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message 1: by Raegan (new)

Raegan  | 1297 comments

You got: Melissa McCarthy
You are proud, loud, and not afraid to back out. You write your own rules, not waiting for Oprah to tell you what you need to do. lol nope

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Lee (hlbookworm) You got: Sarah Silverman
You’re sort of magical and sometimes make people crazy. When they hear one witty comment, they always gather around to hear what else you have to say.

message 3: by Noha (new)

Noha Ma'moun | 16 comments You got: Mindy Kaling
You’re super fun to be around, but you sometimes worry that your confidence will get the best of you. Nonetheless, you’re still great!

nightwing_shawshank | 34 comments You got: Kristen Wiig

You’re funny, independent, and sometimes even flashy.

message 5: by ****Kelly***** (new)

****Kelly***** | 116 comments YYYAAYYY!!!!!
You got: Tina Fey
You’re classy and smart. You don’t mind making fun of yourself, and people always go to you for advice.

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