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message 1: by V.S. (new)

V.S. Kemanis (vskemanis) | 32 comments Hello! I've recently updated book covers for three of my books on Amazon. I would like to replace those three covers here on GR. These are not new editions, but the same books. How do I accomplish the change?
Thank you!

message 2: by Paula (last edited Jan 31, 2015 02:00PM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments GR does not delete/ change covers on published books.

If you provide links to the new covers someone will add new editions or

Follow the instructions in msg4 of the link below

message 3: by V.S. (new)

V.S. Kemanis (vskemanis) | 32 comments I'd like to send you the jpgs. May I send it to an email address as an attachment? Sorry, I don't know how to make my personal jpgs into a link. Thank you.

message 4: by V.S. (last edited Jan 31, 2015 04:20PM) (new)

V.S. Kemanis (vskemanis) | 32 comments I saw this on your instructions: "No bookseller links can be used as sources for covers or other book data, with the exception of Amazon and its subsidiaries." So, with the hope that the Amazon links will work, here they are (Everyone But Us is a completely new cover, Dust of the Universe and Malocclusion are both almost the same covers except they were reformatted shapewise):

And here are three links to One Drive:

Dust of the Universe


Everyone But Us

Thank you!

message 5: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) I add Everyone But Us Kindle Edition, 217 pages

Others seems to have same cover

message 6: by V.S. (new)

V.S. Kemanis (vskemanis) | 32 comments Hey, thanks so much Mohamed!

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