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Jesse (JesseTheReader) (jessethereader) | 210 comments Mod
And we've come to a close! What did you think of this book? Did you love it? Did you hate it? DID IT GIVE YOU ALL THE FEELS?

Caitlin (Bend the Bookshelf) (bendthebookshelf) I read this a week ago and I cried so much and I COULDN'T HANDLE IT! I'm now on #2...

Caitlin (Bend the Bookshelf) (bendthebookshelf) #thesebrokenfeels on Twitter. Wow...

Devan | 2 comments THESE BROKEN FEELS that's literally the greatest and most accurate thing ever

Caitlin (Bend the Bookshelf) (bendthebookshelf) Amie Kaufman told me that someone had come up with that after they read the book. It is completely accurate

Devan | 2 comments Wait, she told you? Did you meet her?

Caitlin (Bend the Bookshelf) (bendthebookshelf) That's how I found out about #thesebrokenfeels :) But I sent a tweet about the book when I hadn't even finished it but was crying and she replied saying someone made the hashtag when they felt the same

OneFootInHellAlready (one-foot-in-hell-already) | 2 comments I read this book a while ago and praise it for one thing. I was in school when I read that part, you know the one, and my friend Charlotte was reading over my shoulder. Only reading a few pages she cried more than I did. That, my friends, is skill. She didn't know the history between the two main characters like I did, but felt the everything she needed to feel within those few pages.

message 9: by Moriah (new)

Moriah One of my favorite trilogies! - My review :)

Katrín Rós (katrinrosf) | 11 comments Wow, just..... wow.
It's been a while since I read a sci-fiction book and I have to say this one is one of the best sci-fi I've ever read. IT DEFINITELY GAVE ME THE FEELS. I love these characters so much, my heart aches. I cried during the part where Lilac died. I was so sad!
I don't understand why I didn't read this book a long time ago, but I'm very glad that I did now. It still doesn't quite feel like a five star book y'know? More of a 4.5 star. Or 4.75 stars.

message 11: by Nina (last edited Feb 04, 2015 09:46PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nina Penny | 1 comments OneFootInHellAlready wrote: "I read this book a while ago and praise it for one thing. I was in school when I read that part, you know the one, and my friend Charlotte was reading over my shoulder. Only reading a few pages she..."

❤️That is truly beautiful

Bookworm | 31 comments This book was so amazing, yet so sad towards the end! I loved the characters, the mystery elements, the writing style. Although the ending was satisfying, I am a bit disapppointed that the sequel isn't centered around Lilac and Tarver. Still, I can't wait to dive back into this world!

Grace | 1 comments I just finished it and it was so good! 5 star review for sure! I had to force myself to put this book down last night because it was 2 a.m. and the voices were freaking me out.

Natelle Woodworth (tall_telle_tells_tales) | 10 comments My goodness!!! So many emotions!!! I agree with everyone with #thesebrokenfeels I loved this! Beautifully written! Cant wait to read the next one.

message 15: by Beti (new) - rated it 5 stars

Beti Tedeško | 3 comments Oh my God. I can't believe it's already over. Beautifully written and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

Khadijah | 1 comments Great book, I was completely destroyed while reading the last few chapters. The writing and the character development were amazing.

Hayley | 3 comments I really enjoyed this book! The characters were intriguing, and the paranormal/si-fi aspects were exciting. THE FEELS!

message 18: by Viola (last edited Feb 15, 2015 05:45AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Viola | 6 comments Hmm, although the last chapters were kind of sad I wasn't that engaged with my feelings. But generally the book was okay, even if too heavy - in my opinion - on the emotional side and I wished for more Science in the Fiction ;)
However I'm glad the second one focuses on other characters, because this ending was great and the story feels complete.

message 19: by Aly (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aly (royaly) I haven't cried while reading a book in forever. It took me awhile to finish the last bit because I had to keep putting it down. I'm really looking forward to the next book. I like companion series. There's still so much I want to learn about this world but I'm glad the story for these characters was wrapped up by the end. Definitely #thesebrokenfeels!

message 20: by liam (new) - added it

liam (loonarmy) | 5 comments Read The Knife of Never Letting go by Patrick Ness for Feb. It's a masterpiece

message 21: by Sayu (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sayu (sayu_ness) | 6 comments Wow the last part was great. And really freaky! Gave me the feeling I got when I watched Interstellar. Haha.

The only thing that bothered me is that no one mentioned toilet breaks. Do they not need to poop in the future?

Aimee | 9 comments I literally cried in the middle of Algebra 2 while reading this. The way Traver felt when THAT scene happened (avoiding spoilers) created so many feels. I loved it!

Aimee | 9 comments I literally cried in the middle of Algebra 2 while reading this. The way Traver felt when THAT scene happened (avoiding spoilers) created so many feels. I loved it!

Aimee | 9 comments #thesebrokenstars

message 25: by Miya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Miya (miyac) | 3 comments Me finishing chapter 31: First of all, how DARE YOU???

Katie | 9 comments I really liked this book! It got really intense towards the end and I loved the authors' take on the sci-fi aspects! I'm really glad I chose this month to start the BOOKSPLOSION readalongs!

message 27: by Miya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Miya (miyac) | 3 comments Oh man, this book was such a wild ride. Can't wait for the discussion!

Katie | 9 comments Bend the Bookshelf wrote: "I read this a week ago and I cried so much and I COULDN'T HANDLE IT! I'm now on #2..."

Is the sequel as good as the original? If so, I'll definitely have to pick it up as well!

Aimee | 9 comments When I bought the book, I was on a trip and I hat to be careful with my suitcase weight so I couldn't get the second one. Besides my friend suggested that I should wait to see if I liked the book before I bought the sequel. When I finished it, I was literally in tears and yelling to get my sequel/companion. I really want to see how do they differ.

Christina Danielle On chapter 33 expecting to finish it all tonight less than a hundred pages left and I feel like it's not enough to finish the book with where I'm at ahh the agony

message 31: by Jazz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jazz | 1 comments This book was so awesome that I read it in a day. Just one day. That's how awesome it was.

message 32: by Tiffany (new) - added it

Tiffany Liu (tiffanyliux) | 3 comments The feels at the end of this book! Such a heart wrenching and totally unprecedented scenario!

Caitlin (Bend the Bookshelf) (bendthebookshelf) Katie: I personally think #1 was better, but I still really liked it. It's worth picking it up, I think

Andrea G | 5 comments What a great book!! The world building, character development, action, drama, romance and all the other elements this book contained were on point. Although, I did get quite confused when they were explaining the rift and how it worked. Nevertheless, I give this book a 4.90/5 stars, but leaning towards the 5!

Sydney Ritter (sydkerbell) | 4 comments A 5/5 stars would be dismal for this book. It deserves all the stars. This section of the story starts off with Lilac and Tarver just being in love and doing things *wink, wink* that just make me want to melt. They found peace in the rotten planet and they have made a choice to stay with each other, and I loved it.
But then Lilac had to blow up that door and I cried, cried so hard. Tarver loved (loves) Lilac so much that it wouldn't be cheesy if I said he loves her to the moon and back. Because he does. And to watch him as Lilac is dying in his arms and telling him she doesn't want to die and him telling her he will never leave her as she fades away left me a mess. He wanted to kill himself because she was gone. That's powerful. That's love.
Even though I knew she was going to come back thanks to that superpower whatever, I still cried.
And when Lilac did come back, she wasn't even sure she was still her. Tarver was the only person who trusted and believed that Lilac was Lilac. Tarver kept Lilac together at the end just like Lilac kept Tarver together when he was sick and dying. They needed each other for survival, if one were to leave, the other would shatter.
Tarver basically risked his own life when he jumped into rift to save Lilac's life. And he survived.
I had waited 367 pages for Lilac to tell off her father, and it was better than I had even anticipated. She told him off really well. It was that moment when the student beat the master. Her father was trying to keep his composure but he couldn't face his daughter after she knew all of his dirty little secrets and, AND she knew how to use them against him.
I am so happy that they got their happily ever after. They got to hold each other and kiss each other and be normal again. I am so incredibly happy, I could die.

Christina Danielle I want more lilac and tarver

message 37: by Hayli (last edited Feb 18, 2015 08:00AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Hayli This story definitely pulled out all the stops and went out with a bang for the final 13 chapters.

While the second part of the book focuses on Lilac's dramatic about-face in character development, this third arc brings it full circle for the changes that occur in Tarver. We know from the start - as the book starts in his POV - that he has a very starch, predictable military personality on accessing situations, reacting to them in a way to remain calm, and survival. It is very detached and 'suck it up and listen' when he deals with Lilac, but it transforms into softer tones and genuine contact and comfort. This kid is made of tougher stuff. The way he handled Lilac being reborn - doing everything in his power to reassure her and let her know that he loved her. He didn't love her because she looked like the 'old' Lilac or spoke like her, but because he could see it truly was her...deep down. Even if she didn't feel it right away.

They have this sensibility and the capability to understand and support someone when they're being relied upon that extends well past their years and is in stark contrast to their original personalities at the start of the book. Something I can say I couldn't have pulled off nearly as smoothly or calmly when I was their age. These kids are outstanding and are a solid testament to the human spirit, will, and instinct.

I was so proud of Lilac for not wasting anytime in putting her father in his place for what he done to Simon and what he threatened to do to Tarver.

I'm glad I caved and decided to read this book. It was great.

message 38: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah | 1 comments So,I predicted the whole resurrection thing about a page before it happened, but I still love this book! I didn't technically read it this month, but legitimately a week before you guys chose it. I loved it a lot, and I can't wait to read the sequel. Also,I still can't get over how pretty the cover is.

Katie | 9 comments Bend the Bookshelf wrote: "Katie: I personally think #1 was better, but I still really liked it. It's worth picking it up, I think"

Okay, I'll still plan on reading it sometime soon then!

Bookworm | 31 comments Katie: I just finished the second book, and it was sooo amazing! I definitely recommend it.

message 41: by lola (new) - added it

lola (faithlehans) This was such an interesting book. Full Review Here

message 42: by Hana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hana (triforceprincess) | 5 comments This book is seriously so good.

Isabel | 1 comments Eh, It got interesting towards the middle but other than that, it felt kinda flat. I wasn't emotionally invested in the characters and didn't really care whether they got back or not. So meh.

message 44: by M J (new) - rated it 4 stars

M J Mallon (kyrosmagica) | 10 comments This book is well written, keeps your interest throughout, has lots of emotional ups and downs, and a real cute love interest going on. Really enjoyed it. Review to come.

Isa  (bisskit) It's so cute that he thought about Lilac as his girl *__*
I'm only at chapter 29 ;)

Morgan Blanch (hopelessbookaddict) I'm left kinda confused.
I mean, this was a great book. Left me the edge of my seat. But the whole climax/conclusion really messed with my head a bit. SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!!
I am very keen to read the next book and figure out how it all ties in.
And I'm so happy Monsieur Laroux got what was coming to him. I mean, we're definitely gonna see more of this guy, but I'm so glad Lilac stood up to him.

Kaili Stacey (kailistacey) | 2 comments I ended up enjoying this book far more than I thought I would going into it. Books set in space aren't usually my cup of tea, but I was pleasantly surprised with how captivating the story and the characters were. I will definitely have to read on to see how the stories interweave.

Kylea | 4 comments I loved this book so much. I alternated reading and listening to the audiobook and I'm glad I did. The audiobook was great!

Elize Russell (bookscookslooks) I'm SO glad I read this book. The relationship between Tarver and Lilac is perfect. Both of them fought for each other and both of them truly love and care for each other. Neither of them were portrayed as unrealistically faultless which made it so much more refreshing and believable. I had so much love for these characters and I just want to read the short story (#1.5 in the series) and the second book.

That ending though. So powerful. I found it really honest and realistic and therefore understood how hard it actually was for her to stand up for herself in the end. Definitely reinforces the theme of love conquers all which ties in perfectly with the book.

Bella Karam (bellabedina) Probably one of the few people that disliked this book. The plot was okay, but was not exciting in my opinion. Tarver was a creep, but Lilac was cool in some ways. Their romance threw the book off for me. Really wanted both of them to die in the end and make me have tears of joy. But unfortunately that did not happen. The writing was great but the story wasn't.
3 stars

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