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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark | 1 comments I have twenty free copies of my literary/historical novel, A Way Back to Life which I am offering in exchange for honest reviews on Goodreads and I am also interested in review swapping for anyone who wants to go that route.

Edwin Goodeve has withdrawl from life ever since his wife was killed in a car accident. He sits in his apartment and spends his day on the internet. His editor at the newspaper is sick of waiting and wants Edwin to continue his column but he isn't sure he can.

That's when Edwin meets Savannah, a neighbor in his apartment building who is a fan of his work. Edwin realizes that he knows nothing about Savannah and that he knows more about his Facebook "friends" then he does his own neighbors.

Edwin decides that he will interview five neighbors about a significant moment in their lives.

Marybelle Styron: a young nurse in the early 1960s who stumbles upon the civil rights movement

Standish: a lawyer working on a landmark environmental case in the 1980s who falls in love with the opposing counsel

Scott: a fifth grader reacting the terror of the September 11th attacks

William Howell: a soldier stationed in Germany during the Korean war who tours a defunct concentration camp with his Jewish commanding officer.

And Savannah herself: a cocktail waitress at a local casino who was brutally attacked.

As he experiences each of these stories, Edwin discovers things about himself and the people who live around him. They give him the courage to find a way back to life.

message 2: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 9 comments i am interested in reading the book. kindle, nook, or pdf.



message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Elsner | 35 comments I am interested in reading your book as well as swapping for my book Tannion. I read from a PDF and can send PDF or Mobi.


message 4: by Carmen (new)

Carmen Hello, everyone. I'm also searching for reviews for my historical thriller 'Anne'. I'm not interested in swaps, however. I'm willing to offer free copies of the novel for review in html and PDF formats. If interested, please message me or you can email me at bubblymissy underscore 16 at hotmail dot com.:)

Anne by Carmen Stevens
18th century England-Fourteen-year old Anne Falkman is an arrogant, desperate orphan trying to live any way she can on the streets of London. Through her desolate, lonely years, a hope was born within her, the hope that fate would bless her and give her lasting happiness. Growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, Anne has nurtured a fear of men. She also fears marrying and giving birth, which was the death of her mother and caused her father to go mad and violently hate his daughter. When a series of events gives Anne a chance for happiness, she takes it and achieves her dreams, but at what cost? Will she attain the life of happiness that she dreamed of? Which choices are the best ones to make?

message 5: by Len (new)

Len | 28 comments I'm interested in reviewing your book, but I need to see an elevator synopsis of no more than two sentences and no more than 35 words.

Two examples (both $0.99 until 3/16/39):

Copernican Passage: Boone and Jennifer battle assassins, androids and a deadly Martian plague as they journey to a Martian cavern. What they find may make Humans robust enough to challenge the Cosmos.

Questing For Dragons: Pen flees marrying smelly Igor only to discover the Emperor Ethelred wants her head, Lord Grim wants her beded and Lady Dazzle wants her dead.

message 6: by Joan (new)

Joan Ellis (goodreadscomjoan_ellis) | 7 comments Hello there, I am to review swop. I have three books, in two different genres: women's humour and psychological thriller:

‘I am Ella. Buy me.’

Ella David is Bridget Jones meets Peggy from Mad Men.

Based on Joan’s experiences in Soho’s mad, bad Adland, the novel is set against a backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain when money trumped morals and lust was a must. Ella is a woman battling a man’s world, trying to escape her sleazy boss on the way to the top. Two unlikely friendships help her see there is more to life than work. Can they help her go from a girl in the firing line to a woman calling the shots?

‘The Killing of Mummy’s Boy’

Two strangers. One interest. Murder. Ben slit a man’s throat. Sandra’s son, Carl witnessed a stabbing. When Sandra discovers she is being stalked, she turns to the least likely person for help with horrific consequences. Hate, fear and lies boil over in this Isle of Wight-based page-turner with love at its black heart.


‘You died a month before your fifth birthday. You were probably dead long before Mum downed her third gin with Porky Rawlings.’

Seven-year-old Susan is alone with her younger brother when he dies of an overdose. The guilt informs the rest of her life. When it threatens to destroy not only her but also her relationship with her new baby, she sets out to discover the truth. What she finds is as disturbing as it is wonderful.

Please let me know if you would like a free copy of any of these books in return for an honest review. Thanks :)

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