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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia These characters would all have specific, unique powers. They could have been born with it, genetically tested, or whatever you all decide. Mine would be a girl who was genetically engineered/tested and has wings. (Yes, kind of like Maximum Ride) All of these characters would have ran away from the life they were living before, good or bad, and end up meeting each other... I'm not sure how yet.

message 2: by kpcrossan (new)

kpcrossan Hey

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia Hey! This will be awesome!

message 4: by kpcrossan (new)

kpcrossan Yea. Wanna start making our characters?

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia Yes! I'm in the middle of writing an essay, so just be patient with me, lol

message 6: by kpcrossan (new)

kpcrossan No problem. I have to write an essay to.

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia lol

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