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ash. | 0 comments Anyone in the Itola kingdom can post updates on whats going on in the palace.

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Killian Underwood is hiding something up his sleeve. He has something special planned out for this ball to show the dogs of Kiloma that he's the Alpha around these parks. But, what does he have planned?

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Blaire Isadora Evermore, is looking for so trouble at the Royal ball. Would anyone like to help her seek it? ;)

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Queen Jisabelle is searching for a consort to get back at her husband. Will she succeed? And will she stay emotionless to said consort or fall for them?

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Berlioz Aeron Evermore is having a blast at the party, and there are high hopes he'll find and obtain his first slave 'of his very own' at the Ball.

Cyraeni Arroyo Underwood has been seen dancing with a werewolf princess! What could this mean? And will he claim a Shackled finally for the first time at the ball?

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Sarine's shackled Mort Jonothan Rainey is being sent to the dungeons by the queen and will be dealt with after the ball with the king.

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King Georg Underwood is calling for all of his children, those with Jisabelle and Alexandra, to come to the stage and await the arrival of the Werewolf King.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Cyraeni Arroyo Underwood has had a Vision and collapsed into a seizure! His status is stable, thank goodness, but he doesn't seem able to move about the ball and has plans to stay retreated in the side chamber until he feels well again.

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Practically everyone hates King Georg Underwood. He's pretty much an ass.

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Queen Jisabelle Has set her eyes on Theon. She has decided to make him her shackled the moment he had a vision in front of her. He may even become her consort.

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