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Lena (lenakarynn) | 1526 comments Mod
Feel free to discuss anything about this book! Spoilers must be hidden in spoiler tags (see [some html is ok] for how to do this, or ask). Discussions will be open until the end of February. Melody Jackson will be leading the discussion. .

Melody Jackson (melodyjacksonauthor) | 51 comments Hello! :) I'm leading the group discussion for this month, so here are a few questions to get it started:

Who is your favorite character, and why?

What do you think of New Beijing?

Do you like how the original fairytale's elements are interwoven in the story?

And, a spoiler question which should probably only be read once you've finished the book: (view spoiler)

H.S.J. Williams | 5 comments I love how many fairy tale elements were woven throughout! The pumpkin carriage totally caught me by surprise. :)

I've waited a long time to begin this series, so I was already aware of the rest of the series before I began this one. It was awesome to see how all hints to the future books.

(view spoiler)

Morgan | 318 comments Favorite character, hmm. I really liked both Cinder and Kai, Iko amused me, and I liked Peony. (view spoiler) I definitely thought the cyborg angle was intriguing, though (this is probably strange) I wished there was some way to reverse the process. Having metal parts is very interesting and I thought it was handled well. It made me think of Bannakaffalatta from Doctor Who. "Cyborgs have rights now. They can even get married." That should be true in New Beijing. :)

The worldbuilding was pretty cool, though I didn't fully love it. The disease angle made the story seem unique.

I did like the way the original fairy tale was woven in. It was interesting how the pumpkin coach was, though I guessed what it would be as soon as Cinder first saw it.

(view spoiler)

Melody Jackson (melodyjacksonauthor) | 51 comments Yes, I loved the pumpkin carriage! :D I thought it was so clever how the elements were slipped in, like the cyborg foot as the 'glass slipper' and such. I've heard some discussion about what exactly would have been the 'fairy godmother', but I can't quite figure that one out, haha.

Hannah: (in reference to the spoiler part) Really? That's interesting. I never expected him to be a more major character, haha.

And Morgan: Bannakaffalatta is awesome!! :D Yeah the worldbuilding wasn't my favorite, but the disease is so cool! And *claps hands over mouth before she starts giving away spoilers from the next books on accident* er...let's just say it gets even MORE interesting in Scarlet and Cress! ;)

This series has very quickly become one of my absolute FAVORITES. Probably wouldn't be if the characters weren't as amazing as they are, though. I don't know if I could pick a favorite...but I really love Kai. :D

Morgan | 318 comments I'm excited to read the rest of the series, though my sister said I wouldn't like Kai as much at the end of Scarlet, which makes me sad. It's weird, I've encountered cyborgs in fiction before, in General Grievous and Bannakaffalatta, but Cinder was what actually made me thing about what it would be like to be one.

H.S.J. Williams | 5 comments WHAT? Kai is perfectly likeable at the end of Scarlet!!!!! He does a very difficult thing, but its very understandable and self-sacrificing. If anything, you love him more for it, even though you're screaming.

H.S.J. Williams | 5 comments And just a heads-up to everyone reading the some of the negative reviews on Fairest before flying off the buy the book. I never finished it, it was so disgusting and hopeless.

Morgan | 318 comments I'll have to read Scarlet and decide for myself. :) I read some of the reviews of Fairest. Ugh. I think our library has it, but even so, I think I'll skip it.

Melody Jackson (melodyjacksonauthor) | 51 comments What??? No, I didn't dislike Kai at all at the end of Scarlet! And I LOVED him at the end of Cress! *happy grin* Cress is my favorite so far, hands down. And yeah, it's really interesting seeing how being a cyborg is. And it's one of those series where things seem kind of coincidental and convenient, but then it's explained later and makes so much sense!
*gasps* Fairest...wasn't good? D: I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but I read the first chapter and it seemed like it'd be really interesting!

Morgan | 318 comments My hope for Kai is restored. :) I really liked him in Cinder, though I didn't really like the ending of the book. Set up for sequel, I guess.

It sounds like Fairest has a lot of inappropriate/adult content issues. It is about Levana, after all. I don't mind villain back stories, after all, I watch OUAT, but Levana's sounds like one that would make me highly uncomfortable. There were moms saying how they and their teen/preteen daughters were loving the series, but they weren't going to let them read Fairest because it, unlike the others, wasn't clean.

message 12: by H.S.J. (last edited Mar 17, 2015 04:14PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

H.S.J. Williams | 5 comments @Melody: Like Morgan said. It is rather interesting to see things from Levana's view...but also disturbing. Not only the material, but the very intimate perspective we receive it from. Think of a really, really, really possessive teenage fangirl actually being able to do whatever she wanted to the man she has a crush on. Yeah. That's the story. Nasty stuff.

Melody Jackson (melodyjacksonauthor) | 51 comments Morgan: Yeah, I was a little disappointed with Kai at the end of Cinder, but it also makes sense and...gets better, so...:)

Hannah: Really? Oh...yeah, that doesn't sound very pleasant. *makes a face* Hmm...making me rethink actually reading Fairest now. :/

H.S.J. Williams | 5 comments You can find out more on its wikia page if you want. There's a few good things to know, but I feel the author would have been better revealing them in Winter or maybe a short story.

Melody Jackson (melodyjacksonauthor) | 51 comments Okay, I'll have to look that up, then.

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