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Jesse (JesseTheReader) (jessethereader) | 210 comments Mod
How are you guys feeling about this book? Do you like the writing? Who is your favorite character? Any predictions as to where this book might go? Let us know!

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Katrín Rós (katrinrosf) | 11 comments This is so goooooood. I can't even. How have I not read this already?????

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (happy9398) | 13 comments I'm loving it so far! Can't stop reading:)

message 4: by Lady (new)

Lady Nouf (ladynouf) | 5 comments St right from the clouds to you that hygienic

message 5: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm | 31 comments I can't put this book down! Although it's a bit slow-moving at times, I still highly enjoy it. I'm also fond of the writing style, as well as the characters. I actually have no idea how this story is going to end, but I hope we find out where the whispers and visions are coming from.

message 6: by Natelle (new)

Natelle Woodworth (tall_telle_tells_tales) | 10 comments Absolutely loving this book so far! I can't put it down! I really have no idea what's going to happen... I hope we get some answers soon. I really love the Major's character.

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Beti Tedeško | 3 comments I can't put it down. Can't wait to see what happends next..

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Kasie (kasiewithane) | 6 comments I'm really enjoying this book! Lilac was kind of bugging me, but the story is so engaging.

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Sayu (sayu_ness) | 6 comments I'm enjoying Lilac's character development. I am also really keen on learning what these whispers are.

message 10: by Irene (new)

Irene | 2 comments I totally agree about Lilac's character development!
When her and Tarver were on the planet for the first time, I was really frustrated with her because she was turning in to a damsel in distress, constantly needing saving. I was really happy to see her step up and become pretty awesome when Tarver was sick. It'll be fun to see her when she's back in her element now they have some electronic and mechanical stuff to work with.

message 11: by Christina (new)

Christina Danielle I love the connection between lilac and tarver but I'm really curious to what's going on with lilac. It has to be the same thing that tarver mentioned right? Just finished chapter 20 and I can't stop

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Mona (monasbooks) Just finished chapter 28 and I guess I won't get much sleep tonight. The story gets better and better.
I'm kinda frustrated right now because their relationship went so well and now it's kinda weird again..

message 13: by Hayli (new)

Hayli My mind's kind of buzzing with all of the thoughts running through my head so this review may be a little all over the place. I had the feeling this book was going to be a good read and all that jazz, but the story has turned out to be so much more vast than I originally thought.

The character development is so great and, at the moment, I'm kind of leaning toward celebrating the leaps and bounds Lilac has made in comparison to Tarver's. Not to say that Tarver was a perfect person to begin with, but he's had heaps of doses of reality to keep him grounded and make him appreciate things and weigh his thoughts a little bit better. He's a military prodigy and he's 18, so there's going to be some rough edges to smooth out as he matures. Then, there's also the issue of him being knocked out from a fever for three days and it gave us more insight into how Lilac thinks and acts on her own now that there's someone else relying on her. With pre-crash Lilac, she had her entire world handed to her, assured that her dad was coming for her, and that she could care less what happened to Tarver after they were picked up. Now she's setting camp and catching herself thinking about what would be the most useful to their survival, trying to convey to Tarver in her own flawed, sweet, awkward way that she cares about him and cares what happens to him after, and even to explain why acted the way she did and how it stemmed from fear of her father destroying him.

She's grown to accept their predicament and rather than lamenting the loss of her fortune and cushioned life - she fashions herself into a survivor. She recognizes what she's doing wrong and how her actions can effect others, especially since she can't just walk away from her sole company indefinitely. That her sole source of company actually matters to her and someone she can trust. Their progress feels very real for their age with the circumstances being what they are, to me. Lilac admitted that they need to figure out what exactly it is that's hanging between them and what they're going to do about it. So there's a setup for a responsible conversation and much more character growth.

The Whispers and flowers has my mind in overdrive trying to crack what ever it is that's going on on the abandoned planet. I'm really satisfied with the pacing and results. A little sad there's only roughly a hundred pages left, but I digress.

Also - otp: space alligators...or was it crocodiles?

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Sydney Ritter (sydkerbell) | 4 comments Just finished chapter 28 and the development between the two characters is opposite yet absolutely breath-taking. Lilac is learning to become her own person, to stop living in fear of her father and make everything right for her and Tarver is learning to become more human, not a war hero like everyone knows him as. The two complement each other very well so far. And the progression between the two is even more amazing. They are learning the trueness of one another instead of what everyone wants them to be. My favorite part is probably when Lilac is so excited to be getting new clothes that she undresses right in front of Tarver and he doesn't look and is very gentlemenly but then he gets a little curious and she shuts him right up. Or when Tarver is deathly sick and all Lilac wants to do is help him get better, aww, so cute. And even though she knows the absolutely revolting stuff going on in the ship, she will stop at nothing to keep Tarver alive. She did say,
"He's drowning. And I'll drown with him." Not out loud, but come on Tarver take a hint!
And I do have a new found love for Alec. He was in two pages but the entire time he tries to talk about Lilac, like he never even left. Like everything was normal.
And that kiss, oh that long awaited kiss. I think what I really like is that the angst of the story isn't just faked. Like, you can't see that happening to anyone else. But for this love angst, you (or at least me) can see the possibility for some truth. Tarver is genuinely afraid that when, or if, they are found Lilac will go back to her old life and he will never see her again. And he doesn't want to let her go. But Lilac doesn't understand that. Although, she wants to get Tarver back to his family no matter what, even though she doesn't think she will be able to get back into her old life. I like it, it's realistic.
AND I KNEW IT!!! I knew something with the way Lilac treated Tarver back in the first few chapters had to do something with her father and a boy she fell in love with and that's why she doesn't let anyone else fall for her (but it's too late, Tarver loves you). She pushes people away and treats men horribly and even has (had) her cousin to force her to treat Tarver with distaste. Lilac didn't want to do it in the first place. See, Lilac is definitely the type of character that if she wasn't a point-of-view characters, we'd probably hate her for the way she treated Tarver but because we can see what she thinks about Tarver and the secrets she hides, we kind of want nothing but good things for her. I want more.

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Sydney Ritter (sydkerbell) | 4 comments Update: Chapter 30 - they have sex!
Okay, go back to reading.

message 16: by Andrea (new)

Andrea G | 5 comments LOVING this so far. Going into this book I didn't have a lot of expectations for it, but it's soooo so so good! I'm loving Lilac's character development but I wish Tarver would just open up more. Aghh, can't wait to read on!!

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Bridget (goodreadscombbooks) | 2 comments I'm still really enjoying this book. I really like how much Lilac's character developes throughout the story as she becomes accustomed to not being able to have anything she wants immediately. It's a bit frustrating (in a good way) because I just want them to tell each other about their feelings! Also, it seems like Tarver is sometimes lying during the interrogation and I'm wondering why. I'm also really curious about the whispers, like what are they and are they going to be a threat? They don't seem harmful right now, but the whole situation with that is strange.

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Alex Campos | 9 comments i really enjoying this book. it's geting to the point that the story is becoming pretty intense and very exciting!! i hope tarver and lilace will be okay. i really have high hopes that tarver will be okay. Tarver is soo cool and very tough of a character.

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Leah | 6 comments I'm absolutely in love with the amount of character development going on. It makes everything feel so much more real, and it really makes a difference seeing the chapters alternate perspectives. I feel like I can completely understand both Lilac and Tarver's thoughts and emotions, and it gives it a whole other level of meaning. The writing style flows so well, despite the plot being slow-going. I can see everything happening right before my eyes -- and that doesn't just happen with every book. There are so many emotional scenes, and their relationship struggles feel very realistic now that I know more about their backstories. With the introduction of Lilac's theory regarding the whispers, it went in a very different direction than I thought it would go (I'm very curious!), and I'm finding that with so many more mysteries being introduced, I'm extremely eager to find out the truth behind them all. I can't wait to see what happens next with their relationship!

message 20: by Carissa (new)

Carissa (rissyreads) | 3 comments Still enjoying the book, the writing is okay, and Lilac is my favorite character. I really love how her character is developing.

message 21: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (GabbyHarmony) | 4 comments I don't know about y'all but I'm getting a titanic kind of vibe from These Broken Stars. The huge ship crashing when everyone thought it'd be safe. The big and girl from two totally opposite social classes falling in love when the boy save the girls life. Even Lilac has red hair like Rose did in the titanic.

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Gabby (GabbyHarmony) | 4 comments I meant boy not big.

message 23: by Elize (new)

Elize Russell (bookscookslooks) There is nothing I don't like about this book. Both the characters are rich and deep in their own right and as for the world and the plot, stunning.

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Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) Sydney wrote: "Update: Chapter 30 - they have sex!
Okay, go back to reading."

Just thought you should know, most people on this thread have only read up to chapter 28. Thanks for the spoiler haha :P

message 25: by Morgan (last edited Feb 21, 2015 03:28AM) (new)

Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) Oh man, this gets better and better. I am so intrigued by the world, the characters, the back story - just everything!
Lilac has made so much progress! She didn't annoy me at the beginning, but I have to admit she's grown some balls.
I guess when you're stranded on an alien planet you kind of have to :P

message 26: by Isa (new)

Isa  (bisskit) Chapter 28 - Completed!
I just love how Lilay has changed during their stay. She's so brave and try to do everything to help Tarver while he's sick and she just wants him to be safe. I loved Alec. He just talked about Lilac with Tarver and I just thought all the time: Yes! I totally agree.
However, it's so sweet that Tarver just don't want to see her leave him and that's why he's so distant.
The long awaited kiss was also really cute, though Tarver pushed her away. I really hope that now that she told him why she was so cruel at the Icarus and why she pushed him away I just hope he will be honest to her as well.
I'm so excited about this book and I really have no idea what's all about the whispers and visions and I can't wait to find it out

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I'm so glad I've finally started reading this book! It's honestly better than I ever expected it to be. Wow

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm so glad I've finally started reading this book! It's honestly better than I ever expected it to be. Wow

message 29: by Brie (new)

Brie (bashfulnights) | 5 comments Now I'm just interested in the integration. And the voices...

message 30: by chris (new)

chris (ganganite) | 13 comments a little slow pace but I'm enjoying it so far.

message 31: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Kinsley | 6 comments I'm so happy Lilac has finally stepped up and accepted her situation, she has become much more relatable now which helps the whole story be more interesting. Loved Alec. I'm finding the whispers a bit creapy, I'm not sure if they're trying to help or leading them into some sort of trap. I'm also finding the interrogations entertaining.

message 32: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Kinsley | 6 comments I'm so happy Lilac has finally stepped up and accepted her situation, she has become much more relatable now which helps the whole story be more interesting. Loved Alec. I'm finding the whispers a bit creapy, I'm not sure if they're trying to help or leading them into some sort of trap. I'm also finding the interrogations entertaining.

message 33: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Kinsley | 6 comments I'm so happy Lilac has finally stepped up and accepted her situation, she has become much more relatable now which helps the whole story be more interesting. Loved Alec. I'm finding the whispers a bit creapy, I'm not sure if they're trying to help or leading them into some sort of trap. I'm also finding the interrogations entertaining.

message 34: by Miss Diana (new)

Miss Diana I feel like the black sheep right now, but I'm having trouble getting into this story. The writing doesn't pull me in, and I don't feel drawn to the characters. I do think they have a great connection to each other, but as individuals they seem a bit... lacking.

I am looking forward to seeing more world building! I'm ready for more than just the mountains, trees, and plains. I can't wait to get a back story on what happened to this planet, who might possibly still be there, and what's causing the voices!

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Gabriela (hey it's gabs) (heyitsgabs) ghost haunting avalanche

bit delirious from being tired right now

its 10:30pm and im gonna read now cause i have 24 1/2 hours till the liveshow and 200 pages left

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Isa  (bisskit) Brandi wrote: "Lady wrote: "St right from the clouds to you that hygienic "

My favorite part so far.. So funny! :)"

Yeah, it was really funny :D

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Isa  (bisskit) Thebookguy wrote: "WHEN IS THE LIVESHOW AND ON WHOS CHANNEL"

It's at 7 p.m. and I think it's on Christines Channel, but I'm not sure...

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