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Kassandra Patti hey:)

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Hai! Do u have any ideas?

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Kassandra Patti Mmm not really, do you?

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Good girl x bad boy/player
assasin x prince

And these plotlines that im so in love with

Idea 1: Its a futuristic soceity where women are mere prizes in a male soceity. In this world The girl is seventeen and ready for the Ceremony. The ceremony is where young women are paired with suitors. Girl gets Guy who is known for being a player. She is his fifth pair. He is in the Aristocrat class. When she goes to him, he immeadityl makes it clear that she is just thter to make him look better. When he takes her home, he treats her with little repsect, flirts with her, sexually teases her only for his amusement. He is a playboy but sometimes, very rarely, will act like a human, with kindness and sadness. He is a person who enjoys reading, but not outwardly. He had two sisters, one of whome was killed for being a part of the rebellion, and the other who was married of two another suitor. A girl has to listen to her One, do whatever he wants and cannot leave his house wihout him. If she does leave whout him, she may be punished with death Or whatever he chooses as punihment. its also one girl for one guy. A guy may have many girls, but cannot move on unless the girl dies.

Idea 2: Girl A is a senior student. Boy A is a popular classy guy, also a senior. When A masquerade ball is announced, everyone gets excited. Everyone has to wear black and whIte. Girl A who is sick on that day, doesnt get the dress code. On the evenin of the ball, eeryone comes in, talking wih everuone, since the masks disguise their true idenitity. Girl A walks in wearing a stunnin red gown. Boy A falls for her immeaditly and asks for a dance. They dance, and things get heated. When the ball ends, they seperate, but she accidently drops her locket. Boy A finds it and is desperate to find Girl A. He launches a school wide search, but it fails. He decided to hold another dance. All the Guys must wear masks this time, not the girls. Girl A obviously comes. like before she is wearing a similar dress in another color. Boy A is suspicious and asks her to dance. They do and it ends up as a repeat of last time. but she is hiding something, that will make her reject him and he is determined to find out what that is.

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Kassandra Patti Omg they sound really good! Umm I'm gonna have to go with the first one though, it's seriously intriguing!

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Lol, ok. Charater bios or jump in?

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Kassandra Patti Maybe just a picture and a name? then jump in lol

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Name: Azalea Vandelia Upton Chase

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Kassandra Patti Name: Jake Roseli

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hes hella hot XD ok so who posts first?

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Kassandra Patti Hahaa :P Um you can post first ;P

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Azalea stood nervously on the stage, biting her lower lip. The MatchMaker, the man who paired the girls with their One, stood menacingly as he began calling out pairs. "Julie and...Harry, Jaz and...Graham, Maddy and...Fynn, Azalea and...Jake..." he continued on, but Azalea stopped listening. She stepped forward when her name was called and waited for her One to escort her out. She didnt want to go. She didnt want to be married. But this was her life. She twisted her black dress, waiting.

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Kassandra Patti Jake walked across from his spot wearing a cocky smile as he looked at his pair. He was never the type to attach himself to one person and the pairs before him knew that. He held his arm out waiting for her to take it so that they could stand at the center with the other pairs.

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Her One stood in front of her. Handsome, but looks werent everyhing. she dismissed his hand in defiance and asked him, "im assuming your Jake?"

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Kassandra Patti "The one and only," He said confidently. "Take my arm don't make us look bad in front of everybody." He looked around at the crowd that usually gathers for this Ceremony, he'd been here before but always enjoyed the spotlight that it brought.

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"Im not making myself look bad, im making you look bad." She laughed at the absurd suggestion. If he was going to be her One then he shouod know she was going to do everyhing to hate him.

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Kassandra Patti He shrugged he knew this game, he had previous problems like this. But it never lasted very long once they knew who was really in charge. He looked at her and smiled before turning and going to the center making it seem like he left her there to walk alone to meet him.

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Azalea rolled her eyes and smirked. "Better to be lonely than be with a man." She sighed following him reluctantly. Her father was the only reason she was doing all of this. Otherwise she would of escaped long time ago.

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Kassandra Patti He smiled out at the crowd and looked at the other couples that were being paired off. He knew maybe one of two of the guys and even had fooled around with one of the girls when he had had his third pairing. "Smile beautiful," he said through his teeth at Azalea.

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"Whatever you say, Charming." She said smiling genuinly as she saw one of her friends lookig happy wih her pair. She waved to her, smiling not because she was happy but just because her friend was happy.

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Kassandra Patti "The men will now give their women a ring to symbolize that they are theirs and cannot be claimed or had by anyone else but them." Said the Matchmaker as five other men came out bearing rings.

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"Oh joy." She said sarcasticaly as she immeaditly began fingerig with her mothers engagement ring. Her mother had been so happy. She looked over to Jake. Why did the world hate her?

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Kassandra Patti Jake took the ring from the guy and turned to Azalea just as all the other guys were doing. "To be mine 'til death." It was the sentence that all had to repeat as they placed rings on their pairs fingers. He slide the ring onto her finger, how would she be when he brought her to his home.

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She watched him as heslid therin on her finher. And there went my life, she thought. Her eyes glinted with a sadness but was quickly masked as she began twisting her new ring, to distract herself. "To be yours til death," she murmured as all the other girls did. Some pairs kissed, others hugged. She smiled for them happily, while she rubbed her bare arms lookin off in another direction.

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Kassandra Patti Jake kissed her on the cheek, not wanting to be the only pair that didn't show any type of affection. He was already not liking her attitude, but that would change quickly he knew it would. He was in charge here not her.

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Kassandra Patti ((Sorry i went out for dinner shouldve told ya))

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Her face tinged a light pink. "Enjoy, our newlyweds." The MatchMaker announced and the door opened, letting the couples leave and take their girls to heir new home. "After you, Jake." She said, glancing at him.

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Kassandra Patti He didn't object and walked in front of her towards the door leading them to their new house. New for her anyways, "things are going to be different now." He said to her in a 'you don't even know whats going to happen next' kind of way.

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"No duh, sherlock." She replied walking after him. Pbviously, she was to be living with...him. he was probably going to make her his slave, which she personally preferred than becoming his pleasure toy.

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Kassandra Patti He huffed at her answer before getting into one of the black cars that were waiting for them to take them to their new house. He stepped in claiming the seat on the far side and waited for her.

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Azalea stepped into the car, lifting her black dress as she did. She sat as far away from Jake as possible. She didnt want him touching her or coming near her, period. She watched the life she knew pass by and she put a longing hand to the car window.

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Kassandra Patti "You don't need to be dramatic. You're being out into a house of wealth and good looks." He said looking at himself in the windows reflection. "Other women kill for being placed with me."

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"Hmm, its not that Jake. I dont care about wealth or status. I just want to be home with my friends, be able to freely express myself without a man hovering over me. but i have to make Papa happy. He still lives in the world where my One can treat me well and make me happy. but i know better. So dont you ever touch me or come near me." She said softly at first. She glanced at him and made sure she made her point clear.

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Kassandra Patti He laughed, throwing his head back "you think you make the rules here?" He asked as if it was the most ridiculous thing "you're very wrong. You follow me not the other way around. Let's just get that clear."

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"I make the rules when it comes to me." she replied watching him. "I decide what anyome gets to do with me, lets get that clear." She said defiantly.

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Kassandra Patti He raised his eyebrows "you'll be a challenge but you'll come through. I say what goes and what doesn't." He said looking at her with narrowed eyes. "Let's make that very clear."

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"Ummmm, how about no." She smirked crossing her legs.

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Kassandra Patti He clenched his jaw and stared at her. How did he get paired with such a defiant girl. He never had this kind of bad luck on his others.

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"Domt stare for too long.i might blind you." She said as she looked away crossing her arms. "how much farther?" She asked the driver.

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Kassandra Patti He rolled his eyes and answered for the driver "we'll be there in five minutes I picked out this house a week ago." He said coldly.

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"I asked the driver, but that works too." Azalea glanced at Jake. "But its five minutes too long to be in a five foot radius of you." She mumbled under her breath.

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Kassandra Patti He ignored her and waited until the driver pulled up to the big expanse of land where a moderate sized house was placed.

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Azalea looked at the place. She hoped it would be easy enough to stay out of his sight. And to go see her friends every night. "How many exits are there?" She asked him as she saw the front door. "Windows included." She added.

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Kassandra Patti "Already planning the escape?" He asked his voice wasn't playful. "You'll know how many windows there are in due time." He left it at that as he stepped out leaving her in the car.

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She got out, biting her lip. She smirked. "Possibly. But no, i just like to know my surroundings." It wasnt as if he could stop her anyway. "Show me in, will ya Charming?" She said gesturing to the front door. As she had told many guys who had come after her in her younger years. 'if you want me, come get me.'

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Kassandra Patti He complied taking her hand to lead her into the house. "By law, we have a bedroom which is on the second floor. The spare room you are never to go into." He said.

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"Wait...I actually have to sleep in the same bed as you?" She asked incredulously following him reluctantly.

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Kassandra Patti He opened the door stepping inside. He had to admit he had made a good pick, the ceilings were high and everything was white and black with touches of colour everywhere. "It's usually how it works." He replied sarcastically.

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She groaned. "This is going to be a loooooooooong forever." She looked around, liking the house immeaditly. The house, not him. She pulled her hand away from him, walking forward to explore.

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