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message 1: by Fanna (last edited Sep 24, 2022 12:32PM) (new)

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 90 comments
↦ service page:
↦ current status: accepting orders.

Hey! I'm Fanna, a book blogger and writer who loves reading so much and often so critically that I decided to help authors see their work from a reader's perspective and help them receive comprehensive feedback to better their work in terms of readership as well as technical execution.

📝 What to expect from this service:

✔ detailed, in-depth analysis of plot, characters, pacing, narration, world-building and story line.

✔ specific solutions and creative input will be provided without changing the author’s vision or voice.

✔ all feedback will be delivered constructively and would, in no way, be intended to belittle you or your writing.

📚 Genres I'm willing to beta read:

very interested: fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, romance, mystery, thriller and contemporary
slightly interested: historical fiction, graphic novel, comic script, poetry, memoir, self-help, paranormal and horror.
not interested: other non-fiction, hard erotica without plot, solely religious or spiritual.

➵ I read all demographic: children's fiction, middle-grade, young adult, and adult fiction.

💸 Cost for each type of feedback

in-line comments: 1.0 USD/1K words perfect for for those who want a very reader-driven feedback that entails appreciative as well as constructive comments within the manuscript itself.

overall, general feedback: 1.5 USD/1K words perfect for those who would like a broad feedback on their work; allows you to make decisions on whether the manuscript should be continued or not, what you can focus on in the next stages of drafting, and other early conclusions.

answers to specific questions: 1.7 USD/1K words perfect for those who are worrying about certain aspects of their work; it allows you to guide the beta-reader’s eyes yourself.

chapter-by-chapter feedback: 2.0 USD/1K words perfect for those who are in further stages of developing the story or are positive about their early drafts and want a more cohesive feedback for the next draft; it’ll allow you to get more specific solutions and a feedback that spots the difficult-to-point-out mistakes.

➵ you can opt for more than one type of feedback at the same time and get a 10% discount on the final cost.
➵ if you're on a strict budget, I'm open to negotiations.

↳ payments

✔ currently, transactions are being accepted only through paypal and an invoice can be provided.

✔ you can choose to pay the entire amount before service commences or pay half the amount beforehand and the rest when half the feedback is sent—following which the complete feedback will be immediately sent.

📌 book this service now!

Just fill out this form: and wait for my reply with the quotes and confirmation. If you wish to discuss the rates or any other specifics, you can email me first: but please make sure to add ‘beta reading’ in the subject of your e-mail so it doesn’t go unnoticed.

➵ the form isn't working? simple send me an email, or a message on here, or reply below with the following details:
> genre + demographic
> exact word count
> type of feedback you're opting for
> deadline (if any)

📣 looking forward to working with you!

message 2: by E.L. (new)

E.L. Waring | 153 comments Your pricing is on the higher end. Do you have some client's comments that you have worked with that we might see?

message 3: by Fanna (new)

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 90 comments E.L. wrote: "Your pricing is on the higher end. Do you have some client's comments that you have worked with that we might see?"

Absolutely! Feel free to scroll through these testimonials on my website, thank you.

message 4: by Airic (new)

Airic Fenn | 7 comments I requested Fanna to provide chapter by chapter feedback for my portal fantasy after being impressed with the the feedback she gave me on the first 5k words of the manuscript, and she did not disappoint. Again, she was thorough, and her suggestions were kind in delivery.

What exceeded my expectations was how well she was able to pinpoint all of the small details in the story (bits of humor, connecting details, tropes, etc.), could tell exactly what I was trying to achieve with each one, and told me whether or not those attempts landed. She is clearly well versed in not only literature, but also other readers' expectations.

Fanna is truly a BRILLIANT beta reader and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bible | 32 comments I felt thrilled with Fanna’s feedback! She pointed out a lot of positives while offering very helpful suggestions that I know will help
Me to improve my manuscript!

I’m excited about her insights and ideas to help strengthen, “Laviro and the Fate of the Universe.”

Fanna was always kind and respectful, and I felt very comfortable with the way she engaged me.

(Bad betas are very traumatic and having Fanna’s finesse to point out things that were’t positive felt exhilarating!”

She had an amazing way with words! ❤️

It’s hard facing any kind of criticism, but Fanna tackled it in a very supportive and enlightening way!

I highly recommend!!

Thanks Fanny, you are awesome!! ❤️❤️❤️

message 6: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Banerjee (kelseybanerjee) | 1 comments Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5 Stars)
Service: General beta reating
Pricing: Extremely reasonable
Feedback: Detailed, 3-pages
Timeline: Reasonable
Professionalism: Excellent

I requested Fanna to beta read a short story of about 6-7k words, I think. It was a light fantasy historical romance set in Byzantine Anatolia, with shifters and a dash of mythology.

To be honest, I was a bit anxious about the story. It's been a long time since I committed to something not poetry or flash fiction. Furthermore, I hadn't touched romance in over a decade. And historical settings were basically a new venture for me.

So I really needed proper feedback, especially when I felt something was off about the story, but I wasn't sure where to expand it.

When I hired Fanna as a beta reader, I wanted a clean-slate read. I didn't want to have her focus on one particular aspect. I just wanted to know how much of the story I conveyed properly and if there were any gaps.

And I was thrilled with the results. In Fanna's 3-page plot breakdown, she lists specific instances within the narrative with their page numbers as well as lists understood themes. This is extremely helpful if you want to know if the plot was clear and easy to read.

Furthermore, she noted any foreshadowing that echoed the plot point early on, which was unexpected but fantastic. Because you never want major plot turning points to feel completely out of the blue - I believe a narrative should always build up that atmosphere or expectation, even if the reader can't exactly place when or how a shift will occur.

She also mentioned gaps or areas that could be fleshed out, and areas that took her out of the narrative. Which is really just what I needed.

tl;dr: Fanna is an extremely thorough and well worth investing in. She is extremely professional in her tone in giving constructive criticism and is easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to seriously improve their craft.

I'll definitely be hiring her again in the near future, not just for short stories, but also novels as well.

message 7: by Susan (new)

Susan Reinhardt | 21 comments As an author who has had books traditionally published and hired beta readers before, I was super impressed with Fanna's beta report. She was thorough, kind, and what she pointed out in her detailed report was spot-on. I highly recommend Fanna's services.

message 8: by Alfamail (new)

Alfamail | 1 comments Hi: I got a 7-stars beta-reading input from Fanna Sharma. She had very good insights, and I wrote 2,000 words extra, using her pointers. My work became much better. She truly helped me, and I can only recommend her.

message 9: by Farid (new)

Farid Mostamand | 21 comments Would you please let me know if you can beta read my Novel? Some info on my book


An Afghan girl struggles to get an education and fulfill the promise she made to her mom.
1-To take her blind brother for Surgery in India
2-To establish a women clinic in her village

Email: Mostamand5@GMAIL.COM

Short Sample

The universe is not outside of you
Zynab graduated sixth grade today, but the fear of being unable to continue her education in the city consumed her thoughts, and she had no desire to celebrate. A tide of emotion rushed through her, and she knew she could not earn enough money to take Jamal to India to fulfill the promise she made to her mom.
She walked home with her best friend and Cousin Fatima, passing the same bridge, climbing the same hills, and walking on the same dirt road to their mud farmhouse. Many days on the way home, they stopped by the river, splashed in the water, talked, and laughed. They finished their homework under a sizeable willow tree by the riverbank on hot summer days before going home. But not today; walking home felt different. There was no laugh or girlish talk.

message 10: by Fanna (new)

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 90 comments Farid wrote: "Would you please let me know if you can beta read my Novel?"

Sure, Farid. I now have some time to reopen this service and can reserve a beta reading spot for your novel. For when you're ready, please fill out this form: and we'll take it forward. Let me know if you have any query!

message 11: by Nick (new)

Nick | 1 comments Fanna has the ability to point out the strengths and weaknesses clearly and with kindness. Her easy manner made it easy to accept critiques and she often pointed in the right direction in regards to fixing the mistakes. Her love for reading is clear and she wields that like a fine-toothed comb, reaching to the core of what makes a story worth reading. I would strongly recommend using Fanna for any beta reading services needed. She conveys a genuine desire to help you improve your manuscript, and her personal touches and kind words encourage you to continue to write the stories you need to tell.

message 12: by Cyril (new)

Cyril Acosta | 10 comments I hired Fanna to Beta Read my 98k word MS, and she pointed out areas of improvement on my work while also providing its strength. She provided detailed overall feedback, which I truly appreciate—looking forward to working with her again.

message 13: by Gosia (new)

Gosia Nealon | 1 comments This is an excellent beta reading service. Feedback is very constructive and inspiring. I will be definitely returning back for more service.

message 14: by S.M. (new)

S.M. Moran (smmoran) | 16 comments Fanna delivered her work quickly and effectively. I was very impressed with her analysis of my chapter. She gave me valuable feedback on the characters as well as the narrative in ways that I know I will refer back to on revision. I highly recommend her services as a beta reader.

message 15: by Vinnie (new)

Vinnie Grewal (virinder01) | 3 comments Fanna provided very helpful and heart-warming feedback for my novel manuscript. Reading her notes for every chapter was such a great learning experience as many of the nice criticisms I received were things I would not have noticed without outside help. She also immerses herself into the work as well, wondering what will happen next, commenting on character personalities, and overall putting great efforts into showing the real reader experience.

message 16: by Patricia Nicole (new)

Patricia Nicole (pagesandshades) | 1 comments Fanna was my beta reader for the YA Fantasy novel I've been working on since 2019 (it's 2022 as I write this). She exhibited great attention to detail, which helped in pointing out the confusing parts and other issues in my WIP. When pointing out the strengths of my novel she provided an explanation for each element, including what she thought of the great characters. In fact, she paid so much attention to the characters that it seemed like she knew them better than I did! This has allowed me to look at my characters with a fresher perspective.

She gave constructive criticism without trying to change the plot or the characters' backstories. Though I would gladly hear a new angle for the plot, I appreciated how Fanna wanted me to stay on course, offering suggestions on how I could improve the sequence of events to make the plot twists less info-dumpy.

So if you're looking for a beta-reader/critique that will be supportive, professional, and kind, go for Fanna! She will give comprehensive answers to your questions and offer comments and suggestions for the best of your book!

message 17: by Lea (new)

Lea Nasser (leanasser) Fanna spends her time analyzing your book from every angle, all in an effort to help you understand your story better and how you can improve it. She possesses a skill not many people have and I'm lucky to have her read my book.

message 18: by A (new)

A | 3 comments Fanna has a great eye for critique. She answered several questions that will undoubtedly help me craft a better story and she's also great at pointing out what works in your novel. So if you like to have a critique sandwich focusing on what works and what doesn't I'd highly recommend Fanna. She is thoughtful and certainly knows what she's doing and helps you understand your story better from a reader's perspective. If your looking for a beta reader who pays attention to detail and cares about your work I'd recommend you book a spot with Fanna!

message 19: by Roger (new)

Roger | 3 comments Hi Fanna. Can you please let me know where you are with the beta read. Thank you.

message 20: by Roger (new)

Roger | 3 comments Hi Fanna. Replied to your email. Have you checked junk folder?

message 21: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 6 comments Fanna was an absolute pleasure to work with. I chose to ask specific questions and she gave thoughtful answers that included genuine criticism to enhance my story and make necessary changes. Her critique was helpful but not too harsh either. Her advice is strong. Would work with her again!

message 22: by Mira (new)

Mira | 1 comments Fanna's beta reading service is great! She provides in-depth commentary on the story and points out character inconsistencies or confusions. Her service is super detailed, and she has a great perspective on the nuances of building a secondary world or character motivations. Besides providing helpful critique Fanna also provides feedback on everything you've done excellent, which is greatly appreciated as a writer and gives a confidence to take the story forward.

message 23: by Ashwini (new)

Ashwini Bhat | 25 comments Fanna wrote: " ↦ service page:
↦ current status: accepting orders.

Hey! I'm Fanna, a book blogger and writer who loves reading so much and often so critically that I decided to he..."

Hi Fanna
I would love some constructive feedback for my first manuscript - Guilty of Love. I just filled out request form. Please let me know Thanks.

message 24: by Ashwini (new)

Ashwini Bhat | 25 comments Fanna wrote: "Hi, Ashwini! I've just sent you a confirmation email. Looking forward to reading Guilty of Love."

Hi Fanna,
I have not yet received your feedback! as per the original invoice, the expected date was Feb 6th and it is way past that. not sure if I missed it. I emailed you also. please can you update me the status of the review.

message 25: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Hoylen Walters | 6 comments Please beware of this Beta reader. She agreed to beta read a book on Aug 9th 2022 with a delivery date of August 31. We paid 50% upfront and was very excited to get her feedback. 3 weeks after the deadline I requested an update which she gave me that something had come up in her life, but for the next few months each time I asked about the read I received another issue with promises of delivering a partial with the remainder shortly after. This went on for months. She did ask in November if I would prefer she return my money but her Paypal account was not working and it would be a month before I could receive funds. This went on until February (6 months after the contract) that I told her can only conclude I had been scammed. I never heard from her again and never saw my down payment returned. Beware, she was always extremely apologetic throughout the ordeal and I wanted to believe all the reasons she gave me as to why she had not completed the assignment. This was my first time using a Beta reader and unfortunately a terrible experience.

I have since learned I am not the only one who has been scammed by Fanna.

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