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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((How didn't we notice?))

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((No idea.))

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Drew sat outside the cave, hearing the fight but not going anywhere. Simply closing his eyes again and meditating.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "We need backup!" Chandra called out parrying on of the attacks then stabbed one of the elves in the stomach

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“We need Aeliane, or that mage bastard who won't fight!”

One of the Falmer climbed onto Jorund's back and began prying at his helmet.

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" get out of the cave" Drew stood up, looking into the cave at all of the enemies and his two allies.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine walked up behind Drew, "something going on..." she began to say and stopped when she noticed the Falmer, "shit shit shit" she said dropping the wood and pulling out her dragonbone sword. "get out of there" she shouted into the cave

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra punched the Falmer that was on Jorund then cast an ash shell rune on the ground "We need to leave!"

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Jorund bolted out the cave entrance.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra cast one more ash shell near the entrance and fled

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" we are staying here tonight" Drew stood his ground. Letting the Falmer tackle him, finally at the last second turning into a werewolf. Letting out a big roar, swatting away the enemies like they were flies.

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“Well … shit.” Jorund said, seeing the transformation.

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Diź (dimal) "Drew!" Aelaine shouted, "where not suppose to do that in front of others!" she said to him and rushed at one of the falmer as she slashed it down the waist and bringing the blade up to its jaw cutting it off.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra stood her ground behind the letting loose a barrage of arrows on to the Falmer

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Drew kept swatting Falmer away and snarling. He knew he wasn't supposed to turn in front of others but they would have found out anyway.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((GTG to school))


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Oh … whatever,” Jorund said, seeing the others fight while a werewolf rampage.

“Fus … Ro Dah!” He shouted, knocking over three Falmer.

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Diź (dimal) ((okay, have fun))

Aelaine noticed a few dozen more of them pour out of the hole in the wall in the cave and ran at them, she cursed and dropped her weapons as she too transformed into a werewolf. once tge transformation was completely she roared loudly and ran at the group of falmer, swinging her arms back and forth as her claws ripped through one after the other.

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Jorund looked around frantically, and to his luck, saw an unsprung Falmer trap. Tracking the connection, it led up to the cave entrance.

“Yes!” He screamed.

He ran towards it then slid on both knees, drawing his dagger and cutting the tripwire.

Rocks immediately fell from the cave entrance and subsequently landed on all the Falmer.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine backed away once the rocks fell and and she didn't see any other falmer alive, she let herself calm down and the rage wash away and changed back.

After her change she was kneeling and covering herself up with her hands as best she could, thanks to the transformation all her clothes ripped off. ((which actually happens in the game))

"damn, i hate when that happens" she said and stood up, then she walked behind one of the boulders and sat down

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Jorund took some clothes out of his pack and threw them over the rock.

“You shouldn't transform like that.”

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Drew kept his rage up, he didn't want to transform back until he had his clothes back. They were in his bag. He watched the girl go behind the rock, he seen her like that multiple times but he turned anyway.

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Diź (dimal) "thanks" she said and put them on, she only put on the large shirt that covered her chest and went down far enough to cover everything else. she stood back up and walked back over to them, she tossed the pants to Drew, not knowing if he had a spare change of clothes or not and walked to the wood pile she dropped earlier and brought it in with her to make a fire.

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As she laid down the wood, Jorund walked up to the pile and spoke a single word, igniting it instantly.


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Diź (dimal) she was surprised by it and jumped back with a girly yelp, after she realized what she did her face turned red and she stood and walked over to her stuff and picked it up. she walked back and sat down, the whole time acting like it didn't happen.

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Jorund chuckled.

“I won't speak a word.”

Jorund removed his helmet and made a mouth-locking motion with two fingers.

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Diź (dimal) she looked over to him and gave him a look that said, you better not, and turned back to her pack and searched through it to get a few things out. once she took out her spare bra and underwear she got back up and walked back to the boulder and put them on.

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Jorund casually stoked the fire with a stick and with a smile on his face.

“Is that what the Companions is? A bunch of men and women in a group that secretly turn into werewolves?” He asked.

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Diź (dimal) "no" she replied, "were a group of Skyrims finest warriors that use our skills for others and all that. as for the werewolf part, i can't say much about it" she told him as she finished up and walked back to the fire

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Drew didn't turn back, still standing at the entrance of the cave as a snarling wolf. Looking at both of them from time to time.

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“Or you won't say much about it. I understand. I have my own demons to deal with, too.”

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Diź (dimal) "it's not really a demon to deal with, we're forbidden to talk about it to anyone" she clarified. "people will see us as monsters and it could ruin the companions reputation" she told him, "only a select few in the companion know about it and why we have it"

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Drew snarled in agreement, only a select few companions were givin this blessing. Or as some people think, a curse.

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“I've met Kodlak before. I thought he was the only one. He said he didn't want to be one anymore. I feel so sorry for him.”

Jorund bowed his head, imagining each of the Companions roaming the spiritual Hunting Grounds.

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Diź (dimal) "you knew Kodlak?" she said more in a surprised way than a question. "it was a tragedy when i heard he passed away while i away for a few weeks. he was like family, i regret not being there" she said softly.

she looked to Drew "you can join us you know" she told him and looked back to Jorund, "how did you meet him?" she asked "its hard to believe he would tell anyone about it, he enforced the rule to secrecy more than anyone did"

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Drew went behind the rock and transformed back into a human. Grabbing the pants she handed him earlier, putting them on and finally joining them by the fire. His back had scars on it, but other then that his upper body was nicely toned.

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“That man saved my life. He transformed right before my eyes and saved me from those who wished to end my life. We got down to talking and he told me all about his history. He told me he just wanted to be human. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone, and I didn't. That man was like a father to me.”

Jorund sighed. Of the two people he valued most, he only got good feelings when he thought about Kodlak.

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Diź (dimal) she nodded in understanding, "i understand that, but he died a man and went to sovngarde like he wanted" she said, "see as your a friend of Kodlak i trust you a bit more" she told him

"welcome to the group" she said to Drew, she noticed the scars and wasn't sure if it was her imagination but she saw that there was a few new ones, "did you get more scars?" she asked him

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" yes.. A dragon got his claws on me, but I still have the one you gave me" Drew turned his back to them.

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Diź (dimal) "and i wouldn't have had to if you didn't walk around acting like your top dog and better than everyone" she told him. "don't get me wrong, your a strong kid but a lot of companions have been doing this longer than you and you need to respect that, we're not out to get you, we're a family" she told him and paused. "but if you forget that I'll gladly flip you on your ass again" she said in more of a teasing tone

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Jorund chuckled.

“I think we should get some sleep.”

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" I'd like to see you try" Drew smiled.

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Diź (dimal) she smiled and laughed, "there's the Drew i know, always ready for a fight" she said and after her laugh she nodded to Jorund, "yeah, we should get some sleep, it'll be dark soon"

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Jorund pulled a blanket out of his pack and laid it over the ground.

He turned to the others and said, “Do you guys have blankets?”

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Diź (dimal) "nope" she replied, "i got use to sleeping on the floor over the years so im all good" she told him as she stretched out and laid on her back

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Jorund shrugged.

“Alright. What about you, Drew?”

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" I am good. May need to give cuddle girl over their one" Drew smiled at Chandra.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine chuckled and rolled over on her side and watched the fire, she pulled up her pack and started going through it.

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Jorund laid another blanket over his body as he laid down.


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