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David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer

'The dead can't speak to us,' Professor Madoc had said.

But that was a lie.

Sometimes, only an outsider can get to the truth.

Patrick has been on the outside all his life. Thoughtful, but different, infuriating even to his own mother, his life changes when he follows an obsession with death to study anatomy at university.

When he uncovers a crime that everybody else was too close to see, he proves finally that he has been right all along: nothing is exactly as it seems.

And that there have been many more lies closer to home...

Discussion Leader - David Gooch

David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
This book by the way won the 2014 Theakstones Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the year award.
Judges described Rubbernecker as an “utterly absorbing and brilliantly realised novel.”

You can also listen to a radio interview between Simon Mayo and author Belinda Bauer at

David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
Just got my copy as a paperback from Oxfam.

Should start this next week.

Eileen Forde (eileenforde) | 13 comments i got it ,i will start it monday

David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
Right I started it yesterday and am underway.

AngryGreyCat (angrygreycatreads) | 554 comments I ordered mine in paperback but it is not here yet. I'll start it when I receive it.

AngryGreyCat (angrygreycatreads) | 554 comments Mine came in the mail today, so I will start it shortly.

David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
I am now about a third of the way through and have to say it is getting better.
Part One was for me a little hard going/boring in places but it was basically introducing Patrick. For me it spent perhaps too much detail on this but others may not think so.

Eileen Forde (eileenforde) | 13 comments i started it,was a bit slow in the beginning,its starting to pick up a bit now

David Gooch | 4044 comments Mod
I have now finished this and will write my review shortly. I really enjoyed the book in the end and it gets 4 stars from me.

Eileen Forde (eileenforde) | 13 comments i just finished it david,i also enjoyed it,would recommend it

message 12: by BOOKLOVER EB (new)

BOOKLOVER EB (booklover_10) | 1 comments I enjoyed the book but was extremely irritated by one of the subplots being left unresolved. I don't mind loose ends when there is a reason for loose ends. However, when an author creates a scenario (in this case, the one concerning Tracey and Mr. Deal), that cries out for a resolution and then leaves us hanging, that is a bit frustrating.

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