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Hai :)

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Name:Steven Chase Martinez
Birthplace: Hawaii Islands

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Name: Liliana Zafaria
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Florida

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mind starting?

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Liliana woke up in a hospital. "what...ahere am i? Who am i?" She asked to no one in paricular. She couldt remember anything. how had she gotten here? Why was she here?

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Steven looked over at Liliana when she finally woke up and he frowned at her words knowing that things were bound to be different. He took in a deep breath,"I'm amazed that you're alive Liliana." He said answering some of her questions as he got up and out of the chair.It's my fault we got in that car accident. He thought to himself as he walked up to her bed side.

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"Liliana? Is that my name? Who are you?" She asked the boy walking over to her. She was confused, and scared. He looked like he knew her, yet she didnt know him. "What do you mean? Why wouldnt I be alive?"

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"Yes your name is Liliana Zafaria. I am Steven Chase Martinez your boyfriend." He said taking her hand in his actually wishing that the second thing he said was actually true. He has been in love with her since she was 10 and he was 11. He knew her for a very long time. He remembered her other questions and took the time to answer them,"I mean we were both in a very bad car accident and we thought you weren't going to make it because of how much blood you lost." He said looking down at her with a frown on his face. Just remembering the accident was painful.

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" sorry but it doesnt ring a bell." She said looking at their hands. He looked like a great guy. He looked liked he really cared about her. But she didnt recognize him. "A car accident? Are you alright? Are you hurt? Did you get the doctor to check you?" She asked, suddenly feeling a panic and worry for him. Apparently she did know him, otherwise her instincts wouldnt have kicked up like this.

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"Yeah we got in a car accident and the other car collided on your side."He explained the scene perfectly leaving out the part about her abusive and controlling boyfriend being the one involved with the crash.He stroked her hand with his thumb and finally heard the worry in her voice. "I'll be fine Lilly." He said using the nickname he had always called her. It was awful they had gone through what they had but the thing was that they could start over and be happy again creating new memories and not letting anyone come between them.

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"oh..." She said looking down. Her head throbbed and she felt dizzy, but she needed to figure out what to make of this situation. "Steven...Im so sorry, i wish I knew who you were. I wish I knew who I was. Is there any way to make me remember?" She asked hopefully. SHe looked back up at him. "Are you sure?" She wondered if he was being honest, or if he was downplaying it for her.

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"It's okay Lilly you'll just have to get to know me all over again."He said knowing that was the sad truth and he'd have to make sure that she knew how he felt about her. He loved her unconditionally no matter what happened.

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"Judging from what i know of you so far, which isnt much...I think i loved you." She said softly looking up at him. He seemed to care about her so much and it hurt her knowing she couldnt reciprocate.

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He smiled down at her and lightly kissed her forehead,"I think you did too." He said in spite of himself knowing that she did once have feelings for him but got scared to lose their friendship therefore making her go after another guy and being trapped in such a bad relationship. "I'm just so happy that you're alive and are well."

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"Im happy that your here..." Liliana said smiling weakly at him. She felt a wave of dizziness pass through her and she put a hand to her forehead, closing her eyes. An image inked through. She was in a room with a boy who didnt look like Steven and she was crying while he desperately tugged off her shirt. She opened her eyes and the image was gone. She had look of fear and shock, and she whimpered.

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"What's a matter sweetheart?"He asked looking at her seeing the fear and shock on her face.He held her hand and kissed it gently."You can tell me anything if you start to remember things." He added looking her in the eyes.He was itching to kiss her.

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"There was a boy. And i was there too. But he wasnt you. I was crying and he pulled off my shirt. I...who was that?" She asked him softly watching him. "Why was he doing that to me..." She said shakily more to herself than him. She had felt her panic at that moment.

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"You were in an abusive relationship."Steven answered not wanting to lie to her."His name was Calian."He added looking away slightly. "Don't worry too much about him." He moved in and gently kissed her lips.

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She kissed him back tenderly, feeling a little more relieved and happy. She pulled back looking at her hands. "I...why would i have been in an abusive relationship? I'm pretty sure I wasn't that stupid. And to worry about him when you're here would be a mistake." She added with a soft smile.

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"You were afraid of being with me at the time because you thought if anything happened between us it would ruin our relationship." He explained as he opened his eyes to look at her. "I would kick Calian's ass if he even tries to touch you." He added his voice protective.

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"I...Oh..." So they were the typical best friends to something more kind of couple. She smiled softly to herself at his last comment. "Im sure you would." She said with a laugh.

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"I know it's a little soon to say this but I can't lie to you. I love you." He couldn't help himself he moved away slightly when her mother finally showed up.Narts she always shows up at times like this.He thought to himself."Hello Helen."

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"I love you too." She said to him right as a woman walked. "Who is this?" She asked Steven looking at her.

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Helen looked at her daughter and smiled relieved to see that she was alive. "Hello sweetheart.It's me your mom." She answered her question then she looked at Steven. "Afternoon Steven it's good to see you here for her."

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"Your my mother?" Liliana asked glancing at Steven for confirmation. She only trusted him right now. She trusted him with her. Her whole life, she had forgotten and now she had to start fresh. She wanted to make sure she made the right choices and being with him was the only right thing to her so far other than her name.

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"Yes she is." Steven confirmed knowing that she was kind of iffy about everything. He smiled gently at her then looked back at Helen who didn't know what was going on necessarily because she hasn't seen her daughter in half a year.

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"Oh...hello mother." She said with a hint of hesitance. She trusted him completely but couldnt help but think of the "what ifs". Her mother, as she was identified, seem utterly confused. She was glad she wasnt the only one in the room feeling that way.

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"So you two got in a car accident." She said looking at Steven. She wondered about her daughter and what has gone on in her life since the last time they saw each other.

"Yes we did but everything will be fine." He said with a protective voice. He knew about the last encounter that Lilly had with her mom.

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"Am i the only one in here who doesnt have a slightest clue is going on? If your my mother, as you claim, shouldnt you be the first to know if I were to get into a accident? I mean the onnly reason we wouldnt would be because we were argueing and fighting...Steven...a little help please?" She said compltely and utterly confused. She didnt understand what was going on. She hadnt a clue of her life before these few minutes and her head throbbed.

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"Darling we haven't talked for a little over a year because we got in a big argument and decided that you no longer wanted to talk to me any longer." Helen sighed looking over at her daughter who was hooked up to the Ivy.

Steven stayed at Liliana's side because he didn't want anything to happen because he's seen a lot of different things.He knew that her mom almost killed Liliana when they were little kids.

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"I see. Then in that case, i ask that you leave." Liliana said coldly, pointing to the door. The woman had given her a bad feeling and her suspicions were confirmed. "Im fully capable of taking care of myself. And if i had decided to no longer speak with you, i must of had good reason." She elaborated, glancing at Steven.

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She looked at his daughter one last time and then walked out of the room without a word. She didn't want to cause anymore stir. She just came because she thought that her sister was dead and wanted to say one last goodbye.

Steven reached for Liliana's hand and kissed it. "You'll be okay sweetheart she won't hurt you anymore." He said looking up at her.

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Liliana smiled weakly at him. He was her safe haven, her everything. He was the only person that felt real in this new world. The doctor walked in to check on her. "You may be discharged now. Steven, i would advise that you show her photo albums, take her to memorable places, help her however you can to help her regain her memory. Youll know its coming back when she has visions, flashbacks if you will. Take care, Liliana." He checked her pulse rate and seeing was normal, left. She could go home...but where was home? She looked happily at Steven, certain that he would clear any doubts she had. She kissed him softly, "Where is home?" She asked after pulling back.

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Steven smiled happy now that he was able to take her home with him seeking to the fact they did have her things in his shed."It's actually our place because before the accident you were planning on moving in with me." He answered taking her hand and leading the way.

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She looked happy at the moment. "I did? Well, i was a very smart girl." She said as she hugged his arm, holding on to it. She wondered how she would adjust to new life. More importantly, how he would adjust to having to restart with her. "Im sorry..." She said quietly, ashamed that she couldnt remember him.

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"It's okay Lilly really I'm willing to get to know you all over again." He said looking into her eyes. He let her into his car which wasn't totaled which made him happy because the cops were willing to escort the tow truck to the hospital.

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"I hope im not different..." Liliana said with a scared smile. She didnt want her amnesia to change who she was, and if it did....well, the thought frightened her. She got into the car, and buckled herself in. "I hope you still like me..." She murmured quietly enough so he couldnt hear.

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"You're not as different as I thought you would be." He admitted getting in his car and starting it surprised to hear that the radio still worked. The song that played was the song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. As soon as he realized the last time they heard this song they were slow dancing in the moonlight.

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"Im glad then." Liliana smiled at him. She wished she could remeber being with him, it almost hurt. He seemed to care so much, yet she couldnt help but have a twinge of doubt. "This is a very nice song." Liliana remarked, moving her head in accord to the music when it began playing.

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"Yeah we slow danced to it one night." He admitted as he drove around the corner and drove south about ten miles and turned an immediate right when he saw the blue house that looked close enough to being a plantation.

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"Oh?" She said as a smile spread across her face. She could imagine them doing that, it didnt seem impossible. She saw the blue house and gasped. "Its so blue....its so beautiful..." She marveled with wide eyes.

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"Thank you I fixed it up myself." He reminded her though he knew she wouldn't remember the fact they were the ones that found the plantations as kids. "We promised each other that one day we would both live in this house."

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