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message 1: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee What were your initial thoughts on Since You've Been Gone?

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace (gdaminato) | 520 comments I see I'm the first to reply and it's almost the middle of the month. Does this mean that all the people who voted for this book aren't really interested in it?

It didn't appeal to me when we voted in December and it appeals to me even less right now. I've just finished a book (not a YA book so I won't mention the title) that held my full attention for several weeks while I was reading it - even when I wasn't actively reading. I asked people if they had read it hoping to find someone who wanted to share their impressions. Unfortunately, Since You've Been Gone pales in comparison.

I might have found this book interesting if I had picked it up out of curiosity. Sadly, I'm not reading it because I thought it might be fun so I can't say I'm enjoying it.

message 3: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee Thanks for commenting Grace, even if you didn't read it! I have to admit if I wasn't the mod for this month I probably would have skipped reading it...contemporary YA just isn't really my thing -I am, however, glad I read was a nice, easy read....not a whole lot of action but it reminded me of some of the books I used to read as a teenager before my fantasy obsession took over

It only took me a day to get through and the word I would probably use is 'sweet' - it's not at all gritty or awkward like a lot of other YA contemporary books are these days (in case people are avoiding it for that reason)....just a nice easy read

message 4: by Kay, Conquering YA One Book at a Time (new)

Kay | 79 comments Mod
I have the book sitting on my iPad waiting for me to read it. I was wondering for those who have read it:
1. Is it light hearted the whole way through?
2. Does it take a long time to read it?
Sorry I haven't read it yet, I've been working my way through Holly Black's Curse Worker's trilogy this month. Hopefully be getting to it soon though!

message 5: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee It took me about a day to read...I thought it was reasonably's sort of a 'coming of age' type story and deals with very normal teenage's not one that I'd rave about to my friends but I liked it more than I thought I would

message 6: by Grace (new)

Grace (gdaminato) | 520 comments Ash wrote: "Thanks for commenting Grace, even if you didn't read it!"

I ended up reading it after all. A couple of days after posting, I picked it up again and continued and I started to enjoy it.

It was a nice light read that did appeal to me once I got over my tantrum.

message 7: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee Sounds like you were a bit like me Grace...I kept putting it off and putting it off cause it didn't really interest me, and then on Jan 31 I picked it up (cause I sort of had to lol) and ended up enjoying it! I think sometimes when you have low expectations you can be very pleasantly surprised

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