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Wizard of Oz complete series
Elizabeth Elizabeth Jan 31, 2015 08:34PM
Ok so I was wondering if anyone out there liked the Wizard of Oz series just as much as me and if so to let you know that Barnes & noble has as a nook book for only 0.99 Oz:(The Complete Collection -Wonderful Wizard of Oz (All 14 Oz Books). Because I just got it to day to are there anybody out there who loves them as much as I do .


I read and loved the whole series when I was a kid. It was indeed a fine piece of work.

After L. Frank Baum wrote fourteen Oz books, Ruth Plumly Thompson took over and wrote another nineteen. Hers are nearly as good as Baum's. There were seven other books written afterwards by seven other authors, but I haven't read those.

deleted member Aug 16, 2017 07:02AM   0 votes
I love every single book in this series and I probably revisit and re-read the series in its entirety once or twice a year.

Robert (last edited Feb 06, 2015 08:36AM ) Feb 06, 2015 08:36AM   0 votes
Do you mean The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection by L. Frank Baum ?

I've had it for awhile, but haven't finished them all.

The first book is definitely a classic, though it takes some turns from the movie version of the story that most people are familiar with.

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