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Traci Loudin (traciloudin) | 6 comments Hello, everyone! Here's the synopsis:

Directed by his tribe's belief in the Ancient Teachings, Dalan saved the life of a fellow shapeshifter, only to learn she didn't need rescued at all — quite the opposite — Nyr deserved to die. When the two of them stumble across an alien trapped under a rock, Nyr gives them both magical talismans as necklaces, saying they'll protect them from harm. But Dalan and the alien soon discover the necklaces are impossible to take off, and that Nyr has one as well.

Meanwhile, two escaped slaves put their trust in what appears to be a kindly old woman. But when her years suddenly sift away like sands in an hourglass, the two men discover her age isn't the only thing about her they can't trust.

Soon the two shapeshifters, the alien, and the slaves are drawn into a conflict not their own as the Ageless — a tribe unlike any other — tears itself apart. Along the way, their understanding of their world, the ancient war between the aliens and humans, and the apocalyptic Catastrophe will be warped and reshaped.

If you love a blend of science fiction and fantasy, you're my ideal beta reader, but I'll need you to read fast!

I have a couple beta readers already, but I don't know if they'll be able to keep up. I will send the 150,000-word novel to beta readers on March 1 and need all feedback back to me by May 1 so I have time to finish making changes before sending it to my editor.

If you're up to the challenge and want to read this novel, please sign up here:

Any questions, feel free to post them below! Thanks for your consideration!

message 2: by Traci (new)

Traci Loudin (traciloudin) | 6 comments Looks like I've gotten 3 beta readers from here. Thanks so much! If you're still interested, there's still time to join! I'll begin sending chapters out on March 1.

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