Bloodline Bloodline question

how do you think this book should have ended?
Shreyanth Shreyanth Feb 02, 2015 12:58AM
this book ended so abruptly!

yeah this book does end all of a sudden .Many of the hings are not made clear.
I din't get the reason of including the Sunff films thing in the book it wan's needed

The story was beautifull explaining the difficulties of a young woman who was suddenly made the heiress to a fortune so big, yet i feel the ending was not as powerfull as the book started out to be,

It ended perfectly. Abrupt endings are very Sheldon-esque. Like in If Tomorrow Comes when (view spoiler) I turned that page a million times not believing I had been left there. But such endings are Sidney's thing.

Multiple plot holes in the novel expected sheldon to write a more thrilling book
-You simply cant trust anyone who says there're a cop when people are trying to kill you, MUCH LESS accept a drink from them
-Looking at records at a computer doesnt show cash based transactions, max assumed the computers have all the anwers yet they have usually have less than 1% of ones life
-Elizabeth is so lost

This book tried to tell multiple stories on the same novel, so it's no wonder some of us would find the lenght inappropriate.

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