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A small bookstore that's noticeable, but passed up the majority of the citizens. It's a regular, mundane bookstore, but of course has a little bit of something for everyone.

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Leena (leena23) Bell looked down at her cellphone, the first time she'd looked at it since leaving her flat, and noticed she had a couple of messages. She smiled as she climbed the steps that would lead her away from the subway system. Soon she was above ground once again, and lost in the crowd of people as they were all headed to work as well. She quickly typed back, as well as tried to pay attention to where she was going, I'm almost to work, I'll open and start setting things up. Can't wait to see you! -B, she hit send and then put her phone back in her bag before really concentrating on her steps and hurrying towards work. It was near 8:45, and she liked to be early so that she could put up any new shipments they might have waiting for them. Of course books came in throughout the day too, so they always had something to do, even if customers were sparse. Though normally they did have a lot of regulars, and Bell, as well as Fleur, knew most of them by name and could easily recommend a book or two when they entered the shop. Bell smiled as she slipped pass an elderly woman, then she ran across a street, earning her a honk from a taxi cab driver, then half-ran the rest of the block, ending up in front of bright red doors. She took out a ring of keys, she inserted an older looking key into the door, she twisted and opened the door, she quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind her, re-locking it. Fleur had a key, she could let herself in. Bell inhaled the musty smell of books, loving the smell as it enveloped her. Home, that was what the book shop felt like, Bell slipped behind the big wooden desk, and put her bag in a cubby underneath before finding her apron that had her nametag on it, she slipped it on and then went to see if there were any boxes in the back.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur walked hurriedly down the street. She wanted to get to the store right away, so she could tell Bell what had just happened. Simply because things like that never happened to her, she didn't usually flirt or kiss men's cheeks or agree to let them take her to lunch. It just wasn't something she'd ever done. But Ibrahim was different; he was strong and interesting, and so far, very sweet to her. She couldn't wait to see him again, and found herself actually wishing that he would come into the store that day. But that was far fetched, especially after Fleurs mistake with kissing his cheek, how stupid could she be?? She shook her head to herself, rounding the corner and finding herself in front of the bright red doors hat would lead her into the bookshop. The sign was still turned to closed, so Fleur figured that the door would be locked. She placed the two warm cups down on the steps, and rummaged through her bag until she found the ring of keys that she had for the shop. She pushed the correct key into the slot, then turned it, popping open the door before picking up the starbucks and walking inside and placing them on the counter "Bell, it's me!" She called over the jingle of the bell above the door. She pulled her key from the lock and closed the door behind her, leaving it unlocked, since they were both surely there.

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Leena (leena23) Bell had disappeared to the back, five new boxes had arrived, and one of them held a box full of books that were written only in Spanish. She frowned down at the box, like it was going to solve the mystery itself. How in the world had this happened? She knew that their boss, the owner, was an older gentleman, but damn did he go off the deep end? No one would buy these books, they hardly had any Latino customers, and the few that they did have, well they didn't speak a lick of Spanish. "Oi vey," She muttered and bent down to push the box out of the way, that was when she heard the bell above the door, and her friend calling out. A smile crossed her face as she abandoned the half opened boxes and went through a few aisles to make her way to the front. "Oh thank the heavens you're here, you will not believe, oh-!" She grabbed the coffee, "You are a goddess, have I said that lately??" She smiled once more at Fleur before taking a deep drink of the yummy, sugary, substance. Fleur would probably harp on her about how it was bad for her health, but it was seriously her weakness. It was like her life line, she would die without it. She took a breath after downing half the drink, "So our ever fabulous owner has ordered an entire box of Spanish text books. Can you believe it? What the hell are we going to do with those?" She scrunched up her nose and turned her pale green eyes to Fleur with an annoyed look.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur flipped her hair playfully when Bell called her a goddess "How could I ever forget?" She asked in a teasing tone. She crinkled her nose when Bell was drinking the coffee "But for the record, I think that stuff is gross, and not good for you, and tea has just as much caffeine if you let it brew enough. And tea is good for you." She said in a rapid way of speaking, trying to get in her lecture before Belinda could stop her from doing so. She knew it wouldn't get through to her friend, but it was worth a try. Fleur started to pull off her coat, smiling the whole time as she placed it behind the counter. Her eyes widened when Bell mentioned that he'd bought Spanish books "What?? Why? Who told him to do that??" She asked, then started to laugh some. She was in an extremely good mood, even for an angel whispering prep such as herself. "I think we should start making lists of what he should order every month, just submit them to him so he won't make silly mistakes like this." She said honestly, leaning her elbows on the counter and taking a sip of her chai.

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Leena (leena23) Laughter floated up from Bell as well once Fleur started laughing, she all but forgot the lecture she'd just gotten. It was silly, the poor senile, old man had no idea what he was doing. "Yes," She gasped out, "You should definitely make lists. Seriously I don't know how he's gotten along without us." She wiped away the tears that had come with the laughter, her smile and laughter died down though as she really took notice of Fleur. "So... what is up with you today? You seem awful chipper, not that I mind. I like that you're in an exceptionally good mood, but what's the reasoning, hmm?" She smirked, wondering if it was a new fling, not that Fleur had those. Far too serious for a fling, maybe a relationship, but not a fling. Still... Bell was curious and would nag Fleur until she gave her information on whatever was going on with her. Bell started sipping at her coffee once more, even it was packed with calories, and full of poisonous sugars. She almost grinned, if only Fleur saw her snack cabin, it was packed full of candy and chips. Some things were best left unsaid though, so she would probably never reveal said cabinet to her closest friend.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur nodded as she finished sipping her tea "Oh, we definitely will. And we can put out a list on the counter for requests, so we an really order for the clients that we have!" She said in a bright voice, sometimes she surprised herself with good ideas. Fleur started to grin mischievously when Bell asked about why she was so chipper. It wasn't exactly a routine thing for Fleur to have a hot man buying her tea and asking her to lunch, she wasn't used to it, so of course, it made her terribly perky. "Wellllll.... That coffee you're drinking?? A really, really ht guy bought it." She said in a secretive way, acting like she wasn't going to tell her friend any more than that. But she couldn't help herself, and soon launched into the story of how she'd knocked into Ibrahim as soon as she walked into Starbucks. She told Bell every detail of the story, moving her hands in an animated way and even mimicking hers and Abe's voices sometimes. "And then I kissed his cheek. I actually kissed his cheek and just ran away. So he probably won't even come, I mean I probably looked crazy so he won't come. But it would be so great if he did." She chirped out, finishing her story and looking at Bell hopefully, wanting to see an expression at least half as excited as her own.

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Leena (leena23) Bell was grateful that Fleur agreed, she would write up the lists from now on. At least she wouldn't have to worry about running into such things again, Bell figured that maybe she would put the Spanish books on sale for half price or something. She was pulled from her thoughts when Fleur mentioned coffee and hot guy, wow what a perfect combination, it almost sounded like the beginning of a fairy tale for Bell, which was the cause for the full fledge grin that appeared on her face as Fleur broke the pain staking silence inbetween her admittance and the story of what it was all about. "Oh my," She said with surprise when Fleur admitted to kissing him on the cheek, "Why you little flirt. I didn't even know you had it in you," Bell crowed and even gave Fleur a pat on the shoulder like she'd done something amazing. "I bet he'll be down here later this afternoon or tomorrow, and I have to meet him before this lunch date happens," She made her tone light and friendly, but Bell was very serious. She screened all of Fleur's dates, because she was a witch she had a very good intuition. Thankfully Fleur usually took Bell's advice to heart, but Bell truly hoped this guy was as pure of heart as he sounded. For her friends sake at least.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur grinned even wider when Bell seemed to be truly excited for her, well that was just the icing on the cake. She couldn't be too happy about something unless Bell was happy, too, she was like her sister, but Fleur wasn't really sure of that, since she was an only child. She nodded quickly when Bell mentioned that Abe would have to meet her before their lunch date "Well of course he will, why would I ever brake that tradition? I told him where I work for a reason, we're always both here. So when he drops by, he'll have to meet you." She said, acting like it was tricky. But really it had just been a great mistake, she'd just told him out of excitement, she hadn't actually thought of that wonderful explanation until two seconds ago. Fleur was still smiling like a fool when she walked to behind the counter and pushed her purse underneath it into her win cubby, and pulled out her name tag, pinning it onto the top of her dress. She hated the aprons, and always refused to wear them. Not like the owner could argue, he ordered Spanish books. "I'm just so excited, Bell. And I really hope he shows up. I hope I didn't ruin it." She admitted, flipping the sign on the front door so it read open, and peeking over at Bell "Want to get the stocking started?" She asked with a raised brow. Stocking usually took them a little while, since they would usually start reading books every hour or so. But they got it done.

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Leena (leena23) Bell was relieved when Fleur agreed, Bell was probably just being paranoid, but hey, she was looking out for her best friend. If the guy seemed shady, well she'd tell Fleur, if Fleur still went for it, then Bell would make her a charm of protection and insist that she wear it. Actually she would probably start making that charm later on that night, just in case. It would take all night anyway, so she might as well have it ready. She pushed some of her dark hair behind her ear, it had come out of her ponytail. Bell smiled lightly, "You could never ruin anything. You're the purest soul I know Fleur, don't doubt yourself. He would have to be an idiot not to come see you. Now shush, lets go get to that stock pile in the back, and figure out what the hell we're going to do for a display with those Spanish books of Harries..." She shook her head with amusement as she went to the back of the store with Fleur. She was glad that she had her friend, if she didn't, well she probably would've gone cuckoo a long time ago, though some already said she did.

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Fleur quirked a brow when Belinda went into talking about how she couldn't ruin anything, a sweet smile creeping into her face. Bell was honestly the best friend she could ever ask for, Fleur had no clue what she would do without her. She kept her grounded and sensible and always gave her the best compliments. Fleur hid her smile behind her tea some and nodded "Oh, alright. But I still think it might be messed up, and I will until he shows up." She made sure that was on the table, because of course, she was going to be insecure about the whole thing. She couldn't help it, really. Fleur placed her paper cup back down on the counter and nodded easily, following Bell to the back room where all of he shipments were left "We can just Mark down those Spanish books a ton, maybe someone will pick it up if it's a seven dollar book or something?" She commented, peering down into the boxes all over the room. "You know bell, some of these are actually good books, maybe he's not doing too awfully?" She commented, picking up a copy of a new mystery novel that had been on the bests sellers list for a week or so now.

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Leena (leena23) "You recommended that book to him, remember?" She pointed out when she saw which book Fleur was talking about. She hid a smile, the old man listened to Fleur, he talked about her like she was his daughter. She was happy that Fleur had an influence on him or they would be left with non-selling merchandise like the box of books at her booted feet. "I'm just gonna-" Bell huffed as she picked up the box, "Take these out front. We can put a huge red sale sign in front of them, 6.99 definitely sounds like a good price. Maybe we'll at least make our money back," Bell disappeared for a few minutes, she sat the books up front then went back to the storage room with Fleur, wondering what all they were going to set out that day, and what they would keep in the back for later use. "Oooo look at this teen novel," She held it up for Fleur's inspection, the two were terrible about getting distracted at work. It was so easy to get wrapped up in new books, they both read a majority of the interesting books that passed through the shop, they even gave reviews on a blog site they had together. Which earned them forwarded copies from some of their favorite authors.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur glanced up at Bell and chuckled softly when she mentioned that Fleur had been the one to recommend that boom. "Oh, right. Well at least he has us?" She said in a sweet tone. She knew he was kind of silly in his old age, but Fleur quite liked the owner of the shop. He was a sweet man, and was always fair to the girls about their hours, pay, and any time that they needed off. He'd even hired a second set of employees so they could have two days off each week, instead of one. Fleur nodded in an absent minded way when Bell left the room with the box of books. Her fingers were already reaching into the box to take out one of the mystery novels that she'd recommended. She actually hadn't read it yet, and slid slowly down to sitting on the floor while Bell was gone, cracking open the book to the first page and leaning her head down to read some. She was already a wrapped into the first chapter when Bell came back, and she snapped out of her small trance. "Hm?" She hummed softly, lifting her head to see Bell holding a book "Ohhhhh yes I wanna read that one when you're done, this one is already good. I make good picks." She told her, waving the book in the air before her face.

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Leena (leena23) Bell glanced at the book Fleur was holding with interest, "We'll swap when we're done." Bell tucked the book onto a shelf in the back and then started grabbing books to take up front. She put them in their places, or made new places for the ones that wouldn't fit. "We have new signs for some of these books," She called to the back during one of her times in the front of the shop. She had dug a smaller box out and tugged it to the front, it had signs and some popular book's in it. She and Fleur had setup a pretty corner for the Spanish books, heck if she knew how to read it she would by one. Still, Bell doubted they would sell too fast. A customer walked in with two little ones while Bell was setting up a small sign next to a stack of books, she flashed the customers a smile. "Hello," She said in the brightest voice she could muster, children really weren't her thing, adults sure, children no. Bell straightened and prepared to help the young mother that had two children tugging on her hands, "Fleur?" She called out hopefully, maybe Fleur would help the children while Bell helped the mom, then they could close up for lunch or something.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur was organizing the back room. She'd taken all of the books out of the boxes and sorted them back into them by when they should go on the shelves. They were all packed neatly together, she liked things to be tidy, when Fleur grabbed up a clipboard with some pieces of lined paper clipped onto it. She started to scribble down the names of some popular authors and series that the shop always sold quickly, figuring that she could start the ordering list for the owner now. Her attention broke when she heard Bell's voice from the front, though, and she placed the clipboard down and walked out there to see a mom with two children. Ah, that was it. Bell wasn't the best with kids, but Fleur was great with them, so they always tag teamed when they came into the store. Fleur smiled warmly at the mom "Hi, I'm Fleur. Do you mind if I take them to the children's section while Belinda helps you?" She asked kindly, and the mom said that of course she wouldn't mind, no one ever argued with Fleur's smile. "Come on guys, let's go read somethin" she suggested to the young ones, who scampered off after her to the section made specially for tiny humans. Fleur started to ask them what they wanted to read about, to which they both readily answered princesses, and got to work finding a suitable book.

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Leena (leena23) (So sorry, I was just so tired.)

Bell breathed a sigh of relief when Fleur came up like an Angel and took the children away, thankfully. "Now please tell me your interests and we can start compiling a list of recommendations for you Ms...?" Bell learned soon enough that Ms. Teller was recently divorced, had two children, and was getting a big chunk of money because her wealthy hubby had cheated on her and she had proof. They went on to discuss books, and what she liked, which was mostly romance. So Bell took her to the Harlequinn section and left her to her own devices, she looked very happy as she skimmed the thin romance novels, many women enjoyed them. Bell was happy that she'd done her good deed of the day and went to the front to look over the mail that had just arrived, it was mostly book magazines for her and Fleur to look over. They could figure out what they wanted to order in the future, there were two, small, brown wrapped packages addressed to their blog name. Bell grinned, they had to be forwarded copies for the girls to read and review, she practically buzzed with excitement and couldn't wait for Fleur to rejoin her so that they could open the packages together.

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Fleur knelt down by the princess books and pulled one of them out, it was her absolute favorite. She had a weakness for kids, and children's books made her incredibly happy, especially when they had good lessons for kids. The one she was holding was all about how a princess saved a dragon from a silly, stupid knight. Fleur sat down on the colorful rug that laid on the floor by the bookshelves, and cracked open the book. The girls had asked her to read it to them while their mother shopped, so of course Fleur was going to. There was no way for her to say no to adorable little girls like these ones. As soon as she started to read, the girls were enthralled into the story, hanging on Fleur's every word. Just when she was on the last page, the girls' mother walked over and watched as Fleur finished the story, smiling down at her two little girls. Fleur closed the book and went to put it back on the shelf, but the mother declared that she'd like to take that book, too, as well as a few romance novels she had in her hand. "Oh, alright, here you go. Bell can ring you up." She said, standing up and straightening the hem of her dress as she followed them up to the register.

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Leena (leena23) Bell's thumb edged along one of the folds of one of the books, debating on opening the package without Fleur, she was taken by surprise when the mom and her two girls were all of a sudden in front of her desk looking at her expectantly. Bell put the package down and smiled, the girls looked extremely happy, "Working that magic I see," She whispered to Fleur with a knowing grin, Fleur just had a knack with kids, one that Bell hadn't been able to imitate or figure out. So she just left that entire department to her dear friend, Bell rang up the books and waited as the mother slid her credit card into their ancient machine, it took a matter of minutes before it cleared and a receipt was finally printed. "Come back soon," Bell encouraged, the mother promised they would be, and that this would be a regular stop for them from now on. She even mentioned that maybe if Fleur setup a weekly reading time geared for children then they would come for that too. Bell rose both dark brows when the mom left, "Well well, looks like you definitely broke out all the charm. I agree with her though, you reading once a week to children would be great for business, plus you seem to enjoy it." Bell winked at her shy friend, then pulled out the two small, rectangular packages. "Look what came in for us!" She pointed to the addressee, it was their blogs name scripted on the front. "It has to be something good in each one," She told Fleur with confidence.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur shook her head softly when Bell spoke of her breaking out the charm. It wasn't really like that, she just loved kids. They were sweet and kind and they didn't have any cruel things to say. Yeah she had a lot in common with kids. Fleurs brows shot up when the mother mentioned her hosting a reading time for kids each week, it was actually a wonderful idea. It would bring in not only children as customers but also their parents, and parents liked all sorts of books. As soon as the woman and her children left, Fleur turned to Bell "Oh my god, that's actually an amazing idea! It would bring in so many people, and we can have coffee and cookies or something set up for everyone and wow Bell! This could actually work." She said excitedly. Fleur loved this aspect of her job, the one that let her communicate with the community. Her eyes shot to the packages and started to sparkle, she knew it had to be new books for them to read for their blog. She always loved getting things from authors "Oooohhhh!!" She squeaked out, picking up one of the brown packages "Okay let's open them at the same time." She said excitedly, watching Bell hopefully.

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Leena (leena23) Excited, that was the aura that Fleur was giving off, Bell grinned, yes! This would be good for business, as well as a good thing for Fleur. Working with little ones seemed to be part of her destiny, at least that was Bell's opinion. "I can't wait to talk to Harry about it, you know he'll let you do it," She felt a happy buzz in herself because this was a great opportunity for her friend. Bell's attention was quickly diverted though when Fleur got as excited as Bell about the new books, "Okay deal," She bobbed her head in agreement and picked up the other book, her lower lip caught between her teeth as she chewed on it in anticipation. "One, two.... three," She exclaimed and started ripping into the paper, it was like two kids on Christmas. Bell opened hers to reveal a book called 'Red Queen' by Victoria Aveyard. Bell gasped, it was a book she'd been looking forward to coming out, It wasn't due for release for a couple of weeks yet. "I cannot believe it," She whispered as her hands ran lovingly over the hardback cover, the girl that was the main focus of the book was supposed to be amazing. She glanced up to see which book Fleur had in her hands, wondering if her friend was just as pleased as she was.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur nodded "Of course he'll let me do it, why wouldn't he? Just tell him how good it would be for business, and the different types of clientele it would help out with." She said with a big grin. She couldn't wait to have the thing scheduled, it would be so much fun to read to the kids. And she could take two books for the kids to pick from, they could vote or something. She could do special holiday readings, yeah it was an amazing idea. She would have to thank that mother later. Fluer but down on her lip as she looked down at the package, tearing the paper at the exact same time as Bell. The cover showed the title A Wicked Thing, a book that she'd honestly never heard of. But after a quick read-over of the back cover, Felirs eyes were even brighter with excitement than they were a few moments ago "Oh my Angels, Bell this book looks really good! I wanna read it first." She said, basically calling the book. She peeked over at Bell's book and grinned "Ooohhhh I know you've had your eyes on that one, girl!" She chirped happily.

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Leena (leena23) Bell grinned, she was happy that Fleur was content with the book she'd opened because she sure as hell wasn't about to give up her book. "Okay so we'll read these, swap and then post our reviews?" She knew it was more of a statement than a question, but she still spoke like it was a question. Her hands were itching to open the book and look at the first page, but she held back because it was already afternoon. My time had passed quickly, "Sooo, ready to close up shop? We could go grab a bite to eat? Or we could call for something, up to you." Bell wasn't picky, she just knew she was hungry, and Bell was anything but a health fanatic. She liked to eat high carb food, sweet food, and drink her high sugar coffee. "I need more coffee either way," She murmured more to herself than to Fleur, she knew that she would get the lecture on her coffee addiction if she wasn't careful. Her friend was constantly trying to look out for her health, Bell mostly batted her away. She always had sweets of some sort in her purse, but those were mostly in case she had to use magic. Magic drained her, and the only way to recoup some was to have some sort of sugar on hand. After a problematic spell she could down three to four slices of pie all by herself.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur looked down at her book, she definitely didn't want to move, it looked like an Amazon read, and she just wanted to start now. She was technically at work though, so now wasn't the time. She would definitely go home and read, though. Or maybe they would chill at Bell's loft and read together there. She didn't care which. Bell mentioned lunch and she sighed loudly "I don't want to go out, can we just be really unhealthy and call in a pizza? We have drinks in the break room. And that way we don't have to close up, we can just stay here and stack some more shelves." She suggested with a raised brow. "I'll get the menu." She said, placing her book down on the counter and walking to the back room, where she and Bell would take the time to eat and make coffee or tea. She walked to the mini fridge and grabbed all of their menus off of the magnets. She wasn't picky when it came to take out, it was all bad for her and tasted delicious, so she would eat anything.

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah pizza! I want an all meat pizza," She added as Fleur began walking away, Fleur was already getting busy with ordering the food. Bell grinned and straightened up the front of the store, she wanted everything in order before she disappeared to the back to start making crap coffee. She put their books in their respective cubbies, and then gathered the mail, she stuffed the unopened pieces into a box that Harry would pick up later. She went to the romance section, and picked up the books that the mother had left out. ONce she was finished she joined her friend in the back. "Did you get ahold of them yet? I wanted to see if they have mountain dew too," She smirked as she took the coffee grounds and water and put them all in the cheap coffee maker. She didn't think this coffee panned up to what she could buy at the café, but hey, it would work to help her caffeine addiction. Plus she could add tons of the creamer that they had bought a few days before, high in sugar and caramel.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments "Got it!" Fleur called into the other room, peering down at the coupons they had. One was for a medium pizza, so she figured she would just get that. Then they would have some to take home. She lifted her cell phone and opened up the calling app? Dialing the pizza places number and putting the phone to her ear. Some young guy picked up, and Fleur readily got to work ordering a medium pizza with meat on top. It was an easy order, but right after she answered "yes" to "is that it?", Bell piped up saying that she wanted Mountain Dew "Oh wait, could we get a Mountain Dew with that, please?" She asked in a sweet voice, so of course the guy complied. Once Fleur was done ordering she hung the phone and turned to Bell "They said it should be here in fifteen minutes. I personally think that's too long, and it should be here, like, right now..." She trailed off from her thoughts when she realized what Bell was drinking "Really? More coffee? You're going to give yourself a heart attack, Belinda." She said, using the full name to double the impact.

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Leena (leena23) Bell watched Fleur talk to the guy, sweet talker that she was, and took a sip of sugary coffee, enjoying the way the hot substance went down her throat and warmed her belly. The smell of coffee was thick in the air since it was freshly brewed, Bell's cheeks were slightly more pink after drinking her coffee, it made her feel lighter in step. She almost spilled her cup though when Fleur burst out though, she cringed slightly when her full name was used. Ouch. "I... uh," Bell grasped at an excuse, "Headache!" She said like she was a genius, "I had a headache coming on, so I had to have some," She looked quite proud of herself and the excuse she'd decided to use. It was a lie of course, but hey, at least she'd replied instead of just looking guilty or dumbfounded, she grinned at Fleur before taking another sip of the drink. Once Fleur had tricked her into drinking herbal tea and Bell had almost puked, it was the most disgusting concoction she'd ever endured, she swore off anything healthy after that, Fleur could have it all.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur looked at Bell with her hands laying delicately on her hips, her blonde brows quirked in her friends direction. Her excuse was a headache, and honestly Fleur thought she needed to come up with new excuses, she'd been using the headache one for a year now. Fleur rolled her eyes "A headache? Yeah, yeah. Whatever, fine, have a heart attack. See if I care..." She said, waving her hand in a way that said she really didn't care either way. She started to walk away from Bell, but she couldn't handle saying something like that to her best friend, and turned around after three steps "No I take it back, I would totally care and I would nurse you back to health with lots of tea and I would dump all the coffee into the harbor, or, something like that." She said, then turned on her heel and walked swiftly back to the store. She pulled out her purse and gabbed a ten out of it, she figured she would pay for the pizza like how she would've paid for the coffee that morning, had it not been for Abe. Fleur was leaning her elbows on the counter, facing the storefront. Abe, she found herself thinking of him again, smiling softly to herself as she twirled her hair, lost in her own little world .

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Leena (leena23) Bell blanched, Fleur had said she wouldn't care if she had a heart attack, that was so not like her best friend. Normally she was so calm, Bell felt guilty for the lie and the coffee in her hand, then Fleur was back, she was her old self again and Bell held back a grin. Yeah she was really bad at being bad. Fleur was sweet and gentle, that was just who she was and there was no point in her trying to be anything else. Bell watched after her as she went towards the front of the store. Bell considered maybe cutting back on coffee, it would definitely lessen the lectures and worrisome expressions on Fleurs face. But she couldn't bring herself to do it, nope, she was a coffeeholic and there was nothing she could do about it. Maybe they had support groups for people like her? She stifled a laugh as she set her now empty cup down, then went out to the front to wait on the pizza with Fleur. Bell found Fleur lost in her own little world, she hadn't even seen Bell approach it seemed. "Um I hate to bring you out of your fantasy, but I'm extremely curious as to who or what you're day dreaming about."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur wondered how Abe would act on their date. She assumed that he would be a true gentleman, based on how he'd treated her so far. Maybe he would lay a gentle hand on her back and guide her down the street, or smile at her when she talking about the kids story time that she was so excited about. Maybe he even worked with kids too, or animals or something. Maybe he had a dog? Fleur loved dogs, she would be happy to meet his dog. Fleur was shaken from her fantasies about Abe when Bell walked in and practically snapped her fingers before Fleur, trying to break her out. Fleur blinked some and let her hair drop from between her fingers, looking up at Bell innocently "Hmm? Oh I'm not thinking about Abe or anything, I'm just wondering what he's like from what I've seen from him so far and I think that maybe he has a dog? He seems like a dog person, like a big dog, maybe a German Shepard." She said, looking at Bell wth an innocent grin on her face. She had a crush, a desperate crush, and it wasn't about to go away.

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Leena (leena23) (If only she knew that his dog is a three headed hell hound XD)

Bell shook her head with amusement laced through her beautiful features, her friend was caught up in a wonderland filled with the man she'd met that morning. The thing was Bell got a weird feeling when Fleur spoke of the guy, she refrained from frowning, and kept her easy smile on her face. She didn't want to alarm Fleur, and definitely wanted to give Mr. Love boat a chance, who was she to stand between true love? Bell really hoped this guy panned out, that she wouldn't be dragging her friend away kicking and screaming. Maybe he was just sleazy? Or maybe he had bad taste? Bell hoped her intuition was just warning about something as simple as that, and not something more supernatural. "Okay maybe he does have a dog, or maybe he has a cat?" Bell grinned cheekily, she had a thing for cats, as Fleur well knew. It was because of her witchy ancestry, cliché? Maybe to some, but for Bell they served as a warning for evil. Plus they were really adorable, "If he's not a cat person maybe we can make him one." Bell shrugged just as a guy walked in, he was tall, dark and handsome, a rugged look about him. Every alarm inside Bell went off and she prepared to throw a spell at any moment, though you wouldn't know it by her relaxed stance. What the hell had just walked in their shop, and why was he looking at Fleur like he could just eat her up?

Ibrahim was walking down the street, all of his morning meetings were finished, he'd gotten them done as fast as possible. His mind was centered on one thing and one thing only, the girl from the café. Her blonde hair, slim figure, the way her voice sounded when she spoke to him. He was headed to the book shop that she claimed to work at, hoping that maybe she'd have lunch with him or something. He found the place fairly easily, the big red doors were a definite plus, they let you know where it was quite fast. Abe walked into the door, the chime of a bell above his head signaled his entrance, the one he'd been thinking about all morning was behind a broad desk, Abe grinned at her. That was until he felt a different presence, one less inviting, his eyes flitted to the dark haired girl beside Fleur, then back to Fleur. Witch, there was a witch beside his Angel, hm. Well that would certainly complicate things, he was sure, but maybe he could be charming enough to pull it off? "Fleur," He said simply, he took one of her hands and bent down to kiss the top of it, his eyes never leaving hers as he did so, then he straightened back up, his hand withdrew when he heard a hissing like noise from Fleur's colleague.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur laughed softly at Bell "I don't think he's a cat person, but if he is, I wouldn't mind. I like your cats, the little one, anyway. The old one always glares at me, totally creepy." She told Bell, crinkling her nose slightly. The older cat of hers had always come off as creepy to Fleur. She was still looking at Bell when she heard the bell above the door jingle. She assumed that it was the pizza guy, so she looked up with a polite look on her face. But then she saw that it wasn't a pizza guy, but instead it was Ibrahim. He'd actually come!! "Ibrahim!" She chirped. Fleur grinned widely at him as he walked right up to the front desk. He gently pulled one of her hands close, up to his mouth even. Fleurs eyes widened some, and as his lips laid against the top of her hand, Fleur started to blush deeply. Her cheeks were a pretty pink by the time he pulled away, and let her hand go. Fleur didn't even notice that Bell wasn't happy, she was just concentrated on her knight in shining armor. "How did your meeting go?" She asked, after a few moments of staring at him. Then Fleur realized that he hadn't met Bell "Oh, this is my best friend by the way, Bell." She said, looking over at bell with a big grin.

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Leena (leena23) Bell's mouth turned down even more when 'Ibrahim' glanced her way, his eyes had hardened when he looked at her, then softened once more when he returned his gaze to her friend. The two seemed to be entranced with one another, and Bell felt like she might pass out from the way she felt just being around the guy. A light sheen of sweat popped up over her skin, she smiled weakly at Fleur, then turned her gaze to Ibrahim. "Nice to meet you," Bell's voice was tight but friendly, though it was hard for her to even speak to the man. Bell stepped closer to Fleur, just out of instinct. She hated that this wasn't turning out how she'd hoped, no this was turning into everything she'd feared. There was something terribly, terribly wrong with his guy, and he was definitely not human. But what was he? She doubted that he would just tell her, especially in the presence of Fleur. Did he know what she was? What Fleur was? Fleur didn't even know that Bell knew what she was, the Angel Hunter was slightly naïve. Bell chewed her bottom lip, trying to keep her opinions and emotions reigned in. She made a mental note to get that charm done right away when she got home, plus she would put some protection spells on the shop.

Abe couldn't help but grin wolfishly at Fleur, oh the thoughts running through his head as he stared at the gorgeous girl in front of him. He turned his head to nod his head respectfully at Bell, best friend huh? Damn, well that would definitely be a hitch in his attraction to Fleur. He could tell that the young witch had no likeness for him, and that her inner self was warning her off of him, she was sweating. This was not how he had hoped things would go down, this was all going down hill, but it seemed like Fleur wasn't really picking up on her friends uncomfortableness. Still, Abe knew that it would be impossible to steal Fleur away right then, there was no way Bell would let him. "The meetings went great actually, all of them in my favor," He stayed relaxed, not wanting to let the witch know that he knew about her. "I was coming by to see if maybe we could go out for coffee sometime this week?" He took a glance at Bell, it was a much softer look he gave her this time, he knew it was her that he really had to convince. "Of course you're welcome to come along as well Bell," He gave her his most charming smile, never in his life had he imagined that he would need to manipulate a witch.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur was practically extracted with Ibrahim. He looked so easy and clam in front of her, he was already so confident that she felt the same way. Ibrahim liked her, that much was obvious. They'd only met hours ago, and he was already coming in to the shop to ask her out on a date, kissing her hand and everything. "Oh good! I'm glad to hear it all went well." She said with a perky grin on her face, her eyes steady on his face. Fleur couldn't help but start to you with her hair, she did that whenever she was excited, just a bad habit. He made her excited, and flustered; she could even feel butterflies flitting around in her stomach. She was sure by now that he looked amazing in every lighting. He had been extraordinarily good looking in the bright lights of starbucks, and on the street, and even in the dim, cozy lighting of the book shop, he looked rugged and handsome. He asked if she'd like to go to get coffee with him sometime, and her eyes brightened. Well of course she would. "I would love to! And I have the next two days off, so if either of those work for you?" She asked in a soft tone, hoping he would be free one of those days too. Fleur looked behind Ibrahim quickly to see the pizza guy coming towards the door. "Oh, I'll get that, one second." She said, grinning at Bell as she went to meet the man on the steps, leaving Abe and Bell alone.

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Leena (leena23) "Well then that's settled then," Abe grinned, then frowned slightly when Fleur left him alone with witch girl, his eyes went to Bell, he could incinerate her on the spot if he wanted to. But he didn't voice this little fact, instead he kept his easy going smile on his face and hoped that she wouldn't start a ruckus. "You think that I don't know you're evil?" Her voice cut through the air like ice, Abe almost winced, almost, instead though he grinned cheerily at her, "Why I'd be offended if I wasn't giving off my normal vibe. Though I have to say, most don't pick up on my more carnal nature," His shrug was simple but one could tell that he was proud of who and what he was. Bell of course had no idea what that was, so she was grasping for straws really, and coming up empty. "You will not be going out with her unchaperoned, anytime soon," She stated with confidence that she really didn't feel right then, but she had to protect her friend. And Abe had to admire her for it, the girl had some balls to be going up against a demon as powerful as him, but he just shook his head at her slowly, "We'll see about that. I'm pretty sure Fleur's smitten, and there won't be much you can do to keep her away."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments (Omg they're already at each other's throats cx)
Fleur walked to the door and opened it up, meeting the pizza boy on the steps and handing him the money. She advised him to keep the change, and he thanked her, handing over a big, warm box of pizza, as well as a small bag with the Mountain Dew inside. Fleur waved goodbye when he left, in a very good mood, and turned back to the door. She popped it open with her hip, letting it fall closed behind her as she walked a bit further into the shop "We have pizzzaaaa" she said in a sing-song voice, peeking up to see the two of them just finish talking about something. Fleur walked to the back room and placed the items onto the small table in there, then walked back "I was thinking we could meet you there at ten, because Bell doesn't really like to get up too early. Does that sound good?" She asked, directing the question to Abe once she was back in front of him, standing nice and close to Bell. She peeled over at her friend, seeing a tightness in her features that made Fleur worry slightly, and her face drop "Bell is everything alright?" She asked, glancing between Abe and her best friend.

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Leena (leena23) Bell shook her head, getting ready to give Ibrahim a piece of her mind, but then her friend came bouncing in all happiness and rainbows. "You better watch it," She gritted between her teeth while Fleur was in the back with the food. Ibrahim just gave her that wolfish smile he had, it sent shivers down her spine and made her want to grab Fleur by the hand and run, this would never turn out in their favor. Bell had her hands balled up into tiny fists, not even realizing it, until Fleur glanced at her with concern. Bell slowly made herself relax, she couldn't make herself smile anymore though, with a neutral expression she turned and looked at Fleur, "Yeah. Fine, low blood sugar." It was the best she was going to give at that moment, the air was thick with tension. Ibrahim narrowed his eyes at Bell, she narrowed hers right back before leaving the two. "I'm going to eat," She muttered before turning and walking to the back room to eat and mutter to herself. Ibrahim rose a brow, "I don't think Bell likes me much," He made his words sound apologetic. Though in reality he didn't give a damn, Abe itched to pull the girl into his arms, Fleur was a beauty. He had a feeling he would have witchy fire on him or something if he did that though, so he kept a considerable amount of distance away. Closer to the door really, "Okay so tomorrow, coffee. I'll see you two there?"

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur looked over at Bell with worry obvious on her face. Bell seemed to relax some just at the question, and then looked over at Fleur like she might be sick. Low blood sugar was a decent excuse though, Bell did get that sometimes, since she drank so much damn coffee, and didn't eat enough to keep her going. Fleur nodded when she went to the back "I'll be right there," she called behind her, then looked at Ibrahim again and shook her head, no it wasn't his fault. "Oh don't say that! She likes you, she really does get low blood sugar. She drinks all this coffee and doesn't eat anything with it, so she gets low. But she likes you, she agreed to come, right?" Fleur suggested with a sparkling grin. Ibrahim walked towards the door and Fleur followed, so she could see him out. She nodded in a very sure way, like it was a definite. She tried to think of something, anything that she could do to be a little flirty, all she'd done was smile at him this time. So she did what she first thought of, and touched her hand to Abe's upper arm "Of course we'll be there, I cant wait." She promised.

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Leena (leena23) Abe shrugged, had Bell agreed? He couldn't rightly remember, but of course he'd been kind of preoccupied with Fleur. He rose a brow, her hand had gone to his arm, right on his bicep, it was an electrical touch, and there was a kind of glow coming from Fleur, or so it seemed. He blinked, the glow disappeared, hmm must have been his imagination. "Me either," He agreed, Abe lifted his other hand and touched Fleur's cheek, just a simple, soft touch that was meant to send shivers over her. Hey it was worth a shot, she seemed so damn innocent. He let his hand drop though when he thought he heard some sort of chanting from the back room, no need to be turning into a frog. "Tomorrow then," He said with a grin before disappearing out the red doors, back out onto the streets of the city. Abe slipped on a pair of Oakley sunglasses and then went to the street to hail down a cab, he would head to one of his favorite haunts to distract himself for a while, he needed it after seeing Fleur again.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur felt a flurry go through her when Ibrahim laid his hand softly against her cheek. It sent a shiver down her spine, and made her stand still while he left. She didn't even respond to what he said, she just tried to nod a tiny bit, like that would mean anything. Once Abe was really gone, though, Fleurs face broke in a wide smile. She dashed to the back room where bell was and started giggling softly "Didn't you just love him!! He kissed my hand!! And those lips, my god, he's gorgeous!! I don't know if I feel comfortable going on a date with a guy that's that much prettier than me?? And he invited you on the date Bell oh my god that has to be a good sign, right? No ones ever done that before, so that's really good, right? Omg I just like him so much." She said, throwing herself down into a chair and grabbing a slice of pizza from the box. She looked over at Bell, who didn't exactly look excited "Or... You hated him. Oh, okay. Well, I guess I'll just go tomorrow and tell him that I can't, that it isn't going to work. He'll understand, it's okay Bell, tell me honestly." She said, staring at her friend with absolute puppy eyes.

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Leena (leena23) Bell was in the back room slamming things around, she'd accidently broken the coffee pot in the process and was picking up the pieces when she heard the front door close. She finished picking up the glass and made a mental note to pick up a new coffee maker after work. By the time Fleur returned to the back room Bell had her hip leaned against the table and was munching on a piece of pizza. Fleur broke into a ramble and Bell could only look at her friend a bit dumbfounded, she was over the top in love with this idiot bad boy, Bell couldn't believe it. And the face she gave Bell was the worst, she could never tell Fleur no when she had that face on. It was like a kitten begging for a new home, Bell groaned and swallowed the bite she'd just taken. "We can go," She put up a finger before Fleur could say anything, "But I'm not saying I approve. I want you in no way to be alone with this guy Fleur, I want your promise. I have a really bad feeling about him, and I know my intuition should be trusted." She looked at Fleur with a hard gaze, one that said she wasn't playing games, Bell was truly concerned for her friend, and planned on getting to the bottom of whoever Abe really was.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur pushed a good amount of the pizza into her mouth, biting it off and chewing on it some to distract herself while Bell looked very, very conflicted. But then, she said they could go! And Fleur smiled wide, starting to jump up and down. But bell crushed her little dreams quickly, saying that she had an awful feeling about Ibrahim and that Fleur couldn't be alone with him. What? Fleurs face fell, and she looked at Bell witch obvious disbelief on her face "W-what?" She asked, her puppy dog eyes were gone, by that point she just looked crushed. "Why?? I mean, what kind of bad feeling? I promise, I totally promise. I swear to you, Bell. But, why? What did he do? He kissed my hand and he smiled all the time and he was the cutest guy and ugh I thought it was good!" She said, obviously frustrated. She wanted to be able to be with Abe, she wanted Bell to like him, but it looked like that wasn't going to happen.

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Leena (leena23) Bell watched as different emotions flitted across her best friends face, she sure wasn't happy that Bell didn't like her newest romance, but she would just have to trust her. "Fleur its just bad, everything about him shouts evil to me, I was shaking in there, that's how bad it was. But, you know me, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. So we'll give him his turn to prove himself, but don't think for one second that I'll be letting my guard down." Bell took a bite of her second piece of pizza, she chewed it slowly as she considered their situation, it was a delicate one for sure. "I'm making you something special tonight, I'll give it to you in the morning," She added on, mostly to let her know how serious she was about everything. Bell had full intention on escorting her innocent friend everywhere with the big oaf that apparently had taken an interest in her. Bell dropped the pizza crust in the trash can before sitting in a chair and looking at Fleur with a sadness in her own eyes, she hated that this wasn't working out in Fleur's favor. Who knows though? Maybe she wouldn't find anything dirty on the guy, maybe her witchy intuition was bad today, everyone could hope.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleurs brows knitted together when Bell started to tell her of how Abe made her feel awful when he was in the room. "Oh my, really?" She asked, but the question was rhetorical. She understood now, not because she had the same intuitions, but because she always trusted Bell's instincts. Bell was usually right, while Fleur was always too optimistic to make rational decisions. Plus, Bell's gut instinct alone was more powerful than anyone else she knew. So she wouldn't argue with her friend anymore "Okay, alright. I promise I won't go anywhere near him without you, until you've cleared him or whatever." She promised, her eyes big and empathetic to Bell. She stood up, still holding her slice of pizza, and went to sit beside Bell. She leaned over and hugged her from the side. She would always be thankful, Bell had taken care of her since they were sixteen, and she probably still would be taking care of her another five years from then. Fleur couldn't even imagine a life without her living down the street, at the shop everyday, it was awful to think about. "Thanks for protecting me, Bell." She said softly, taking a huge bite of her pizza while still hugging the dark haired girl at her side.

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Leena (leena23) The smell of pizza couldn't over power the smell of books, and Bell was quite happy with the mix of scents, it tickled the senses. She was trying to calm herself down, the sitting and food helped, then Fleur sitting beside her and wrapped an arm around her helped even more. Her body visibly relaxed and the breath left her in one big whoosh before she slipped an arm around Fleur and side hugged her back. "Always, I'll always be here for you and be willing to do anything to keep you safe," She said in a much lighter voice than before. "I do have to say though, I can see how you would be attracted to him, he's a chiseled man," Bell laughed some, letting herself be fully relaxed with her friend. Fleur was one of the few people that got to see Bell laugh, most people hadn't even seen her crack a smile, including her parents and siblings. It was a rare things for them to see her happy and at ease, because there weren't many people around her that she really trusted to be honest. "Now, I think we should clean up and maybe close up early? What do you think? We could head to my flat with the rest of the food, and our books, have some tea at my place?" Bell did keep tea at her flat, mostly for Fleur, she also had some coffee, caffeine. Yep she was itching for it, whether she would admit it to Fleur or not. Plus she really just wanted to get out of the shop and start working on one of her charms. (Did we decide that Fleur knows that Bells' a witch?)

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur giggled at her friends joke, but she was so right. "I know!! Personally, it's the eyes that make me feel all swoon-worthy. He's just really hot. I hope he's not as evil as you think..." She said in a soft tone, still hugging Bell. Fleur perked up though at the thought of closing up early. They'd barely had any customers that day, anyway, so she would probably just be bored in the shop. Going back to Bell's apartment was always amazingly fun. "Perfect! Yes please, we can chill on the couch with your cats and this whole pizza, because we have way too much, and I think we an eat all of it." Fleur said, letting go of Bell and looking up at her with big, bright eyes. She nibbled just a little bit more on her slice of pizza before putting it back into the box, she would finish it at Bell's "Maybe we can have a sleepover or something, or not, but we should definitely get to starbucks together tomorrow morning. Because I promised." She said, trying to show Bell that she was going to keep that promise.

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Leena (leena23) Bell was glad that Fleur was just as ready to get out of the shop as she was. Good thing their boss let them make such executive decisions, Bell knew that she was luck with the job she had. Anywhere else and she would be begging to get out early, here, well she and Fleur just decided as a team whether or not it was to time to close up shop. Bell started cleaning up their mess, contemplating on Fleurs words, she still wanted to meet Abe for coffee, well then she was apparently going with, so no staying up too late. "Yeah you can stay over, I still have some of your clothes at my place from last time," Bell tried to be light hearted about it all, but she had a sinking feeling that she would be telling her long time friend something that she hadn't exactly revealed yet. She was a witch, sure Fleur knew that she dabbled in some weird stuff, but she didn't exactly know the truth of it all. Now seemed like the time to reveal all, well later, in the safety of her apartment. "I'm sure My kitten is going to be pleased to see you, Toby ? Well he's just a bit ornery," Bell grinned before heading to the front to get her bag. "Are we taking the subway or a cab?" She called over shoulder.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur grinned and flitted around the room with Bell, helping her pick things up and sort everything out. She went to the back room, stacking all of the boxes in case they got any more, then turned off the lights. Had they been productive today? Not really. But they'd sold a woman two novels and got an idea for a new possible event, so maybe that was a yes? Fleur wasn't sure, but she didn't really care. She was just happy to be going back to the apartment with Bell. Sometimes she wished they lived together. But then, Fleur and Bell had very different decorating styles. Fleur liked white and pink, Bell likes hardwood and wrought iron. "Ohhh I can't wait to see the little guy, Toby is just plain rude, I think your cats should have more manners." She muttered, pulling her jacket on and slinging her purse over her body again. Fleur picked up the pizza and went towards the door with Bell, shrugging "Doesn't matter to me, you pick." She said honestly. She walked everywhere, but most people didn't.

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Leena (leena23) Bell contemplated on their choice of transportation, it wasn't like she didn't have the money for a cab, its just that she didn't use it much. Normally she took the subway or rode her bike. "Cab," She decided finally, it was getting later in the afternoon, she figured why not? Bell stood halfway out in the street, her skirt was blowing this way and that with the wind, but Bell didn't notice much, she hiked out a hand and whistled with her other hand as loud as she could. She was a girl from the city, she didn't need no man to help her get a cab. An older gentleman pulled up to the curb in his yellow taxi, Bell flashed a grin at Fleur before slipping into the musty smelling cab. It wasn't really all that disgusting to Bell, it smelled of city, she liked it. "Yeah I need to go to..." Bell rattled off her home address as soon as Fleur was safely in the cab with the door closed. The guy nodded his head but didn't say anything as he took them to their destination. "If we're going to Starbucks tomorrow then you can't say a word about my coffee I order tomorrow morning," Bell whispered to Fleur with a satisfied smirk on her face. Sure Fleur could complain and lecture all she wanted any other time, but this time well, she would have to clamp her mouth shut and deal. Bell was going to have to endure another session with Mr. Hottie, so Fleur could endure Bell's addiction.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur followed Bell to the curb and watched with glee in her eyes as Bell did her whole thing where she whistled a cab to the side of the sidewalk. Fleur was never able to do that, she just frantically waved and tried to get someone's attention. It wasn't hard, the blonde of her hair was fairly bright, and people tended to notice it. But she barely took cabs anyway. Fleur slid into the side of the cab next to Bell, trying to focus on the smell of the pizza instead of the weird symphony of scents in the vehicle. She peeked over at Bell and rolled her eyes "Oh my god I am not making that deal! How about I can tell you the speech on the way, instead of when we're there? Then we can act really cool and confident and composed in front of Abe, because I can be pretty sketchy on that sometimes." She admitted, glancing out of the window as they pulled up to the curb beside Bell's building. "Thank you mister cab driver!" Fleur chirped like a first grade student on a field trip, hopping out of the cab.

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Leena (leena23) Bell rolled her eyes, Fleur wasn't going to let her off easy apparently. Her friend could be so stubborn sometimes, especially when it came to Bells insane addiction to caffeine. Honestly Bell thought it was sweet that Fleur cared so much, but she would never in her life admit that to anyone, much less Fleur herself. Fleur would be happy to know that Bell couldn't have any caffeine while doing magic, so she would be caffeine free until after she did the spell to make a charm for Fleur. Of course she couldn't tell her that quite yet, she was going to just lay it all on Fleur once they were in her cozy flat. She kind of scrunched up her nose, cozy was more for Fleur's flat. Bell's was more... bad ass, yeah that was it. She was shaken from her thoughts as the car pulled up to stop in front of her building. Bell leaned over and slipped a 20 to the driver, she gave him a smile and followed Fleur out. "Sometimes I wonder how you've survived this long in the city," Bell muttered to Fleur as she made her way into the building and the long trek of stairs they would have to climb to get to her floor. "By the way I don't think you should be nervous about Abe, that guy is wrapped around your finger, you could probably ask him to jump off a building and he'd do it," Bell shrugged her shoulders and picked up the pace, she was anxious to see her kitten Styx, and her older cat Toby.

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