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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5374 comments Mod
Lisa J. & Patricia - The Right Words

Patricia | 55 comments Yay! I finished My homework and read my 20%... Granted technically I got home at 1am and it's 3am right now, sigh...

I forgot how much I loved this author she wrote one of my favorite series the Better Than books, BUT I totally forgot so it was a pleasant surprise to read her again. I suspect that you remembered and were kind enough to pick this as our BR.

So I'm really excited so far, 20% ends perfectly at the end of a chapter and it really is a super yummy set up so far... I expect great and scorching things from these two.

message 3: by Lisa J. (last edited Feb 08, 2015 06:02AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lisa J. | 96 comments I wasn't sure where it was going at first. So glad this isn't a total case of a closet athlete, and Michael's out a bit. When Jamie showed up, I was surprised too. Nicely surprised. I love all the diversity too.

I'm already salivating for Brandon's story. I'm assuming he's who the sequel is about.

I did remember you liked the Better Than books. I still need to read 2 and 3.

Patricia | 55 comments Yeah I can see Brandon's story in the coming.

Okay I'm at the 28% mark and I didn't really love that scene that just concluded. It wasn't really hot, kinda ick.

message 5: by Patricia (last edited Feb 08, 2015 01:54PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Patricia | 55 comments Okay I cheated, :p I stopped at the end of chapter six 43%

Er.... I'm sure you'll definitely understand once you get there LOL.

I'm not sure how I feel about the characters so far, Luke's character is a little nervous he's a total spaz and Michael is chicken shit so far.

But still all in all I'm liking it.

Lisa J. | 96 comments @28. I agree. Kind of icky. At least (I don't think) Jovan and Micheal weren't getting it on. I hate when an MC has on-page sex with someone else especially after he's met the other MC. Really takes me out of the book. And I am super tired of solo scenes (especially in the shower). They're fast-forward material for me these days.

I do like their banter. The whole Cher-Christina-Madonna thing was cute.

Lisa J. | 96 comments @43. Yeah, you couldn't stop in the middle of that. I'm glad though it stopped there. This relationship needs to build a bit more before we go there.

Luke is a total spaz, all over the place. I have a better handle on who Brandon than Luke. His little outbursts are kind of adorable though. I still don't have a good picture of him physically in my head.

Not sure I'm with you about Michael. Why do you think that? I can understand why he's hesitant to come out. And he's not bowing to Jamie's blackmail (if he were, I'd be more inclined to agree).

Patricia | 55 comments Well I guess it's the thing with his family,I feel like he should man up with them. I mean he's gay, how is he going to keep that from them forever? He needs to come out to them and give them a chance to deal IMO.

Patricia | 55 comments And... I'm still not loving Michael. @59% Chapter 8.

The entire uncle thing, just didn't win me over. I think we got foreshadowed for the third read, Alex, I'm guessing.

Lisa J. | 96 comments Hmmm... How do you feel about Lukey as a nickname?

Patricia | 55 comments Abhor lukey...

Lisa J. | 96 comments Funny, I love endearments, but grown men being called something like Lukey bugs me.

Lisa J. | 96 comments @60. I don't have a problem with Michael staying in the closet (for now), but I am having a hard time connecting with him. I just don't sense any emotion between him and Luke. I was unmoved by the love scene and felt it was too soon, even though we were past the 50 percent mark.

Maybe it's because Luke as the narrator is all over the place and doesn't seem to have much depth himself. Just what is his problem with his mother? And can you believe he had never had a tamale? Just seemed strange as someone who grew up in L.A. and went to school in SF. Maybe that's just me.

Patricia | 55 comments THANK YOU! *cough* I've been struggling with "the right words" to capture the MEH I've been feeling about both MC's. Yep I went there lol...

I've been struggling with both MC's as well, I don't feel an amazing connection between these two. Michael is such the "popular" kid, and so far Luke has been as you put it all over the place, I'm not getting "flamboyant" with his character more "damaged" so I'm having a hard time seeing the attraction.

The mother thing is super weird, she seems kinda awesome on paper but Luke's aversion of her keeps mixing me up. He Totally dreads her but she seems to be the "fabulous" that I'm missing in Luke. Does this make sense at all?

Lisa J. | 96 comments LOL. "the right words."

Makes sense. I've yet to see what's so wrong with her other than she steals the spotlight from him. Maybe that's the problem.

Oh, and the giggling needs to stop.

Lisa J. | 96 comments @82: OK, now I'm with you on Michael. What a jerk.

I also think it's strange that he and Brandon haven't met.

The Spanish lesson was cute. Como/Homo

And there's a little resolution with the mom. I still don't get why she was a problem in the first place.

Patricia | 55 comments @82 Yeah.... Didn't really see her as someone to suffer through, she seems pretty awesome.

I'm pretty mad at Michael. Even when he fixes it eventually (since it is a romance), what he did was pretty nasty. He better really make it up to Luke.

So how bout that love scene on the couch? It was worded so... ?

Patricia | 55 comments Er.... That was abrupt.

message 19: by Lisa J. (last edited Feb 11, 2015 06:05PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lisa J. | 96 comments Yep. Wasn't expecting it to end at 86 percent. Usually Dreamspinner books go to at least 95 percent.

Sadly, I don't remember anything about that couch love scene. Oy. I guess that says a lot.

Luke was a nice and all, but his characterization was too shallow. This book would have been better from Michael's POV. He was the one the mega issues in the book were hanging on.

Because we weren't in Michael's head, we got too much summarizing of key events (telling the parents, confronting Tonio, the lead up to the press conference, jamie's blackmail, etc). Such a big deal made of events we didn't get to witness. I wasn't emotionally invested in the climax. It was too rushed, and the book feels unfinished.

And dammit, Brandon never met Michael.

I see we're in agreement on our ratings.

Patricia | 55 comments Yeah this one was OK, but I never really got the connection. I think you're right inside Michael's head we may have felt more for him as a character instead of the dreamy hot latin jock.

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