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message 1: by MMP (new)

MMP | 64 comments Hello,
Time to time, when I am looking for a book using the " Search by Book Title, Author, or ISBN" I found 2 results for the same book.
But when I am trying to combine them, the "Combine Editions" don't find both and i can not combine them.
Can you explain to me why??

For exemple: Looking for "The Moon Stealers and the Queen of the Underworld" give 2 results:
But it is impossible to combine them

message 2: by Mohamed (last edited Feb 01, 2015 09:54AM) (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) Different authors (name spelling)
Fixed it.

message 3: by Bea (new)

Bea Because the two books point to different author profiles. As far as GR combine in concerned, it thinks these are two different authors.

Either the two profiles need to be combined (one is a GR author) or the books need to be disambiguated from the two authors with the same name.

message 4: by MMP (new)

MMP | 64 comments Ok thanks
You help me a lot
Effectivly there is a Tim^Flanagan and a Tim^^Flanagan

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