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Kakashi ~The Legend~ | 35 comments Just for my characters :P

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Kakashi ~The Legend~ | 35 comments Awaiting Approval

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster."


►G E N E R A L - I N F O ◄

Name: Tiberius 'Praetor' Evermore
Alias: 'The Dark/Evil Hero'
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Lycan
Rank: Royalty
Sexuality: Straight
Date Of Birth: December 12

►H U M A N - A P P E A R A N C E ◄

Tiberius is muscular, tall (6'2"), and aggressive. His blue eyes always have a hard look to them. Tiberius also have a visible scar down his left eye.


Tiberius is a strong, intelligent, materialistic, individualist. He always works alone unless his father orders him to. He believes that people should be strong alone, rather than to work together. Tiberius rarely trusts anyone in his family, and even if he does trust someone, he keeps several secrets from them. He does things his own way, regardless of the morals of his family, hence his nickname 'The Dark/Hero.' Because of Tiberius's unconditional love towards his parents, he protects them at all costs, even if it is from his brothers and sisters. Although very protective and violent, he has a peaceful and calm side to him. Though the calm side of him is rare to see or even hear about.


Tiberius is known to get into quite a few fights, although recently he has been lying low. He has fought his brothers and sister several times without regret. A few of the unknown murders that have happened around the area were committed by Tiberius himself. All of the victims were warriors that had fought against Tiberius. One of the warriors had his guts mangled, while another had his throat ripped out of his neck. When he was confronted about his violent actions, Tiberius is quoted to have said "If I do not think about blood, then surely I am not living." All in all, Tiberius has a violent and bloody history behind him.

Secrets: Committed several murders
Pet Peeve(s): Humans generally, but he also holds a grudge against a few of his family members
Relationships: Even though Tiberius may get into fights with them, he protects his sisters at all costs
Other: Tiberius has no slaves.

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ash. | 0 comments Approved. please post your finished character in here.

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