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Folk Horror Group Read: Thomas Brown’s Lynnwood

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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 8 comments Mod
As a sort of experiment for the group we’ve decided to try to do a casual online book group of sorts. Our first selection is Thomas Brown’s Lynnwood. Adam Nevill calls the book, “A quintessentially British folk horror chiller, with an escalating power of dread that is rendered deftly.”

Some of us will start reading right away and will begin posting comments once we’ve finished. Please feel free to join the conversation at any time, though. The beauty of online forums like this one is that these conversations never expire.

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Benson | 2 comments Just out of interest, what are the rules (if any) about posting spoilers? People read at different speeds and I personally would hate to post something that spoiled a major plot point for someone else ...

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 8 comments Mod
Hmmm...very good point. How about we head each response with SPOILER ALERT or something similar if there's a risk?

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela (bachini) | 7 comments Hello, Angela here. I've got to finish reading The Life and Loves of a She Devil and will then start this one!
You can hide spoilers in reviews but don't think you can in comments... so good idea to let people know.

message 5: by Sarah (last edited Feb 02, 2015 07:05AM) (new)

Sarah Benson | 2 comments Hey Ma :)
I think any posts with spoilers are definitely going to have to be marked up. People can then read on at their own peril! Maybe have headings like 'suitable for everyone' or 'spoiler for chapter 4' for example? At least that will give people half a chance of knowing what the spoiler might be about - if that makes sense?

message 6: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 8 comments Mod
Indeed. Good idea. I think some time this week I'll add this to the "rules" of the group as well.

message 7: by Ellie (new)

Ellie May (jarmanmay) | 4 comments Is is still ongoing? I would like to read the book and join the discussion if others are willing.

If not, could we start on another book?

message 8: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 8 comments Mod
This topic is indeed still open. I recently finished Lynnwood and just need to write up my little piece on it here soon. I know there were a couple of others on the Folk Horror Revival group who said they were reading it as well.

message 9: by James (new)

James Downs | 1 comments I finished the book last weekend and look forward to joining in the discussion

message 10: by Ellie (new)

Ellie May (jarmanmay) | 4 comments I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of this yet. Checked my local bookstores, may have to venture online.

message 11: by Ellie (new)

Ellie May (jarmanmay) | 4 comments Well, I did get my hands on a copy and it made it onto my TBR stack. I read it about a month ago and I was bitterly disappointed.

It read like an A-level student piece. The story was original but executed poorly. I didn't connect with the characters at all. There were moments that were genuinely scary but I found them too few and far between. And the language used was often repetitive , lacking imagination and OTT.

I was really looking forward to this book. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's definitely folk horror but not particularly good.

Sorry if that's too harsh a criticism. But I felt the book did not live up to the expectations set for it by other reviewers and readers.

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