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Here we are

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Corvus | 13817 comments Thank you very much! Any ideas?

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I have a fairly quick one. Just to see how well we can rp lol.

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Corvus | 13817 comments Okay haha, what is the plot for it?

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I don't want to reveal anything lol. But I promise, it isn't long at all

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Corvus | 13817 comments Okay so I assume we are just jumping into it then? Am I male or female and what is my age?

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If you don't care, I'd like you to play a mother and I'll be the son. You probably mid to late twenties and I'll be like 7 or 8

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Corvus | 13817 comments Hmm, okay. I can make that work! Can i have a tiny bit of the plot just to get my own ideas?

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Basically a wrong place wrong time type of thing, but I want an honest reaction

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Corvus | 13817 comments Okay, will do! Just jump right in then?

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((I'll start just so you know where to go))

Jake was walking down the sidewalk with his mother. One hand was holding hers and the other was holding his ice cream. He smiled up at her as he continued to walk

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Corvus | 13817 comments Marissa smiled down at him, "Enjoying your ice cream, bud?" She asked in her usual soft, silky voice." Her fingers were intertwined with his and in her other hand was a single scoop cone of strawberry ice cream.

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"It's really yummy" he told her with a small laugh. His head turned as he heard sirens in the distance. And by the way it sounded, it started to get louder, which meant that it was getting closer

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Corvus | 13817 comments She turned her head to look for the origin of the sirens right as an ambulance rounded the corner. It was soon followed by a police car. She tugged Jake to the far side of the sidewalk and watched as they passed by. "I wonder where they could be headed?" She murmured. "I hope nothing too bad happened."

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He turned his head again as he heard a different set of sirens. He jumped when he heard a car smash into another. Two guys with masks got out and tried to run, but the police were too quick. The guys pulled out guns and began firing at the cops. Soon it was an all out gunfight. All Jake could do was watch in utter horror

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Corvus | 13817 comments Marissa's eyes widened as she heard the bullets begin to unload into the air. "Oh shit..." She whispered. In that moment she was completely frozen in place. She heard a shout from one of the cops as a piece of led tagged his shoulder and she snapped from her daze. "Jake!" She shouted, her ears wringing. "Come on honey!" She told him. "Lets go." Her grip tightened on his hand as she began to drag him away from the scene.

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Jake was crying and could barely keep up with his mother. Soon he ended up tripping, falling onto the ground. He then began holding his stomach as blood began to soak through his shirt. A bullet ricochet and hit hit in the cross fire

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Corvus | 13817 comments She turned and saw her baby on the ground, "Jake, honey!" She screamed as she saw the blood dripping from behind his hands. She sprinted over, dropping her cone in the process and picked him up, "Oh baby boy..." She whispered. "Come on. Hospital time okay?" She whispered. Marissa wrapped Jake up in her arms and started running down the sidewalk, trying not to bump him around. "No baby... Come on..." She whispered. Tears streamed past her cheeks as wind whipped at her face.

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Every couple of seconds he would whimper and moan from the pain. His eyes were flooded with tears, but his grip on her was now starting to loosen.

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Corvus | 13817 comments "Honey, want to talk about something, hm?" She asked him as she ran, gasping for breath. "Lets talk about your birthday next week okay?" She suggested. "I got you so many presents! You're going to absolutely love it!" As Marissa rounded a corner and finally laid eyes on the hospital she began running even faster. "Lets just get you in bed with some more ice cream okay?"

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He didn't say a word. His eyes were staring up into hers. His tears have stopped, but as did his breathing. He died in her arms

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Corvus | 13817 comments She stopped in her tracks as his body went limp. "Hey, baby." She whispered. "You can't just go falling asleep on me like that..." Marissa looked up at the hospital and started walking forward again. "Baby..." She said through half breathed sobs and a shroud of tears.

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His eyes was still glued to hers, but there was clearly no more life in his

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Corvus | 13817 comments She looked into his eyes one last time, letting her tears drip onto his cheek. "I'm so sorry baby..." She whispered. Her fingers ran down his face and closed the lids of his eyes. "All I can do now is wonder where you are..."

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((Nice job. What did you think?))

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Corvus | 13817 comments ((That was very interesting! I liked it!))

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((It's a reminder to cherish your loved ones, because they could be gone in a blink of an eye))

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Corvus | 13817 comments ((Ah, I like it!))

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((Anyways, that's basically all I have lol)0

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Corvus | 13817 comments ((Okay, haha. So what to do now?))

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((I might have an idea for a longer one. If you don't mind being a girl again))

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Corvus | 13817 comments ((Im fine with being a girl haha, whats the idea?))

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Well 2 different ones

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Corvus | 13817 comments Okay, what are they?

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1: A couple. Been together since high school. Were childhood friends. Now they are living together and are very happy. But after an accident at my charrie's job, he goes and receives some tests. It was far worse than he realized. Cancer... Now two years after being diagnosed, things are starting to look up until one night he sadly passes away. Four years later and the girl is marrying another guy, but she looks out and see's an all too familiar face in the audience.

2: Two friends that have been friends since they were born. They do everything together. But after saving her life in a school fire, he pays dearly. He can now no longer talk and has some pretty bad scars on his body.

I personally like the second one better, but that's just my opinion

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Whatcha think

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Corvus | 13817 comments Hmmm... I usually go for more fantasy routes with my rps... I like the cancer one actually.

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Corvus | 13817 comments So that one then?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Could you post first then?

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