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Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Greetings Space Opera Fans!

Oooh ... this one looks different. A SCHOOL TEACHER on a multi-generation colony worldship? Beneath the Sky by Dan Thompson is our INDIE PICK for February, rated 4.5 stars.

Beneath the Sky by Dan Thompson Dan Thompson

"Maggie is a young schoolteacher on the multi-generation colony ship, God’s Chariot, bound for their promised world, New Providence. When a faster-than-light freighter crosses their path, a forgotten history catches up with them and puts their future in doubt. Maggie and her father are drawn to the center of the conflict over what will become of their colony, their faith, and even their lives.

It’s the space-opera analog of the Mayflower landing in modern Boston, filled with high technology, different customs, and 747’s cutting their travel time down to hours.

Battling conspiracy, politics, and even pirates, Maggie must rise to the challenge or face her colony’s doom..."

Okay ... who's reading Beneath the Sky? Shout it out in the discussion thread below, tell us what you think, and drop in links to your reviews. Remember ... be kind and use the SPOILER .html if you drop hints so it doesn't spoil the fun for somebody who isn't as far along as you are!

Betsy | 880 comments Mod
I'm reading it. About half way through. I'm enjoying it so far, but it seems a bit episodic.

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