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message 1: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments Anyone else get a book they loved and it was supposed to be a series but wasn't for some reason? Mine is The Wolfe Pack by Jody Lynn Nye and it was stopped because of publishing problems. Or is there a book you wish was a series?

message 2: by SciFiNow (new)

SciFiNow | 89 comments Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. It is 10 years old now and it was clearly set up for a sequel or consequent novels.

message 3: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments Read that for another group and enjoyed it greatly. Yeas wish there was a sequel.

message 4: by Rodney (new)

Rodney | 208 comments Mod
I read a book called last mortal man. Set in future and everyone's body is replaced by nanotechnology. Was supposed to be a series but wasn't picked up.

message 5: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments oh rodney was that book not awesome and with the little girl when the guys tells her to hug him (cause he knows he will be destroyed soon by her) omg so powerful

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole  (co984life) | 115 comments Mod
I wish Stephenie Meyer had finished the sci-fi series she started with The Host.

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