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KJ | 8 comments I am an avid reader with currently over 600 books in my collection. I took advanced English and Literature classes throughout high school and college. I plan on returning to college to receive an English Degree to make Book Editing my career. I am looking to beta read and do minor editing on your manuscript to hone my skills and be a part of making your creation into a masterpiece.
My rate is $0.002 per word. My services include: constructive criticism regarding the dialogue, pace of the novel, any character flaws or plot inconsistencies; suggest any ideas to improve upon the story; I will also provide minor editing such as correcting any grammatical or sentence structure errors. All comments, corrections, or suggestions will be made as a comment in the word document directly onto the file sent. I also include my overall thoughts and feelings regarding your novel as a whole that will be included separate from your original manuscript. All of this will be completed in a timely manner that best benefits you the author. I will be providing an unbiased readers perspective so I ask that you take any comments or suggestions with an open mind. I will never try to override your voice as an author, I will only try to improve upon the novel you have created.
I am interested in working on fiction novels including; Romance, Paranormal, Mythological, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi, or YA. I will do the first chapter for free so you can get an idea of what I provide and I can determine if your novel is something I can improve upon.
If you are interested in my services please send an e-mail to or fill out contact info on

I look forward to being apart of your writings.

message 2: by Lisa (last edited Feb 01, 2015 05:43AM) (new)

Lisa | 4 comments HI there,

I saw your post and was wondering if you would be interested in looking over my short story about a young married housewife that has an affair, when the lover abruptly stops all contact, she discovers she's pregnant and her husband finds out.

If anyone could do anything to it, as this is my first time in writing like this, i would be very grateful.

email me on....

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