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My Characters shall be made here. I will say when they are done too.

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  My Babies

Diana Marie Kennedy
Arya Evermore
William Henry Greene

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Part One

[Nicknames] None [Biological Age] three and twenty (23)
[Physical Age] Eighteen (18) [Gender] Female
[DoB] May 25 [Sexuality] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status] Single (open) [Crush] None (open)
[Species] Werewolf [Rank] Lady

~Kimmy Hays~dark brunette~brown eyes~5 feet 7 inches~142 lbs~

Diana has long, dark brown hair. It reaches her elbows, and is very easy to take care of. It's naturally a bit wavy, but once brushed acts straight. Diana is very fond of her hair, and found ways to make it act curly. It's not thick, but not thin; she says it has the perfect volume.

Diana has brilliant brown eyes. Since they are the window to the soul, they show passion and intelligence. Diana's facial features are perfect in her eyes. Her lips full and pretty, her nose not too sharp but not round, her eyes big and round, and her eyebrows dark and full.

Diana is tall, standing at five feet seven inches. She weighs a good amount, though a lot of that is muscle. She is very curvy, not lacking in the boobs and butt. Diana has what can be considered an hourglass figure. Her body is something that she is fairly insecure about, but she pretends that she is not.

As a wolf, Diana keeps her raven colored dark brown hair. Her eyes lighten to more of an amber color. She is the size of a large German shepherd. Diana remains muscular and sleek.



Diana knows how to play people. She can trick them and bend them to her will. Though this is something that she normally does not do, as she thinks that it is morally wrong. But when Diana does turn on her charm, she does it well. She knows when to be quiet and when to speak up for herself. Diana is able to take care of vampires, not by killing them, but by talking to them.


Diana is as stubborn as an ox. Once she has made a decision, she refuses to change it. This can be an annoyance for others at times, but she still considers it a good quality. If she wants something, she will stop at nothing to get it-an object or a slave.


Diana is surprisingly creative. Good points of this is that she is an incredible writer or novels and poetry. She also loves to read, even if people will think it may 'poison her mind'. Diana, on the more negative, monstrous side, is very inventive on how to treat her slaves and what to make them do.


Diana is strangely good at putting herself in others shoes. It comes completely naturally to her for other werewolves, but also to slaves. Diana can understand vampires, though she dislikes them and prefers to keep her distance from them. She has never met a shackled, but have no doubt whatsoever that she would be empathetic towards them. This also makes Diana less judgmental and more understanding, which can get her into trouble a lot.


Diana is ver passionate about everything she does. She wants it to be the best. But, Diana is not a perfectionist. She cares about what she does, but not to the extent that it is all she can think about. Having never been in a relationship with anyone, Diana cannot say for certain how she would act. But, when the time does come, she would be very passionate and willing to please. She always wants others to see the best in her, and that is what they see.

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Part Two

▁▂▃▄▅▆▇►♩♪♫♬The Past is in the Past♬♫♪♩◄▇▆▅▄▃▂▁

Diana has a weird but interesting history. She was the third child born in her family, and after her came a younger brother. They were fairly happy, until her father started to have issues. As a little girl, he treated Diana as his little princess. Then he became more violent and wrathful. He blamed their mom for all of his misfortunes. He started having mistress after mistress. And this killed Diana.

Eventually, a vampire must have heard of this, because they started watching Diana's family. Then one night, Diana woke up to the angry screams of her father. She sat up in bed, and in front of her was a group of vampires. Diana turned into a wolf and fought them. She decided that they must have been younger vampires, because it was early morning, and they fled. Diana turned back into a human and went to see what her father was fussing about. All of her siblings had been ambushed in their sleep and were dead. He had turned on Diana's mother and was fighting with her. Diana quickly came and stopped her father, but he started fighting with her. So, Diana had no choice. She fought him, giving time for her mother to flee. In the end, her father killed himself. Diana didn't realize that; she still thinks that she killed her father.

Diana became a Lady in the disappearance of her mother and the fight under her own roof. Diana changed her, surname to her mother's in honor of her. Diana still feels the guilt of her father's death, and that of being the only child that survived that terrible night.


▸Lisette Kennedy|Mummy|Werewolf|53|▪▪▪▪▪
Steven Wallowsdale|Dad|Werewolf|49|▪▫▫▫▫
Marie Wallowsdale|Sissy|Werewolf|21|▪▪▪▪▫
Elizabeth Wallowsdale|Lizzy|Werewolf|19|▪▪▪▫▫
Mark Wallowsdale|Marky|Werewolf|15|▪▪▪▪▫

▴great tracker
▴good senses (sight, hearing, etc.)

▾her mom
▾guys in general
▾doesn't have the best hunting skills

▵reading & writing
▵dogs & horses
▵nature in general

▿the royal balls

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▐ ❝I don't know if I'm even myself anymore...❞
Name: Arya Evermore
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: lycan
Rank: Princess
Sexuality: heterosexual
Date Of Birth: November 1
H U M A N _ A N D _ W O L F _ A P P E A R A N C E

(view spoiler)

Arya is a very stunning girl. She is fairly tall, standing at five feet seven and a half inches. Arya weighs about 148 pounds, mostly muscle. She has some curves, but is still filling them in as she finishes to grow. Arya has long legs which she loves and wishes she could show off, but can't because showing legs is just terrible. She is very toned and muscular, and can definitely be considered to be in shape.

Arya has long, light brown hair. It's fairly thin but very soft. It has some natural blonde highlights in it. Arya's eyes are a hazel color, but are mainly green. Arya has rather big eyes, and naturally long eyelashes. She has rather high cheekbones, and one could definitely consider her look a bit exotic, but in a pretty way.

Since Arya is not human or vampire, and is lycan, she has a wolf appearance to go along with her human one. As a wolf, she has rather light fur, flecked with gray and brown across her back and her ears. Arya has a very black nose and brilliant brown eyes. Her ears are rather pointed and her fur thick and soft.


Arya is very quiet. Sometimes people mistake her as timid and shy, but she is quite the contrary. She is very intelligent, but does prefer to be alone. She isn't one for a lot of company, and dislikes any fancy party or dinner where a lot of people get together. Arya can definitely be considered an introvert.

Arya also enjoys nature. She found her own spot in the great outdoors at age ten. She loves it and considers it her escape from reality, aside from books. One can see the caring, even motherly side of Arya when she is found outside. She is very gentle, always stopping to smell the flowers, careful not to step on any bug, even a spider. Arya will help relocate a lost insect or even snake so it won't be killed. She watches over the deer; her friends. Arya will chase the rabbits and mice, and they know that she will never hurt them.

Arya is very outgoing and bubbly once you get to know her. She doesn't have very many friends, but she is okay with that. Since Arya is always surrounded by a lot of people, she is fine with it. Arya likes to read and daydream, because sometimes reality bores and annoys her. She can be pessimistic at times, but she tries to be more optimistic.


Arya was born a happy and healthy baby girl. She was always disregarded, and seen as lesser. Her siblings put her down, as do many others. Arya is often in the shadows, but she doesn't mind since she is still young. Sometimes she thinks that her parents, the King and Queen, forget about her. Arya wouldn't be surprised if they thought that she was dead, and will willingly admit so.

Arya sticks to the shadows and observes and learns. She knows about Lady Diana's mother and what happened to her. Arya has her own fair share of secrets, but none dangerous. She is one to know others' secrets too.

When Arya was ten, she ran away from the castle, sick of how obnoxious everything there was. She found her own little meadow and a little creek which led to a pond. It became her hideout and safe spot. Anytime she feels angry or upset, she runs away to there. Arya finds it relaxing, the way the rays of sun hits her skin or fur, the water lapping against her body, the rocks at the bottom of the creek...

Later on the same day, she went back home, very bubbly and refreshed. Some were suspicious, but they left Arya alone. She leaves the castle and goes there often, claiming that it's the only way she's still sane.

Since running away her life has been rather uneventful, though she does like knowing all of the gossip to see what people think and if they are right or not. Of course, Arya never joins in on the gossip, but only listens and asks the occasional question. She hates rumors. She actually hates gossip too.


Secrets: ~nonviolent/benevolent ~hates killing and doesn't eat meat except chicken, turkey, and fish ~knows about Lisette (Diana's mother)
Pet Peeve(s): ~sexism ~being asked if she's okay ~gossip & rumors
Relationships: the Evermore's are all family, but nothing more than that
Other: Nope.

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The original template above is not mine!

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 437 comments Mod
Both Approved

Also, sidenote, the next character you create must be human (supernatural to human character creation ratio is 50/50 per person)

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▐ ❝ Quote reflecting your character❞
Name: William Henry Greene
Nickname: Will
Age: one and twenty
Gender: male
Species: human
Rank: none (will be added)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Date of Birth:
H U M A N _ A P P E A R A N C E

Add a paragraph of description plus picture. One picture please! Rest in spoilers
Will has brown hair and thick eyebrows. He can easily grow a beard, and will every once in a while. Will has high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. He can easily be considered very attractive. Will has a light birthmark on his neck. He is quite tall, standing at barely under six feet. Will weighs around 185 pounds. He is also not merely toned, but very muscular.

Will can be considered buff. He works out often and likes to keep in shape. Will is tall, but there are guys taller than him. He finds his height perfect because he isn't towering over everyone but is taller than many.


Three or more paragraphs


Three or more paragraphs


Pet Peeve(s):

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