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About Peeta joining the Careers

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Fearthgfan So I was reading this blog/forum where someone mostly whines about how he/she hates Katniss because she's "cold" and whatever. Anyway, you know how Katniss notes that one of the Careers died in the bloodbath? Later when she finds Peeta has joined forces with the Careers, she sees that he's pretty beat up. And Cato or someone mentioned that Peeta is handy with a knife. At first, we would assume he fought along them at the bloodbath or something. But what I'm now thinking, is that Peeta was attacked by them, managed to kill the District 4 male before being unarmed ( which would be how they know he's good with a knife) and they only spared him because he could help them find Katniss. We will never know if this is true, but what do you think?

Shiah Thats an interesting theory. I've never really given it much thought but now that you say it it does kinda make sense. They pretty much definitely spared him because they wanted his help finding Katniss, as for if he killed the District 4 guy I'm not really sure about that. Part of me thinks that it's very possible but the other part of me is kinda thinking about how Peeta would avoid killing people. Either way it's an interesting theory.

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Fearthgfan I just now realized : If Peeta did kill that guy, it would mean both careers from 4 were killed by tributes from the same District, 12. Also, all but 1 career were killed by Katniss and Peeta ( if it were true). And if Peeta didn't kill that boy, maybe Tresh did.

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