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good book

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Yvonne Fast read, short chapters, I enjoyed it.

Lori I didn't quite follow the ending. What was in Olivia's note to Nora?

Catherine Winn Loved this book especially the twist at the end!

Maria Costantino Yes this was a great book.
There another book that is comming out called Second honeymoon.

Kendra Armstrong Good, but somewhat disturbing....

Ayla you will find out about the note in "second honeymoon " I really enjoyed this book, a little odd, I've been use to there being a I judge and jury in most of his books, but this one was great, went out and bought the second book the day I finished this one. there were ALOT of unanswered questions but they all get answered later on.

Elena I didn't get why Nora would have been able to go free after they had all the proof that she killed her husbands, as well as after she tried to poison and actually shot O'Hara (fbi agent) ... It made no sense that she wouldn't go to jail for that!

Also - what did the tourist thing have to do with anything ?!

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