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message 1: by A (new)

A (amhudspeth) | 1 comments The story is erotic in nature, about 21 chapters long, and 46k words. Genre: romance, erotica, and crime.

I'm needing to make sure I don't have plot holes, that my character are well developed, and that I don't get winded and tell too much of a back story. Plus, I need to make sure I'm showing and not telling all the dang time. Any other general opinions or feedback would be super!

I published the story one time before but made grave errors in doing so. The book is waiting patiently for someone with time to look over, and give me some insight.

Here is a synopsis:
Skylar Brewer moves to a new town to attend college and to become a teacher. Struggling to make ends meet, she finds a job at Sensual, a gentlemen's club, as a stripper. Working at the club isn’t part of her plans, but it pays the bills and she isn’t giving up on her dreams.
The summer after she graduates from college, she meets James Meyers, whose touch and voice intrigues her. They become friends and eventually start a casual dating relationship. When she finally gets a teaching job at the local high school, she plans on quitting the club to not jeopardize her career. But before that, she must make it through her first day of class.
When her students arrive, she stands to take attendance, not paying attention as they enter her classroom. When her eyes land on James sitting in the back after calling a different name, she realizes that her promising career is in more danger than before. Angry because of his betrayal and worried about her career, Skylar decides to keep her distance from James.
Danger is lurking around the corner for Skylar, and it’s not James who is the biggest problem. A regular at the club has plans to submit her into doing what he wants.
Will the pair make it to graduation? Or will Skylar lose everything before they get there?

message 2: by T.S. (new)

T.S. O'Neil (tsoneil) | 177 comments Sure, sign me up. Just hope you have tough skin. timoneil (at) brighthouse and the dot com. PDF or Mobi

message 3: by Rafael (new)

Rafael (rafaelnyc) | 115 comments Hi AM !!

While I certainly encourage you to pursue the course you are on, based on what you already suspect might be problem areas, it could be time to enlist the aid of a professional editor.

I understand they can be rather expensive luxuries but Emma Jaye, this forum's head moderator, can provide you a very professional critique at what I consider to be an exceedingly fair and reasonable price.

The only catch is her busy schedule which might preclude her taking on the project. Pop over to the link below, read the positive feedback other authors who have used her provided, and give it a serious thought.

Otherwise, best of luck to you.


message 4: by Tamsin (new)

Tamsin O'Shea (tamsinoshea) | 3 comments Id be happy to read your book and let you know my honest opinion.

tamosh42 at yahoo dot com dot au can read any format you like. I also have a bad habit of finding errors etc so if there are any i will let you know privately of the whats and wheres.

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