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Are the other books in the series worth reading

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Jennifer I found the first book interesting, but I'm not sure whether I want to read the next few books.

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Nicole Gathering Blue was ok. A bit boring. Still, read this.

Messenger was great. Definitely my favorite book in the series. It follows the story of Matt from Gathering Blue. The ending was just sad :(

Son was pretty interesting. Must read if you want to know what happened to Gabe (and his mother).

So yeah. They are worth reading. The stories are excellent.

Marcy Rynearson I went way too many years not realizing this was a series. Upon discovering the other three books, I started to read them right away. At first they seem to have nothing to do with the first book, which was a little disappointing. Then, everything started to come together and The Giver made much more sense to me.

I definitely recommend reading the others to complete the story and get the fuller meaning of the first book.

MJ Codename: ♕Duchess♕ Yes.

But there needs to be a fifth book to wrap up a lot of loose ends.

Megan Yes, yes, yes. You must read the whole quartet. It really gives insight to the first book and it's so cool when you get the "ah-ha" moment when everything pieces together.

Faby thank you (for making this discussion and for the answers). When I bought The Giver I told the shop assistant that they have to get the other ones (I'm from some place in Argentina and we have only this cool bookshop place where they sell books in English) 'cause I was surely gonna want them as soon as I finish that one, but then I finished it and I was so happy with it just like it was and idk I read that they started with different stories and I wasn't that excited but now I really really want to read the other ones.

Sarah Sohn The only one that I was not in love with was Gathering Blue. The others were amazing!

Abby Gathering Blue was an amazing book. When I found out they were related, I instantly bought the book. It did not disappoint!

Belinda Blatz I liked them all

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Jane I agree - I liked them all.

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Savannah YES! Read all of them! Gathering Blue was a little bit boring in the beginning, but it gets better! :)

shelsel.lh I read the massager and the son .and the giver . But not other one

Sarah Sohn After The Giver, Son was my favorite

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Lisbeth Abshire The Giver and Son are the best ones personally. Gathering Blue was a little slow, but it is necessary for the rest of the story. I enjoyed Messenger, but I didn't like the ending, although I do see the message it was delivering. What I like about the series is that it has an important message wrapped up into every book. I really enjoyed the series.

Joanne Moyer yes, I really liked them all.

Gracie I would definitely recommend reading the whole quarter. I especially liked the Giver and Son, but they are all fantastic. At first they seem unrelated, but just wait until you see how everything fits together. It's really amazing and it really brings the Giver to conclusion as well as adds on to the series in a great way.

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