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Looks:Looks Like Scooby but is a sandy color she wears a pink collar
Family:Brother is Scooby,Nephew is Scrappy,Cousin is Scooby-Dumb(yes he is a real char i used to own it with him in an episode) and the Mysterygang
Other:Unlike her brother Riley doesn't have that kid of speech defect but her S' sound like th's (so i will be typing like that)

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(I'll reply when I'm not busy.)

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(okay but can you start)

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Name: Kisha-Doo.
Gender: Girl.
Looks: Black with a hot pink color.
Family: Sister and Brother Doo.
Other: She's into Suspense.

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Kisha was sitting with the Gang. They were on there way to the haunted mansion.

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"Ruh,Roh" "Whath wrong thcooby?" "Rhosts!" "Oh Thcooby there are no ghothtth"

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(( Mind if I join?))

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"Chill out Thith"

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Ghost appeared right in front of Riley.

Kisha sensed it.

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Riley rolled her eyes "RHOST!" Scobby yelled and jumped in the front RIley walked right through it "Thcooby there ith nothing to worry about itth harmleth"

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Name: Dakota Jones

Gender: Female


Family: Twin brother- Fred Jones the rest of the gang!

Other: She really loves danger and being leader like her brother

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hahahahahahaah i use that pic for my Oc Rebecca Alexandria Song lol oh hey mabey you can tell me how to do that with just one pic instead of the website))))))

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(( When you search for it on google images, if you press the image, you'll see two buttons press the veiw image button and the n copy and paste the link inside the link bar!))

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oh okay thanks)) "Ruh uh!" Scooby said from the front seat

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" What is it Scooby?" Dakota asked eagerly.

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"Rhost, In back of van!" he said shaking

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Dakota looked in the backseat she smiled and took a picture with her camera, " Sometimes I don't get you and Shaggy, you two are the biggest scardey cats here," Dakota said as she took the pictures.

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"Eheheh I know right even though thcooby ith my brother i thoudn't laugh at him but i do"

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Dakota then opened a window so that the ghost could fly out of it, " On second thought where is Shaggy?" Dakota asked.

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"he ith right here" Riley said chokingly Shaggy was sqeasing her out of fright

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Dakota pryed Shaggy off of Riley, " Shaggy it's just a ghost you big scaredy cat," Dakota said as she finally pulled Shaggy off of Riley.

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Riley was thrown to the other side of the van she stood up and shook then lay down "Freddy are we almotht there?"

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" Yeah Fred, we there yet?" Dakota asked her twin brother while poking him in the face.

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"Cut it out Dakota and yes we are" he said stopping the van RIley got up and burst theorugh the door (gtg)

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Dakota poked his face one last time before hopping out, she turned around and pulled Shaggy and Scooby out.

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Riley ran up to the mansion "Wow thith ith tho cool!"

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Dakota snapped a picture of Riley and the mansion, she then turned around and looked for Shaggy, she had realized that she didn't see him.

(( Shaggy should be up in a tree, cowering in fear, lol))

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Dakota looked around for Shaggy, " Shaggy? Oh Shaggy? Oh my little scardey cat?!" Called Dakota, she loved Shaggy to the bones but seriously, who's this afraid of ghost and things.

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Riley took astep in and fell through "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" the floor closed again

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Dakota looked around and found Shaggy in a tree, " Dude come down from there, I love you to bones but right now your acting like a child," Dakota said as she looked up at her friend.

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"Riley!" "Rakota!!!!!" Scooby yelled as he heard Rilaey scream

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Dakota turned at the sound of Scoobys voice, " What's wrong Scoob? And where's Riley?" Dakota asked looking for her lovable friend.

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"Rere!" he pointed to the mansion the door was open and Riley's bluejean flat hat was on the floor

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Dakota turned to her brother Fred, " Rielys missing Fred!" Dakota said in actual fear.

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"Come on gang!"

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Dakota closed her eyes for a moment, " Come on Shaggy!" Dakota called, before walking into the house.

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the floor stayed shut "Ugh where am I? Thcooby!!!!!!!!"

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Dakota glanced around, she heard Riley's voice.

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"DAKOTA! GUYTH!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!"

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Dakota saw a trapdoor, she opened it and looked down.

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Dakota looked down and saw Riley, " Fred grab my ankles and lower me down," Dakota said to her brother.

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he grabbed her ankles Riley was growling and bitting at vines

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Dakota was lowered down, she pulled vines apart and then grabbed Riley, " Pull me up Freddie!" Dakota called up.

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He pulled them up "Thankth" Riley said licking Dakotas face

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Dakota scrunched up her face, and smiled " Anything for a friend," Dakota said and petted Riley's head. She galnced around for Shaggy, " Is shaggy still up in that dang tree?" Dakota asked.

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