: "I should have looked this up before commenting a while back. ..it all sounded too crazy. http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/10/huntin..."

Thank you Lisa,
Most of these theories about the elite being involved are lies. This doesn't mean their aren't children suffering from gross ritual abuse and mind control, but making it a problem of lies told about the elite distracts from the facts. RA/MC subjects are mostly victims of generational cult involvement, in other words, middle class families.

message 34: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Mikhayla wrote: "Lisa wrote: "I should have looked this up before commenting a while back. ..it all sounded too crazy. http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/10/huntin..."

Thank you Lisa,
Most of these theories about..."

There's a fair few of the elite-connected (whatever one's interpretation of 'elite' is... a bit like 'Illuminati'...) famous being banged up here in Blighty at present, amongst oh so many more examples...

message 35: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Maybe we need another name for this thread!
Here's the latest about the U.K's VIP paedophiles and how it's been covered up. MP Tom Watson (Hurrah! There are some good guys in politics!) wants answers, as do thousands of others- not least the abuse victims themselves.

Here's an article from Acclaimed News in full. Please read. Thank you.

The MI5 dossier that could obliterate the establishment paedophile network.

There can be little doubt that there have been serious cover-ups over VIP child sex abuse over the years. Now the Government should be allowed complete access to all of MI5’s secret files which will reveal the names of those responsible, says MP Tom Watson, who, three years ago, was the first to raise these allegations in the House of Commons.

He believes that in the course of the investigations, the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in order for evidence to be gathered effectively.

Mr Watson said:

“The MI5 files are key to understanding who knew what and when.

“They might also reveal how reported crimes were not adequately investigated and on whose orders.”

The inquiry into VIP paedophiles has run into constant problems since its inception last year. A major difficulty has been in finding someone to lead the inquiry, as the first candidate chosen, Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, was found to have links to the establishment and was removed from her position after only 6 days. Her replacement, Fiona Woolf only stayed in the job for a month before stepping down.

In February 2015, a new leader of the inquiry was appointed with no links to the UK establishment. Dame Lowell Goddard, a 66 year old judge from New Zealand, took up the role of Chairman and prepared to lead the investigations. She has, however, declared that all State departments will be required to comply with orders to release files to the inquiry.

Although the evidence gathering process has been very lengthy, it appears that the inquiry itself may now be ready to start, with a first year budget of £17.9 million.

Speaking to the Mirror newspaper, Mr Watson said:

“Police ­investigations into the serial sex abuse of Liberal MP Cyril Smith were closed down by Special Branch in the 1970s, allowing him to ­terrorise children across four more decades.

“There are serious claims of an Establishment cover-up of allegations of paedophile abuse involving the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s.

“It’s also now well-documented how police failed to prosecute senior British diplomat and MI6 operative Sir Peter Hayman in 1978 despite having a ­sickening stash of paedophile literature and sexual fantasy diaries.”

The inquiry itself is likely to drag on until at least 2020, as the process involves up to 30 witness hearings, all of which will take around 6 weeks, prolonging the investigation for over 3 years. By the time the report is produced, it is likely that David Cameron will no longer be residing in Number 10.


message 36: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments David Icke says on his website today: "At last! 17 years on! I named (British) Prime Minister Ted Heath in (Icke's book) The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World as a paedophile, Satanist and serial child killer. Today, 17 years later, it has been announced that his case is being investigated by police. Icke is mad, right?"

Yep, Mr. Icke, what was once a crazy conspiracy theory is becoming more factual by the minute.
Here's the story from today's Channel 4 news:


message 37: by James, Group Founder (new)

James Morcan | 7748 comments There are some examples and statistics of child trafficking in this filmed interview with Tammi Stefano (Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition) and also the implication that some children could be being used as child sex slaves -- https://www.goodreads.com/videos/8817...

message 38: by The (new)

Gatekeeper The | 11 comments It will be interesting to see how many more of Mr. Icke's "crazy theories" are proven true in the days ahead. The stone that has been entombing mankind in the Matrix is only just beginning to be rolled away.

message 39: by James, Group Founder (new)

James Morcan | 7748 comments The wrote: "It will be interesting to see how many more of Mr. Icke's "crazy theories" are proven true in the days ahead. The stone that has been entombing mankind in the Matrix is only just beginning to be rolled away...."

Agreed on all counts.

message 40: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments For anyone outside of the U.K- the Ted Heath allegations is now the top news here (BBC etc.). Though... no mention whatsoever that these claims were made nearly twenty years ago!

Things are only 'crazy conspiracies' until they become reported facts.

It's about time that Queen Elizabeth's involvement with paedophile Jimmy Saville came out in the mainstream press!

message 41: by Harry (new)

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Facebook bans David Icke posting a picture of Ted Heath and paedophile Jimmy Saville.

On Icke's website today:

"With the most crass and outrageous timing and censorship, Facebook has chosen the very week when David Icke has been proved right about Prime Minister Ted Heath to ban him for posting what reflects the truth about Heath and his relationship with Saville.
David was the only person who publicly named Prime Minister Ted Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and child killer while he was still alive and has done so constantly since.
Indeed this very picture and words have been posted in the past on Facebook long before the Heath story broke in the mainstream media this week and it was not removed.
Now, as what David said 17 years ago about Heath in The Biggest Secret comes to wide public attention, Facebook has removed the picture and blocked him from posting anything for three days.
Facebook you are a disgrace and this will rightly reflect on your growing reputation for censorship and invasion of privacy as well as unbelievably bad judgement in the light of this week’s revelations."


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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Hm, that's funny... Icke's website was down for some time today. Nothing to do with him posting these two new articles about the latest developments with Ted Heath. The 'well known old story' in conspiracy/alternative media circles was that Ted Heath would rape and kill boys out on his yacht, so it's good to see a little of that specific story coming out at the moment.

From today's Mail (why always the fucking Daily Mail reporting this?)

"Mother claims she had told police a child vanished after going on Sir Edward Heath's yacht but officers were warned not to investigate by 'someone above'

Mother claims 11 boys boarded yacht Morning Cloud but only 10 returned
Linda Corby claims she went to police who were told not to investigate it
She said: 'Perhaps he was dropped off somewhere. But it was suspicious'
Jersey among at least seven forces now investigating alleged Heath abuse."


Also this story:

"Jimmy Savile's nephew claims his friend was abused at 14 by Ted Heath as picture emerges of the ex prime minister with known paedophile dubbed 'King Cornet'

Savile's nephew Guy Marsden says friend was abused by Heath at a party
New picture emerges of Heath meeting paedophile mayor of Scarborough
Peter Jaconelli known as 'King Cornet' and made a fortune from ice cream
North Yorkshire Police checking links between Heath, Savile and Jaconelli
Force is sixth looking into ex-PM, but they have received no complaints."


Just to reiterate- David Icke first exposed this seventeen years ago. But he's crazy. Right?

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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments I know it's been mentioned before in this group, but it really is time to stop using such out of date terms as 'conspiracy theories'. Simultaneously people who laugh at so-called conspiracy theorists simply don't know their arse from their elbow and are just jumping on board the bandwagon of what's fashionable to laugh at. There. I've said it.

I mean, exactly what conspiracy theories (of any import) HAVEN'T had some truth to them?

The Bilderbergers were once a secret society. Then we got to hear of them, so they left the strands of conspiracy theories and became simple fact.

The All Seing Eye pyramid and NWO words on a dollar bill used to be confined to conspiracy theorists. Now we all know it's there- and, with the use of movie propaganda, we now align it with the realms of fiction.

There used to be stories that hooded and robed politicians and celebrities gathered in the woods at Bohemian Grove. Now we know that they do, it's not a conspiracy any more. We just believe other excuses that are given.

Area 51...

Nazi mind control...

CIA mind control...

O.K, O.K, I'll stop with the rant- but the reason I bring it up is because of this article in The Express yesterday by journalist Nick Ferrari, re; the allegations concerning our ex-prime minister Ted Heath.

He wrote: "AN EVIL paedophile ring involved in rape, murder and bribery with tentacles reaching into the very heart of the Government and ensnaring everyone from a prime minister to a known Russian spy, as well as judges, senior Army officers and even pop stars and TV presenters, with the compliance of a corrupt police force that chose to look the other way or chase down the accusers.

You’d be excused for thinking you were reading the blurb on the back of a book you might pick up at the airport on your way to your summer holiday.

Sadly, it’s actually a description of what may have taken place in this country for much of the past 40 or 50 years.

The allegations surrounding former PM Ted Heath have added a new dimension to a story that was already disturbing enough.

What has allowed it to gain a possibly unjustified smack of reality is the slowness and bungling that has accompanied just about everything “the establishment” has done to meet the growing concern that something sinister and just as disturbing has been going on for decades with the connivance of those who are able and paid to put an end to it."


I mean, that could have been written by the likes of David Icke. Oh, wait a minute... he was the first one to expose it! Duh!

And yet there's still no commentary on this story from this group. U.S members- you do realise this is the equivalent of finding out George Bush was a paedophile and that Alex Jones first mentioned it years before... right?

When exactly will enough be enough for people to open up their eyes, get off their arse and start the peaceful revolution? What exactly will it take?

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Gatekeeper The | 11 comments The chances are that "what it will take" will be something so extreme that it will by then be too late or difficult for the masses to do anything. All of these "conspiracies" taking place at governmental levels in the terrestrial realm are merely symptoms of something with a much higher agenda from realms beyond the terrestrial. As of now, man is too collectively complacent and stubborn in his slumber to:

A. Accept and confront the reality of a Matrix-imprisonment
B. Figure out what needs to be done to be unshackled from it

This is something that will require a "critical mass" of individual awakenings within humanity.Whether or not this changes in the days ahead remains to be seen, but as of now, it does not look promising.

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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments The wrote: "The chances are that "what it will take" will be something so extreme that it will by then be too late or difficult for the masses to do anything. All of these "conspiracies" taking place at govern..."

I tend to agree with regards to being matrix imprisoned and that things run a lot deeper down the rabbit hole than the world before us, but the awakening IS happening! Make no mistake! :)

The future (eventually) does look promising.

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Gatekeeper The | 11 comments Well, let us hope your optimism is rewarded!

In order to truly bring about the transformative unveiling, organized religion must be destroyed via a mass-exodus. Without getting too "preachy," religion is foremost among the devices being used for man's own collective self-enslavement (entombment).

The archetypal image of the crucified Christ that Christians mistakenly worship is actually an ironic ("openly hidden")representation of all of humanity itself - all "sons of God" - who have been crucified to and entombed from recognizing our own divine essence by parasitic forces that blind us to our true nature. These forces are the "archons" spoken of by the ancient Gnostics (and others such as David Icke) who are manipulating the global system and running the "farm."

The historical "resurrection" of Christ represents the necessary mass-awakening that must be experienced within humanity in order to bring an end to our entombment, attain immortality, and ascend to our rightful places as cosmic creators and masters of our own realities.

That was a bit long-winded but is merely an extremely encapsulated analysis of our situation.

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Richard Perrot | 6 comments I think generally people in Britain are just so disillusioned with politics and the governing elite they haven't got the energy to protest any more. Claire Short was on the radio recently suggesting John Smith was purposely eliminated to make way for Blair; is anyone surprised by that? The few pockets of resistance like CND, Greenham Common etc. got subsumed into the 'Alternative Community', which I personally experienced in Glastonbury as an example, where everyone thought they were making a difference in the world but in actual fact were completely ineffectual. Everyone in the 1970s knew there was something 'wrong' about Heath and Savile, but just as with Cyril Smith's predilection for young boys it was impossible to address due to their protection by the country's extremely powerful security services. So they got away with it. I'm even dubious about how this is all 'coming out' just now, particularly with the smug David Cameron presenting himself as some executor of the truth; I don't trust him for a moment. He's covering tracks.

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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments The wrote: "Well, let us hope your optimism is rewarded!

In order to truly bring about the transformative unveiling, organized religion must be destroyed via a mass-exodus. Without getting too "preachy," rel..."

Good to hear your thoughts. I'm kinda with you in essence but possibly disagree over specifics. As much as I'd personally like to see the collapse of dogmatic religion, I don't think it has to necessarily be destroyed- only understood on a deeper level. And religion's just one amongst many of the institutional tools the elite use to segregate us.
I think seeing countries as things that aren't confined to pieces of land would help and all. But that's just me.

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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Richard wrote: "I think generally people in Britain are just so disillusioned with politics and the governing elite they haven't got the energy to protest any more. Claire Short was on the radio recently suggestin..."

You write a lot of sense Richard. As much as I have hope for 'the better world', you're absolutely right about the U.K not protesting as it once did (not helped by the restrictions that have been put in place over recent years). And people do seem to be becoming more unconcerned about stuff. But I have hope... damn it, ya gotta have hope!

VERY interesting that Clare Short said that about Smith/Blair recently. I didn't know that- but, yeah, you're probably right that no one bats an eyelid. Again- when these things were confined to 'conspiracy circles', surely we all knew John Smith's death was no accident.

Yes, I'm dubious too about the media's handling of the elite paedophile group- but at least it is getting out into the mainstream and I do wonder how much more of a reaction may be had by the public when names like Cliff Richard and the Queen make it into the mainstream news re; this topic.

It is very 'strange' that it only ever seems to be the Daily Mail reporting on the story. And of course usual tactics are used: arrest a few scapegoats whilst the bigger fish go free- and as long as we can confine the story to things that happened so long ago, where most of the perpetrators are now dead, the less we can care about it and the more we will ignore the present day abuse that's happening.

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Richard Perrot | 6 comments Good points, Harry. As you say, at least it is getting out there in the mainstream.

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