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Here we are

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Hey! So step-sibling FxF? x

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments {|Basic Information|}

|First Name| Luna
|Middle Name| Ivy
|Last Name| Cresta
|Nickname| Just Luna. Some of her friends call her V.

{|Birth Information|}

|Birth Parents| Jonah & Lucinda Cresta
|Birthday| February 20, 1997
|Birth Place| Honolulu, Hawaii
|Zodiac Sign| Pisces
|Age| Seventeen

{|Family Information|}

|Father| Jonah Cresta
|Mother| Lucinda Cresta
|Brother| None
|Step-Mother| Jolene Riley
|Step-Sister| Clairisa Riley

I made up your charrie's mother's name. You can change it if you want x

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"I am Clairisa Jean Riley and we all know I am a bitch so no need to waste anyone's precious time." -Clairisa Riley

{|Basic Information|}

|First Name|Clarisa
|Middle Name|Jean
|Last Name|Riley

{|Birth Information|}

|Birth Parents|
Jerard and Krystine Riley
|Birthday|April 2 1995
|Birth Place|New York,New York
|Zodiac Sign|Aries

{|Family Information|}

|Step-Father|Jonah Cresta
|Step-Sister|Luna Cresta

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments I am so sorry! I didn't see this! Um, Where should we start? Are The Cresta's and Riley's moving into another house together or are they all already step-siblings and stuff?

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I'm thinking that they're actually going through the wedding part and they have just moved in together about a week or two before the wedding. What do you think? Oh and by the way could we try and do two paragraphs if possible?

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Like two full (4-5+ lines) paragraphs or just two short ones? Im prett descriptive and I like when my partner is as well... ))

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4-5 sentences each

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Okay cool :)) Could you start us off?

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I was trying to ask you to.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Its late where I am and if you started, I would most likely reply after school. So I'd really appreciate if you could start? :)

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Clarissa Riley smiled looking in the mirror though she wasn't a big fan of her bride's maid dress.Why do I have to wear this gaudie yellow dress? She wondered really not liking the fact she had to wear it. All she knew was that her mom was marrying this man that she never was really introduced to until this week. That's when she turned around and walked out the door.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I thought we would do two paragraphs? Or is it short because it's the beginning? :))

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because it's the beginning

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Wait, where is she walking to? Where is this set? And I am sorry for not being active, school work is eating up all my time.)

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((The church the wedding))

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