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AbigailDenyse01 I CANNOT wait for every last breath! we meet thumper and layla(hopefully) gets with roth and people die(hopefully abbot) and we find out what is owed to the witches and we find out what happens with sam...

gaaaah I cant wait! what do you think is going to happen!? I think layla and roth take a trip to hell to make a deal with the boss and we meet roths mom. and I think that the boss wants something insanely horrible and roth gets real pissed and then they fight and layla gets caught and thumper comes off. and I am so excited!!!!!!!

Jill Suiter I know what you mean I hope Abbot suffers so much for the way he treated Layla. I hope thumper gets him or bambi eats him. I also hope Sam is okay. I have mixed feelings about Zayne tho I don't want him with Layla but I don't want him hurt either. I so can't wait... for the next book!

AbigailDenyse01 I love bambi she is great. and my feels about zayne are... well I don't want him to die bc if he does than that would hurt layla a lot and I don't want that but I absolutely don't want him and layla to become a couple because I need her to be with roth... if she doesn't then o jeez... I will trade my first born child to get this book right now.

Jill Suiter I completely agree, If she doesn't end up with Ross I so mad! Ross has done nothing but save her every time the wardens just through her away. I also Love Bambi i can't wait to meet thumper..

AbigailDenyse01 lol I want to meet thumper but... to think of why we meet him, weeeeell, I kind of want to cry. oh jeez just thinking of it...

Jill Suiter I much worse it will have to get for thumper to be let loose I can't imagine.....

AbigailDenyse01 ya when layla got stabbed he didn't even let him off

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